Products for facades and interiors of Bautex for customers Baucenter Prof

quot; Kld B quot; quot; quot; quot; quot; July in the training class of the hypermarket quot; Baucenter quot; On the street of Dzerzhinsky, a training seminar was held in facade and interior products of the production of Russian German company quot; Bautex quot;

Products for facades and interiors of Bautek

On July 27, in the training class of the Baucenter hypermarket on the Dzerzhinsky St., a training seminar for facade and interior products manufactured by the Russian-German company Baudeks.

The Russian -German company Baudex is one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass -based products and the leading distributor of raw materials for the production of fiberglass.
One of the areas of production is the manufacture of fiberglass.
The fiberglass is a glass fabric obtained by weaving from fiberglass threads, with a certain size of cells. The fiberglass, depending on the density, size of the cell and the type of polymer impregnation, have different characteristics and are used in many areas. The fiberglass Crepix is actively used in construction for reinforcing plaster, surfaces in external insulation systems, bulk floors and waterproofing flat roofs.
In the fiberglass of other manufacturers, the quality criterion most often uses the concept of “net density”. For example: 145 g/sq.m. This parameter cannot guarantee quality, because The packaging does not indicate the percentage of the fiberglass itself and impregnation.
Bautex uses special impregnations that ensure the stability of the grid structure, stability against the exposure of the alkaline environment and high breakdown, which makes them universal material for repair and construction. Therefore, the main criterion here is the breakdown. It is measured in Newtons (H) by 5 sq.m.

Types of nets Bautex

Brand of nets The main purpose
SAU-320 crepe (self-reinforcing self-reinforcing) Reinforcement of plastering compositions in the systems of facade thermal insulation composite ones with external plaster layers on the basement and first floors of buildings
Creepix 1500 Reinforcement of plaster compositions on the internal surfaces of the enclosing structures
Creepix 1800 Reinforcement of plastering compositions on the outer surfaces of the enclosing structures without the use of facade thermal insulation composite with external plaster layers
Creepix 2000 Reinforcement of plastering compositions in systems of facade thermal insulation composite with external plaster layers.

Bautex products have all the necessary documentation and permits, including the certificate of conformity GOST R 55225-2012.
It is also worth paying attention to the compliance of the amount of fiberglass in the roll and declared on the package.Some manufacturers, instead of 50 meters, the fiberglass supplies 40 meters, indicating the measurement error of 20%.
The Bautex company guarantees the accuracy of measurements that can be checked by weighing the mesh roll.
Application technology

The fiberglass crepe has an interactive technology of fake protection-the DAT brand control system.
Buyers of the fiberglass Krepix can check the products by sending a unique code from the product label to SMS to number 3888, or to the site In response, the system will give out information whether to buy an original product or is it a counterfeit.

A non -woven tape from the Bautes Profimov was also represented. This non -woven reinforcing tape is used for joints of drywall, protecting from the formation of cracks in the formation of internal vertical and horizontal angles. The thickness of the tape is not more than 160 microns, microphorization is at least 60 pcs per 10 cm. Size: 52 mm x 50 or 150 meters of linear.

I would like to express my gratitude to the representative of the Baudex company, who answered all the questions of the seminar participants. And thanks to the participants for the active position and sincere interest!

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