Soviet sport: in the large arena – a large volleyball. In St. Petersburg, the “final of four” the Russian Cup-Zenit Volleyball Club (St. Petersburg) starts

A review of the press: Soviet sport: in the large arena – a large volleyball. In St. Petersburg, the final of four the Russian Cup starts

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Soviet Sport: in the large arena – a large volleyball. In St. Petersburg, the final of four the Russian Cup starts

Tomorrow in St. Petersburg there will be two semifinal matches of the Final Four Cup of Russia among men in volleyball, which still bears the second name-the Reva Cup, named after the legends of domestic volleyball Konstantin Reva. And on Sunday, the owner of the Cup will be known.

The whole constellation of large masters

The tournament will be held at the Ice Sports Palace, where the hockey SKA holds its matches. And it is here that the opening match of the World Cup 2022 in volleyball will be held.

The Petersburg and Kazan Zenit, the current owner of the Dynamo Cup and the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv, will fight for the Russian Cup. Fans will be able to see the live game of world volleyball stars: Olympic champions from Russia and France Maxim Mikhailov and Zhenya Grebennikov, world champion from Poland Bartosha is poor, silver winners of the Olympiad in Tokyo Yegor Klyuk, Dmitry Volkov, Denis Bogdan, Ivan Yakovlev, Igor Kobzar, Pavel Pankova.

The city authorities agreed on the 50 percent occupancy of the arena, which accommodates more than 12 thousand spectators.

And today, a press conference with the participation of the head coaches of the teams was held in the “Ice”.

But at first, the Deputy General Director of the All -Russian Volleyball Federation turned to journalists Mikhail Landrous.

-I would like to express my gratitude to the organizing committee of the World Cup 2022, the Zenit club St. Petersburg, the administration of the Ice Palace for the help that they provided in the preparation of the arena.

In less than two days, the arena workers managed to transform it after SKA -CSKA hockey match. And now the palace meets all the requirements of the volleyball federation for matches.

I hope that the Russian Cup will be held at a high level.

In the steep arena, show the steep volleyball

The first of the coaches was to tell the mentor of the Moscow Dynamo Konstantin Bryansk. He was brief.

– We are waiting for emotions, struggle, the best clubs in the Russian Super League gathered here. This tournament, of course, will help to popularize volleyball, especially on the eve of the home championship.

“I am glad that we are here and playing the final of four, it was one of the main tasks of our team for the season,” said the mentor of the Novosibirsk Lokomotiv Flame Konstantinov. – We are glad that we will play in the arena in which the World Cup will be held. I want to wish all colleagues that their teams show a beautiful, emotional volleyball.

Head coach of Kazan Zenit Alexey Verbov I just wished everyone good luck.

The welcome word of the participants completed the head coach of the St. Petersburg Zenith and the Russian national team Tuomas Sammeelvoo.

– In Finland today is Christmas – a big holiday, and I hope that tomorrow there will also be a big volleyball holiday. We will play in the steep arena, and for our part we will try to show steep volleyball.

The difficult question was followed by Tuomas Sammeelvoo I had to answer. The fact is that Zenit lost the last few Dynamo matches. The series dragged on

– Is Zenit ready to interrupt an unsuccessful series with Dynamo?
– I was waiting for this question about the series with Dynamo. This is the story. At the same time, three years ago we defeated Dynamo a couple of times in a row, but no one recalls this. I think this is a more matter of journalists – to discuss such topics. Whether we found the keys to Dynamo, tomorrow we will see. In sports, such statistical stories are always interesting, and, of course, we want to change this story.

– And how does Dynamo perceive this series with Zenit? – Question to Konstantin Bryansk.
“I was also waiting for this question,” Bryansky admitted. – Each new match is a new story, do not rely on the past. The site will judge us tomorrow. From the finals of four we expect emotions, struggle.

So tomorrow we will see if the Zenit will interrupt an unpleasant series with Dynamo?

Male Final Four Cup of Russia (Reva Cup)


16.00 Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk)-Zenit Kazan
19.00 Zenit (St. Petersburg)-Dynamo (Moscow)

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