Real reviews about the car dealership Liga Auto – Deception?

Car Dealership Liga Auto Reviews I chose the car on the website of the salon, where everything is described in detail. I came for a purchase with my brother, he is just a specialist in such matters. We got the manager

Car dealership Liga Auto reviews

I chose the car on the salon’s website, everything is detailed there. I came for a purchase with my brother, he is just a specialist in such matters. We got a smart manager, he told a lot about those machines that interested me. I liked the 2017 Hyundai Solaris the most. After the approval of my brother and checking all related documents, I did not see any obstacles to buying. Thanks for everything and good luck.

We bought a Lada XRay Cross at the Liga Auto dealership at the beginning of the week. We looked at several options and in this showroom the price was the lowest. We arrived, the cost ultimately remained the same, although my friends hinted to me that in the end the price would vary. From the negative – I can’t say anything, I liked everything, and they helped and helped, and in general it was felt in every possible way that the car dealership cares about the reputation!

At the end of November, a 2008 Ford Focus was purchased here, metallic gray. Despite its age and rather big mileage of 125,000 km, the car is in very good condition. The manager gave me the opportunity to conduct a high-quality test drive of the car and, in general, he showed himself on the good side. I also liked the welcoming and friendly attitude of the employees of the car dealership.

I can immediately say that this salon was able to make only the most positive impression on me and I can only say good words about this salon .. First of all, I liked that this salon has such a fast service. I also liked the fact that the prices in this salon are quite adequate. I have no comments left.

The choice here is large, so it probably took me an hour until I picked up a normal car for myself. As a result, I settled on a 2012 Volkswagen Polo, mileage 116,000. Despite the age, the car looks very decent, both from the outside and from the inside. But I made the final decision in his favor only after a test drive in the immediate vicinity.

For a long time I had a desire to buy a car. A week ago, I looked at sites where you can take a car with a loan, and even before buying, conduct a test drive. Stopped here in search. Wanted to buy a Kia. The employees said in more detail what-how, I agreed, and processed the documents. It didn't last 20 minutes, I bought myself a wheelbarrow.

Bought a 10 chevrolet cruze from this dealership. It turned out to be an excellent reliable machine, for a long time they doubted about it, since the mileage is quite large, and even a year, but we were assured that it was in excellent condition for its age. In general, we later confirmed this, when we were taken to a service center with friends, they said that technically everything was on a solid 4 and the car was very well maintained. It's good that we stopped at your salon

Two months ago, he realized his dream and bought the Mercedes-Benz C-class of 2007. With mileage of course, but very profitable, thanks to the car dealership for a big discount and for the guarantee for the car, for a whole year they issued a guarantee, this is very cool. The car dealership only sells mileage cars, but the office is very solid, here is such a competent personnel, I noted this. A pleasant institution, safely advise his friends.

In December, they were in this car dealership when they chose a car for the whole family. They wanted to make a New Year's gift with her husband. We visited a couple of salons, but returned here. Here we really liked the choice of cars. Good, friendly attitude towards customers. Here we liked the competent work of the manager, who told us in detail about everything, answered our questions. Also here were the most favorable installment conditions for us.

Greetings everyone! In my subjective opinion, this car dealership is one of the best among these in this topic. I took a car here about a month ago. The manager was good and adequate, I thought for a long time, but still made a purchase. I have not paid everything yet, but the car was without any surprises, which is very important to me. I advise everyone to turn here!

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