Sweet gifts and sporting events: Activists of United Russia congratulated on the Day of Protection of Children

Sweet gifts and sporting events: United Russia activists congratulated Aleksey Kudinov, Chairman of the Council of Deputies of the Orenburg District, congratulated the Children's Day.

Sweet gifts and sporting events: Activists of United Russia congratulated on the Day of Protection of Children

Chairman of the Council of Deputies of the Orenburg region Alexey Kudinov I gave sweet gifts to children from large families.

– We have been communicating with many families for several years, children are always happy to wait for guests on the first of June. Let our younger generation be healthy and happy! – noted Alexey Kudinov.

In Orsk as part of the International Children's Day, a member of the United Russia faction in the Legislative Assembly of the Orenburg region Ermek Alkulov He visited the large family of Rodionovs. Three children are brought up in the family who take an active part in district events. During the visit, children were presented with toys, developing games, sweet gifts.

In the Aleksandrovsky district, in honor of the holiday, activists of the “Young Guard of United Russia” held the “Advisions of the Elder Generation”. Older people wrote and handed their wishes to the children.

– Often, youth seems that there are no needs in the advice of the elders – they are inconsistent, far from realities, and therefore – they are little applicable in life. But do not forget that despite technological progress, a change in the historical situation and other things, there are eternal values, always relevant. And they are transmitted from the older generation – to the youngest, ”said the head of the local branch of the“ Young Guard of United Russia ”of the Alexander District Ivan Shamov.

In the village of Tulgan, activists of the United Russia party represented by the Deputy Chairman of the Public Council of the Russian village project, the winner of the preliminary vote in the single -member district to the constituency No. 8 Fedor Perevoznikov He organized an entertainment program for small residents of the village: soap bubbles, Cryo show and a festival of paints holi.

In Guy, the Young Guards held a sporting event Children are the future! The guys, together with activists, showed their sports talents and art numbers, took part in relay.

Deputy of United Russia in the regional parliament Denis Zelentsov On the day of protection of children, he took part in the organization and holding of two events on the basis of the city station of young technicians: the Championship of Orenburg and the Championship of the Orenburg Region for Air Modeling Sports.

– I always try to support both enthusiastic guys, and no less enthusiastic teachers. So today they provided a drinking regime at the event, purchased fuel and prepared cash prizes for the winners. It is necessary to invest in our children.For example, aircraft modelism perfectly expands the horizons, helps to study various technical objects, acquire skills, brings up patriotic feelings in young citizens, and bright and large -scale tournaments attract new children to playing aircraft modeling and technical creativity, create a positive emotional mood for both children and adults, and adults, and adults, and adults. – noted Denis Zelentsov.

United Russia activists in Mednogorsk, Grachevsky, Sakmarsky, Saraktash and Buzuluksky districts also congratulated the children.

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