Modern MRI centers in Moscow | Make tomography of the head and other parts of the body for 4500 p.

MRI research on a new tomograph of 1.5 T for 4500 p. In the Moscow Center MRI. Call by phone: +7 (495) 980-11-55.

MRI Center in Moscow

Moscow MRI centers specialize in magnetic tomography and therapy of neurological disorders. All patients aged 10 years can receive medical care. Clinics carry out their activities in accordance with applicable law, which is confirmed by licenses.

Equipping centers and the cost of services

We use modern tomographs of Philips Achieva, equipment of an expert class with a capacity of 1.5 Tesla. This makes it possible to make scanning as accurate and effective for diagnosis. Our prices are really affordable – at least 25% lower than the average market price for MRI in Moscow.

Approximate quality of the picture at 0.3-0.5 Tesla.

The quality of the picture is 1.5 Tesla. Quality higher is the probability of error below.

Advantages of the MRI method

Magnetic tomography is a safe, painless and most informative type of diagnosis of an extensive spectrum of diseases:

  • blood vessels;
  • brain;
  • thyroid and mammary glands;
  • joints;
  • internal organs;
  • soft tissues;
  • spine;
  • tumor processes.

MRI eliminates the radial load on the body, does not require special preparation and, as contraindications, has only the presence of metal implants in the body. This type of research can be carried out during pregnancy and at an early age. There are no restrictions on the frequency of tomography repetitions. It is also used to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Make tomography at the Moscow Center MRI

Want to make tomography of the head and other bodies in Moscow with a guarantee of a reliable result? Come to us!

The clinic offers its patients:

  • high reliability of the picture, clarity and contrast that exclude errors in the diagnosis;
  • The cost of a study comparable to the price list of clinics equipped with tomographs 0.3-0.5 T;
  • discount programs for some categories of patients,
  • The minimum time of MRI through the use of innovative equipment. On average, the procedure takes 30 minutes;
  • Obtaining an experimental radiologist on the same day. Preparation time – from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the diagnosis;
  • Convenience for rushing patients – a description of the pictures from a doctor can be obtained by e -mail;
  • The direction of the doctor is not required;
  • Stuccal accessibility from public transport routes.

For additional information about services, prices or booking a convenient visit time, contact consultants online or on a single multi -channel phone in Moscow.

A network of comfortable MRI centers in Moscow: modern high-precision tomographs 1.5 Tesla, qualified radiologists and neurologists, a wide selection of research and affordable prices

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