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On the lifting of a ban on sea fishing against shrimp, mussels and kefali

The Crimean Department of the Azov-Black Sea Territorial Directorate of Rosrybolovism reminds me of amateur fishermen about the end of the seasonal ban on amateur mussels and all types of fishing in relation to shrimp-stone and grass-in the Black Sea.

Since September 10, fishing against Black Sea Kefalia has also resumed.

At the same time, amateur fishermen need to remember the daily mining of data of aquatic biological resources (hereinafter-VBR): for kefali (Singil, Loban, Ostros) and Mussels, this norm is 5 kg, for shrimp-2 kg.

For excess of the established volume, according to taxes for calculating the size of the amount of damage caused by the UBR, for each illegally caught instance, the offender will have to pay: for the mussa – 22 rubles, for the shrimp: Black Sea herbal – 206 rubles, stone – 47 rubles, beyond Kefalles of all types – 685 rubles.

In addition to compensation for damage, in relation to the fisherman, who has violated the requirements of the Rybolas Rules for the Azov-Black Sea Fisheries Basin, administrative materials will be drawn up under part 2 of Art. 8.37 of the Code of the Russian Federation on administrative offenses providing for the following penalties: for an individual – from 2 to 5 thousand rubles; for an official – from 20 to 30 thousand rubles; For a legal entity – from 100 to 200 thousand rubles.

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