Snow speed The final round of the Siberian Athens Winter Cup this season was held at the Dynamo-Forsage autodrome on February 19th. Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo – total

Snow speed

The final round of the Siberian Athens Winter Cup circuit racing this season was held at the Dynamo-Forsage autodrome on February 19. Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo – only 29 pilots from all over Siberia – once again proved that the main thing in racing is not a cool car, but good tires and a minimum of fear.

Alexander Voronov from Tomsk is his own man at the Cup – he races here every year. But this time, his yellow-orange Honda just can't get through the qualifying four rounds of the ring.

– The first two times the time cut did not work, – Alexander complains. “But the experience is still great. The track is full of everything – turns, gentle descents, climbs – everything you need for the ring.

Vladimir Morozov from Kemerovo is a newbie on the Tomsk track. He participated in a wide variety of competitions: street rally, active city car games like the Watch and Encounter, trophy. I came here in search of new sensations.

“Compared to Novosibirsk, it’s heaven and earth,” the Kemerovo resident laughs. – The track is interesting, and they meet here well. As soon as I arrived, they immediately ask: “No helmet? Let's find it now!

But Roman Pulnikov at the Dynamo-Forsage circuit has an unfinished duel. At the December Cup, Pavel Kozelkov from Novosibirsk overtook him for a second. The Tomsk pilot got ready for the revenge – he improved the lap time, he even applied machine gun cartridges to his Toyota Chaser. As a result, his silver bullet ring flies in 44 seconds – the best time. But Pulnikov's competitor could not come to the current races.

– Nothing, I will compete with the master of sports Sergey Zotov, – Roman is not upset.

But the master's race is not going well. Zotov's car – a tuned penny – was supposed to represent the supership class. Sergey even drove a warm-up lap on studded tires so that the feeling of the road was deposited in his head. But at the last moment the race was canceled due to lack of participants. Zotov had to quickly change the shoes of his forced Zhiguli for performances in another class.

– In any rubber, you need to drive at least five kilometers to get used to it – you need to feel the car like a glove on your hand, – the racer laments. – And I sat down as if on a stick, so nothing happened. However, I did not ride to win – I took my soul away, swept.

The next stage of winter circuit racing will take place in December 2011. The organizers plan to hold these competitions without the participation of non-resident athletes – to popularize motorsport in Tomsk and attract newcomers.

– The requirements for participants will be reduced so that everyone can try, learn, and then, possibly, represent our city in various competitions, – says Olesya Melnikova, President of TROO Racing Club – The main organizer of the competition.

The Master of Sports of the USSR in rally Sergey Zotov has been engaged in racing from the age of 16. He began in the section at the Patp-2 taxi park. The main thing in the car car, Sergei believes, is a contact struggle.

– As soon as the stopwatch appears, sport disappears. In Tomsk there are many strong racer – Wright, Vdovin, Vasiliev, Kamyshny, Kulevatov – people who went for the Togliatti auto -ears, masters of the highest class. They do not come here because the track does not allow you to participate in contact races. We talked here with the old men – sports cars on a super -shit will come to the next competition. Let's arrange a demonstrative race …

The white “penny” of Zotov with black crosses on the headlights is specially prepared for racing: to facilitate, all unnecessary ones were removed, metal structures are launched in the cabin in the cabin

At a speed of 100 km/h, a “penny” is thrown into a parapet from all over

The results of the competition

Rear drive:

1. Roman Pulnikov, Toyota Chaser: The best time is 45,299.

2. Sergey Sekachev, VAZ-2106-48,432.

3. Ivan Kalinin, BMW-316-48.632.

Front-wheel drive:

1. Vladimir Zimin, Honda Accord – 46.382.

2. Victor Vdovin, VAZ-21093-46,733.

3. Vladimir Morozov, Toyota Scepter – 47.593.

Four-wheel drive:

1. Konstantin Lukyanok, Subaru Impreza – 43,391. 2. Rinat Fauzetdinov, Toyota Carina – 44,126.

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