Hydraulic cart LM 25-685 – characteristics, description, price, photo


LEMA LM 25-685 trolley with wide forks and a carrying capacity of 2500 kg. Mainly designed to process pallets 1000×1200 mm. The warranty is one year.

Hydraulic cart Lm 25-685

Hydraulic cart Lm 25-685 Polish production has a strong design and is very convenient to operate. In the cart, such important factors as excellent quality and unpretentiousness in operation are well combined. The hydroelectric center is equipped with a special oil that allows lubrication in places of increased friction, which allows you to reduce wear of the units of the cart.


Shirow-oval Rochlya LM 25-685 Designed to move non -standard pallets in the condition of the average intensity of the cargo flow. A 12 -month warranty is extended to the entire lineup of Lema carts.

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The main features of Lema LM 25-685:

polyurethane videos and wheels;

polyurethane frost -resistant covering of the handle;

additional rolling video;

cargo consumption – 2500 kg.;

Vil long – 1150 mm.

Technical characteristics of Lema LM 25-685:

vendor code 10410
Type manual
G/p Q. kg 2 500
Downloading center C. mm 575
The height of the rise H3 mm 200
Lifting height (min) H13 mm 85
Ground clearance M1 mm 25
The length of the fork L. mm 1 150
The width of the fork B1 mm 685
The distance between the forks B3 mm 365
The width of the pitchfork E. mm 160
The height of the pitchfork S. mm 60
total length L. mm 1 530
General width B. mm 686
The height of the handle H14 mm 1 220
Gabarit height (min) H1 mm 440
The size of the front wheels mm 200×50
The size of the rear wheels mm 80×70
The number of wheels in the back/rear 2/4
The radius of the turn Wa mm 1 436
Pallet passage width AST mm 1 832
Working temperature Grad. -20 … +50
The weight kg 85

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