Solutions for sports and fitness halls – audio video system

Solutions for sports and fitness halls will help with the choice of equipment for your solution ready-made solutions for sports and fitness halls Equipping fitness centers and gym halls

Solutions for sports and fitness halls

We will help with the choice
equipment for your solution

Ready -made solutions for sports and fitness halls

The equipment of fitness centers and gym halls is different from the equipment of other rooms.

Due to the clang of simulators, the movement of the treadmill and the work of exercise bikes, a noticeable noise effect is created. The background broadcast systems should be selected in such a way as to block all this noise and at the same time preserve the articulation of speech in songs and ads, this is especially important for the evacuation and management system.

Halls for class training are distinguished by their not very successful acoustics due to the presence of mirrors, which vibrate reflecting the sound and spoil its quality.

If there is a pool in the fitness center, then equipping it with sound is even more specific. Due to the high ceilings and the spread of sound, a multiple echo forming a hum of voices, the so -called reverb, is created through the water. Such acoustics undoubtedly affect the sound quality and clarity of speech. Do not forget that acoustics for the pool should have moisture resistant properties.

Popularity is gaining use in fitness centers of cardio theaters. Opposite treadmills and exercise bikes, screens are installed on which certain content is broadcast – audio or video at will. Each simulator is equipped with a personal management system, where the visitor himself chooses what to watch or listen to during his cardio training.

Whatever equipment you choose for a fitness center, it should be easily controlled, given the fact that different content is broadcast in all rooms; possess the properties of moisture resistance and be protected from mechanical damage with special structures.

It is important to conduct an acoustic calculation without fail so that all the premises of the center of the center, taking into account all acoustic difficulties, are purely voiced, and the translated speech ads are clearly distinguishable.

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