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But she is the main star of the women's team in the XXI century.

That's it, no one needs me anymore? After the extravaganza in swimming, the drama of Yulia Efimova passed by everyone

Efimova called out to the mixed zone. There was no one in the usual place. At this time, Russian journalists in full force sat on the floor and worked out the main topic of the day in soap – the first gold in swimming in 25 years.

Julia smiled. As always. She is strong. Very strong.

Though imagine what was going on inside her. She failed her only personal final. Perhaps at his last Olympics. At least a year ago, she was sure that after the Tokyo Games there would be no more in her career.

At the same time, already at the last stage before flying to Japan, she perfectly understood that there would be no breakthrough in Tokyo. The athlete perfectly saw what she was doing in training, and was aware that it was not right. And after the competition she admitted: she was never ready for the main start of the season so badly.

The irony of fate is that even in this state, Efimova could have taken the medal away. Lilly King was third with the funny ones for both her and Yulia 1:05.54. And it's always nice to steal bronze from a sworn rival.

But the Russians did not succeed in the final either. Didn't even come out of 1.06. And what inner devastation overtook her when Yulia realized all this, one can only imagine.

And she is in the mixed zone. Smiling. Jokes.

She dragged Russian swimming, now Russian swimming should help her

For many people in Russian sports, this decline of Efimova is only a joy. She is tough with her opinion and is not afraid to speak directly. For this she was not loved and is not loved. Approximately like the high-altitude Maria Lasitskene. That's just the same Efimova, who more than once lashed out with powerful criticism at the federation, was the salvation of this very federation.

World Cup 2009 in Rome – she brought the team the only gold.

World Cup 2011 – Russia has four medals, two of which were won by Yulia.

World Cup 2013. She has two golds, we had no more victories.

Home World Cup 2015. Russia fails him. The only award of the highest standard – you know who.

Then it got better – Anton Chupkov and Evgeny Rylov appeared. But all the same Efimova won both the 2017 World Cup and the 2019 World Cup. She also brought the country Olympic medals in London and Rio.

And how much advertising for Russian swimming was due to Efimova? How many girls came to the pools wanting to be like her?

All this does not give Yulia any preferences in terms of getting into the squad or being in the national team. In this sense, everything should be decided on the basis of common sense and the athlete's readiness for the current moment. But she deserves the greatest respect for her career. Efimova dragged Russian sailing for a decade. And in this difficult situation, our swimming community should at least morally help her.

I really would not want Efimova to remain somewhere far away due to the arrival of a new generation of champions. After all, this is her “That’s it, no one needs me anymore?” – not only a joke in the mixed zone. This is an appeal to everyone. These are her experiences.

Yulia has never found herself in such a situation before and simply does not know how to behave now and what to expect next. “Further” is generally the main word regarding the career of an athlete right now.

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