Sea Temperature in Marseille in december

Sea temperature in Marseille in december

We offer detailed historical data for sea water temperature in Marseille in December on any day over the past 10 years with the ability to compare two different years

Sea temperature in Marseille in december

Is it warm enough to swim in Marseille in December? The highest sea water temperature in Marseille in December was 18.1°C, and the lowest was 13.4°C. The average sea temperature in Marseille in December is 15.3°C and therefore not suitable for comfortable swimming. The average maximum air temperature in Marseille in December is 13°C and the average minimum air temperature is 6°C. To find out the sea water temperature today and in the coming days, go to Marseille water temperature today

Changes in water temperature in Marseille in December 2021, 2020

To get an accurate forecast for the water temperature in Marseille for any chosen month, compare two years within a 10 year range using the chart below. You can also view the data in the form of a graph of temperature changes in December.

Choose two years to compare:

Day 2021 2020 Min. Max.
the 1st of December 16°C 16°C 15°C 18.1°C
December 2nd 15.7°C 15.8°C 15°C 17.7°C
December 3 15.4°C 15.9°C 14.8°C 17.5°C
December 4 15.4°C 15.7°C 14.9°C 17.5°C
5th of December 15.4°C 15.8°C 14.8°C 17.5°C
December 6 15°C 15.8°C 14.8°C 17.3°C
December 7 15°C 15.7°C 14.7°C 17.3°C
December 8 14.8°C 15.5°C 14.5°C 17.2°C
9th December 14.7°C 15.4°C 14.2°C 16.9°C
December 10 14.6°C 15.2°C 14.3°C 16.9°C
December 11th 14.3°C 15.5°C 13.9°C 16.9°C
12 December 14.3°C 15.3°C 14°C 16.9°C
December 13th 15.2°C 15.3°C 14°C 16.7°C
December 14 15.6°C 15.3°C 13.9°C 16.7°C
December 15 15.5°C 15.6°C 13.9°C 16.7°C
Day 2021 2020 Min. Max.
December 16 15.5°C 15.4°C 13.9°C 16.9°C
December 17 15.4°C 15.5°C 14°C 16.8°C
December 18 15.2°C 15.6°C 14°C 16.8°C
December 19th 15.1°C 15.5°C 13.9°C 16.9°C
December 20 15.1°C 15.5°C 13.9°C 16.8°C
21 December 15.1°C 15.6°C 13.9°C 16.6°C
December 22 15°C 15.6°C 13.7°C 16.5°C
December 23 15.3°C 15.7°C 13.9°C 16.4°C
December 24 15.1°C 15.5°C 13.6°C 16.6°C
December 25 15.2°C 15.2°C 13.6°C 16.5°C
December 26 15.1°C 15°C 13.4°C 16.2°C
27th of December 15.1°C 15.1°C 13.4°C 16°C
December 28th 15.2°C 15°C 13.4°C 15.9°C
December 29th 15°C 15.1°C 13.5°C 15.9°C
December 30th 14.9°C 15°C 13.6°C 15.8°C
31th of December 14.9°C 14.6°C 13.6°C 15.8°C

Sea temperature in Marseille in december

Average sea temperature in Marseille in December for a decade

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
14.8°C 15.2°C 16.7°C 15.5°C 16°C
2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
14.5°C 16.4°C 15.9°C 15.4°C 15.1°C

Weather and climate in Marseille in December

This data display average monthly climate indicators in Marseille in December based on our historical weather readings over a period of ten years. In addition to temperature, we include data on the number of rainy and sunny days so you can get all the information about your destination before your trip.

  • Average maximum temperature 13°C
  • Average minimum temperature 6°C
  • Average humidity
  • Average number of rainy days 6 days
  • Average rainfall 53 mm
  • Average day length 9 hours
  • Average number of hours of sunshine 4.6 hours
  • Average UV index 1

Marseille water temperature in other months:

You can also view water temperature information for other months by clicking on the month button below.

Where is the warmest sea in December?

Temperature in neighboring cities

The nearest cities with an average water temperature in December. In addition, the maximum and minimum water temperatures for this month, recorded over the past decade, are shown.

Min. Max. Avg.
La Ciotat 15.5°C 13.7°C 18°C
Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer 15.5°C 13.7°C 18°C
Cassis 15.5°C 13.6°C 18°C
curry-le-rouet 15.1°C 13.2°C 17.9°C
Nyolon 15.1°C 13.3°C 18.1°C
Sausset-les-Pins 14.9°C 12.7°C 17.8°C
La Curon 14.8°C 12.1°C 17.7°C
martigues 14.7°C 11.6°C 17.6°C
Fo sur mer 14.5°C 11.1°C 17.4°C
Port de Bouc 14.5°C 11.1°C 17.4°C

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To calculate the water temperature in Marseille, satellite data are used together with the results of observations at ground stations. Water temperature, weather forecast and sea conditions are updated daily. Temperatures in shallow areas near the shore may be slightly higher than those shown here.

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