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The newspaper acknowledged that the article Omul in the firebox gave incorrect information, discrediting the honor and dignity of the Irkutsk team. Athletes took…

Soviet Sport apologized to the club Baikal-Energy

At the request of the club, an article appeared in the next issue of the federal sports newspaper under the heading Work on bugs. The editors acknowledged that in the report Alexandra Aleshina from the match of the national bandy championship from Irkutsk Omul in the firebox when editing information was misrepresented. The employee of the department of sports games, guilty of the incident, was reprimanded.

Hockey players and team press officer Boris Fominykh accepted the apology. Currently, the athletes are in Khabarovsk, where on December 3 the match between Baikal-Energy and the local SKA-Neftyanik will take place.

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