Telesport ”named the cost of a minute of advertising in broadcasts of the 2018 World Cup-RBC

Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti

The basic cost of a minute of advertising on the First Channel and Russia 1 in the upcoming broadcasts of the World Cup will amount to 7.5 million rubles. This is almost a third less than the rates for television cloma during Euro 2016

Telesport named the cost of a minute of advertising in broadcasts of the 2018 World Cup

The basic cost of a minute of advertising on the First Channel and Russia 1 in the upcoming broadcasts of the World Cup will amount to 7.5 million rubles. This is almost a third less than the rates for television cloma during Euro 2016

Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti

Telesport, specializing in sports marketing, made advertisers and their agencies an offer to post advertising in broadcasts of the upcoming World Cup, which will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15. This was told by RBC by employees of four network advertising agencies.

The television port of RBC confirmed that they are engaged in the placement of advertising in the broadcasts of Channel One and Russia 1 and called the basic cost of a minute on these channels during the championship – 7.5 million rubles. Compared to the previous world football championship in 2014 in Brazil, it did not grow, and even slightly decreased.

Matches of the championship (64 games) will be shown “Channel One”, “Russia 1” and “Match TV”, about the acquisition of a broadcasting rights for about $ 32 million, broadcasters agreed with the International Football Federation in December last year. Since 2017, the national advertising alliance established by broadcasters has been selling advertising on the air of federal channels. But for the sale of advertising during special television events that cause increased interest of the audience – these include world and European football championships, as well as the Olympic Games – a special intermediary is traditionally involved.

Partners of the first stage

Traditionally, on federal TV, advertising is sold at the so-called rating points that reflect the number of spectators who have seen a standard 30-second advertising video. However, when broadcasting large sporting events for sale, minutes are set – advertising inserts are sold in all broadcasts lasting from five seconds.

The basic cost of one minute of advertising on the First Channel and Russia 1 during the championship was determined by 7.5 million rubles. With VAT, RBC was told by the Deputy General Director for Sales of Telesport Eric Surikova. She noted that specific prices differ depending on the volume of placement, selection of options (classical advertising or sponsorship, positioning in the block, etc.), the status of the advertiser, etc.

Other numbers are given in the interviewed RBCs: according to their information, the basic cost of a minute of classical advertising is at the “first” and “Russia 1” is 9.5 million rubles. VAT included. At the same time, the interlocutors of RBC clarify that these are approximate basic prices for advertisers who are not partners and sponsors of FIFA.For the latter, prices should be lower, RBC's interlocutors in advertising agencies note.

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Traditionally, the official partners of a sporting event are the first to receive an offer to buy advertising in broadcasts, and if they accept this offer, this automatically closes access for their competitors. For example, FIFA partner is Coca-Cola Co. A representative of its Russian office, Vladimir Kravtsov, told RBC that the company had already bought advertising time in the upcoming broadcasts of the championship, using its priority right. Thus, advertisements for PepsiCo and other beverage manufacturers can no longer appear on broadcasts.

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Prices don't go up

Four years ago, during the World Cup in Brazil, the base cost of one minute on Channel One and Russia 1 was set at 7.538 million rubles. VAT included.

Then the sports TV channel Match TV did not yet exist and all the matches were shown live by First and Russia 1, and on Russia 2 (it was replaced in November 2015 by Match TV) there were repetitions. Due to the time difference, the matches were shown in the European part of Russia at night, in the rest of the country – in the morning. This could not but reduce the interest of spectators in the championship. In addition, the Russian national team, whose head coach was then Fabio Capello, did not qualify for the playoffs. The average rating of all broadcasts of the 2014 World Cup on Channel One (41 matches) among all viewers older than four years, according to the research company Mediascope, was 2.9% (that is, 2.9% of residents of large cities followed the championship games on Channel One). On Russia 1 (32 games), this figure was slightly higher – 3.1%.

At the same time, in the broadcasts of the European Championship, the basic prices for advertising have been higher in recent years. In 2012, when the Euro was hosted by Poland and Ukraine, and in 2016, when the tournament was held in France, the base cost of one minute on the First and Russia 1 was 11 million rubles, the industry publication AdIndex reported.

In 2012, the Russian team was considered the favorite in its group, and therefore the interest of the audience in the championship was high – after the triumph in 2008 of the Guus Hiddink team, his successor Dick Advocaat was expected to at least reach the playoffs, but this did not happen.

In 2016, the Euro was shown live by three broadcasters – First, Russia 1 and Match TV. At the same time, the first two got the most rated matches – games with the participation of the Russian team and all playoff meetings.This justified the basic prices higher than during the 2014 World Cup. Translation ratings, as Mediascope evidenced, were really higher than during the Brazilian World Cup. The rating of 14 matches at “Russia 1” among viewers over four years reached 3.9%, 14 matches at the “first” – 4.2%.

Without special hopes

The current basic prices for the home championship of the World, the head of one of the advertising agencies in a conversation with RBC called high, explaining that now the chances of the Russian national team to go to the playoffs are small. As of April in the ranking of national teams of FIFA, Russia takes 66th place. In April 2017, it was 61st place, in April 2016-27th, in April 2015-the 32nd (partly this is due to the fact that the national team hosting the championship was released from qualifying games, bringing rating glasses).

Most of the available advertising equipment has already been confirmed and stained, Surikova claims. According to her, interest from both the official partners of the FIFA and the rest of the advertisers is high. In surveyed by RBC, agencies do not confirm this.

Of the seven FIFA global partners, their interest along with Coca-Cola Co. Advertising in television broadcasts was confirmed in the Russian office of Hyundai-Kia. Gazprom RBC reported that they did not plan to place their advertisements in broadcasts – the audience will already see the company's advertisement on the sides of the stadiums. The representative of Visa refused to comment, in Adidas, Wanda, Qatar Airways did not respond to RBC requests.

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