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Frame from the movie Gentlemen Game

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Frame from the movie Gentlemen Game

Goldtaite Higginson Dorr, a strange professor from the southern states, is developing a plan for robbing a floating casino. He intends to dig a tunnel into the storage for money on the shore from the basement of the naive and the devout Mrs. Manson, and the gang of his accomplices represents the old woman as an ensemble playing the music from the times of Rococo. Meanwhile, none of them is able to take no notes, but they are familiar with earthen works, rubbing into trust and art …

The Cohen brothers are known for the ease of narration and special, mocking sarcasm in relation to both their heroes and the audience himself – but this sarcasm is kind, light. And the films themselves are invariably fascinated. These are the “Gentlemen Games”, even though they cannot be called the best Cohen creation.

You will not find any philosophy except “good” (which is debatable) in the film. The crooks themselves, one more colorful than the other, are charming, but they are still far from the professor. Tom Hanks, as always, is inimitable: bloominess, refined intelligence, seasoned with vicious, and on top of everything – the gurgling laughter of Moriarty … Tom is a brilliant actor, but for whom is this news? It will always be on top.

True, it does not leave a feeling of a certain shallowness of history. There is definitely no depth here, but there are images, a picture. The Negro state -owned state, against which the action unfolds, a stylish color scheme and pure operator work – all this creates a special atmosphere, and the authorship of Coins is guessed confidently. But what, actually the film? That uh … is not good to steal?

The gang of crooks consists of colorful characters: a young African-American with a gun in wide trousers, a Cambodian retired general, for years digging tunnels, a demolition with a syndrome of intestinal irritation and a walking pile of muscles with an intelligence of a sewing machine … They also suffered the collapse due to the fact that the bustling. The demolition man knocks on the explosives with a hammer and loses a finger (with which the master's red cat runs in the teeth until the end of the film), after his fault, the mine laid in the tunnel does not work, which leads to the disclosure of secrets before the granny.

Granny is flint, and theft does not approve. It is impossible not to note the completely brilliant game of the black pensioner. Shine! She needs to erect a monument. Incredibly, it is not inferior to Hanks.

Therefore, you need to get granny. And what? Black brother Gawain, instead of doing business, is pounced with fists on the demolition, which he cannot stand, and accidentally shot. The Cambodian warrior, who has the habit of hiding a burning cigarette butt in the mouth, chokes on them and breaks his neck, falling from the stairs, also without doing a wet business.The demolitioner is trying to run with money in the most ridiculous way, and ends life with a Cambodian cord around his neck (and his girlfriend is too). A pile of muscles inadvertently lets himself with a bullet in the forehead, Pava as a victim of his own oligophrenia. The professor perishes in a classic style like Brick on his head fell. And all to a single (including a finger) go to the trash in an allegorical barge, with the regularity of a commodity train that is eating along the river in the direction of the large garbage heap – the film began, and it ended with it. That is, there is morality: bad guys fall on a landfill of life.

Most likely, the cinema should be considered as a kind of paradoxical sketching of an artistic sense. Shiny dialogs. Polished to the shine of the scene. This is a good black comedy of positions, and the skill of the brothers is evident. Unfortunately, quite predictable. But what is Tom Hanks!

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