Roda RUI-5M42BB-characteristics, description


You can buy Roda RUI-5M42BB with installation and free delivery in Moscow to the room ≈ 123 m2. . Intekh-climate carries out the installation and maintenance of climate technology RODA.

Roda RUI-5M42BB


RODA RUI-5M42BB is an inverter model of the RUI-M-BB series-external blocks for inverter multi-systems. Intektek-Klimat supplies, installation and service of RODA equipment for both private individuals and organizations in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In accordance with dealer cooperation agreements, we have all warranty obligations from the moment of the sale of RODA equipment to you. To receive consultations or on any other issues, call +7 (495) 146-65-64.

To the room ≈ 123 m 2 . Inverter technology. Cooling and heating.

Due to the unstable situation, the indicated price is not a public offer. Hope for understanding. Send a request to the mail or call the phone to clarify the price.

In stock. Delivery in Moscow.


Cooling power, kW 12.3
Heating power, kW 12
The country Germany
Manufacturer China
Compressor Inverter
Square, m² 120
The mode of operation cold/warm
Consumption when cooling, kW 3.82
Heating consumption, kW 3.37
Cooling ability, thousand btu 42
Range T for cooling, with -15. +50
Range T for heating, with -15. +24
Reflash R410A
Max σ length of the tracks, m 80
Max. The length of the track of the 1st block, m 35
Max number of rooms 5
Max air flow, m3/hour 470
Ø Gas pipe, inch 3/8
Ø liquid pipe, inch 1/4
Tension, c 220 century
Warranty 5 years
External block / noise level, DBA 62
External block / height, cm 96.5
External block / width, cm 99
External block / depth, cm 34.5
External block / dimensions (VHSHHG), cm 96.5x99x34.5
External block / weight, kg 76


External block for multi-splash systems of model Roda (genus) RUI-5M42BB It was developed for heating and cooling of the space, but the manufacturer also provided an additional function – to clean the air from bacteria and dust. The unit is made in a compact size, so it is quickly mounted in almost any room. The device can operate in several steps of power.

Features and advantages:

  • A wide range of performance.
  • DC- Inverter control of the compressor engine: a faster achievement of a given temperature and less electricity consumption compared to non-inverter analogues.
  • Long routes: between the internal block and the outer block from 25 to 35 m, the total length is from 40 to 80 m.

The external blocks of the RODA M-BB series for multisplite systems are small in size, but are characterized by high power. Devices are designed for high -quality heating and cooling of space in residential or administrative premises. All models from the series are equipped with filters, so they clean the air well in the room of particles of dirt, dust and harmful bacteria.


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Delivery Service Hours: Working days from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Cost of delivery: In Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road – 2000 rubles. Delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road is paid additionally at the rate of 40 rubles per 1 km. Air conditioners with installation are subject to special delivery conditions.

Delivery terms: Same day delivery available!

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Modifications of the Roda RUI-M-BB series – Outdoor units for inverter multi split systems

Due to the unstable situation, the indicated price is not a public offer. Hope for understanding. Please email or call us for a price quote.

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