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The urban planning game of the metropolis is considerable popular both on iOS, Android, and on social networks. The game is quite multifaceted with a considerable number of opportunities, which cannot immediately be understood. Moreover, the game has such a thing, …

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Passage of megalopolis: secrets, tips and answers to questions

Urban -planning game Megapolis It is very popular both on iOS, Android, and on social networks. The game is quite multifaceted with a considerable number of opportunities, which cannot immediately be understood. Moreover, the game has such a thing as donat, that is, it is hard to play without investing money. Therefore, we have prepared for you: passing a megalopolis: secrets and tips

Megapolis secrets and tips


  • Go to the game every day and then every 5th day will receive 1 megabax;
  • I advise you to spend megabax only on scarce goods and the expansion of the city;
  • Do not rush to buy buildings for megabax. Over time, they will be available for ordinary money;
  • Do not beg with scarce goods, all the same, no one will give them them, and the desires of desires are only 10;
  • Ask for better simple materials that everyone has, so you can save;
  • The more neighbors, the more gifts;
  • make reliable friends and change with them scarce goods;
  • Friends can be found in groups on social networks;
  • Give as many gifts as possible as many friends as possible. The range of possible gifts will be updated every day;
  • Almost everyone always needs scarce gifts-send them only to your reliable neighbors or players of the middle-high level. A high probability that they will have the same scarce gift in response;
  • Give gifts wisely! Roosen with high levels do not need simple gifts such as “Little Japanese House”, they do not need materials for initial objects – such as cables, palm trees, sunbeds, river pumps, etc. (those that are for the beach, bridges, water supply systems);
  • High-level neighbors send gifts-materials associated with the yacht club, airport and metro;
  • Give gifts to friends who are in the game.;
  • To find out for which object the necessary materials are click “Building” – “Materials” – “Buy”. There it will be indicated for what objects this material is needed.

Megapolis answers to questions


V. How to hack a metropolis?

O. No way. Online game.

B. Is there a metropolis on a computer?

Oh yeah. You can play in a browser through social networks and Facebook.

B. Why are the megabaxes are given in the metropolis?

O. Achieving a new level, winning on the exchange, arrival in the game daily for 5 days, invitation of friends to the game.

B. Is there a metropolis in Russian?

B. How many levels are there in the game?

O. There are no restrictions on levels.

B. Why do you need to build power plants?

O. If there is not enough energy, it will not be possible to build new stations.

B. Why do residential buildings be needed?

O. to increase the population of your city

AT.What to do with factories?

O. click on the factory, select a contract, after execution, click on the factory again and get a reward.

V. How to expand the territory of the metropolis?

O. only for megabaks

V. How to persist, and then continue the game?

O. The game is saved automatically, at certain intervals.

B. What do the roads give?

O. nothing. This is an element of jewelry.

B. What do buildings give in the section of the Entertainment store?

O. The maximum level of the city population increases

If you have any questions – feel free to ask them in the comments.

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