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Spartacus, 3rd season. war of the Damned

Spartacus defeated the punitive army sent by Rome to suppress the uprising. Now, with new legions of soldiers, the still very young Julius Caesar and his consul Mark Crassus are sent to suppress the uprising.


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Season 3 episodes

The series begins with a battle scene in which the growing army of Spartacus defeats the legion of Cassinius and Furius. The legates manage to escape at the last moment with the rest of the army. In utter desperation, they demand reinforcements from Senator Metellus. The Senate has to turn to the richest man in the republic, Mark Crassus, for help. Crassus agrees to raise an army of ten thousand at his own expense, on the condition that he will lead it, albeit under the control of Cassinius and Furius. Spartacus and his men ambush Crassus' messengers and intercept a message that his troops are about to arrive. The rebels decide to put an end to Cassinius and Furius before reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, Crassus is training the art of combat with the former champion of the arena, Hilar. In recent months, Mark has been diligently studying his craft. Dissatisfied with the gladiator's caution, Crassus orders Hilar to enter into a deadly fight with him, promising freedom and fortune if he emerges victorious. In a duel, Crassus wins and thanks the dying Hilar, promising to erect a monument in his honor.

Spartacus, having lured the main army of Furius and Cassinius out of the camp by cunning, together with Gannicus and Crixus sneaks into their villa. The Thracian beheads the legates and orders their heads to be used to intimidate the enemies. The rebel army easily defeats the discouraged Roman army. Later it turns out that the interception of the message and the fall of Furius and Cassinius are set up by Crassus. Mark's plan is fully working: the Senate gives him command of the army and assigns the imperial title.

Spartak plans to take the city of Sinuessa, located on the coast. He intends to penetrate there and, under the cover of night, open the gates for his army. Disguised as merchants, Spartacus, Gannicus and Crixus make their way into the city, leaving their weapons with the guards. As soon as they are within the walls of the city, they witness the execution of a slave suspected of treason. The inhabitants of the city ruthlessly throw stones at him with the permission of the aedile of the city. Gannik leads his companions to his old friend, the blacksmith Attius. Attius, after some hesitation, agrees for a large sum of money to forge two swords for them by nightfall. Spartacus tells Crixus to return to the others and prepare for the attack, while he himself goes to inspect the grain store, where he meets the aedile and his wife Laeta.

Meanwhile, Mark Crassus invites Julia Caesar to himself and invites him to join the suppression of Spartak's uprising, promising to cover all his debts. The young Tiberius, the son of Crassus, is trying with all his might to prove to his father that he is worthy of the title of Legat, but with the arrival of Caesar, he realizes that he has little chance of success. Crassus's wife wants to go to a military campaign with her husband, but Mark tells her to stay in Rome. He prefers to take a slave to the bark with him, with which he is in secret love relationships.
With the onset of the evening, the task of Spartak and his associates is unexpectedly complicated by the new decree of Edil, which prohibit being on the street before dawn. They persuade Attia to help them, promising him 5,000 dinars. The blacksmith raises the alarm on the street and, luring most of the guards into the weapons, locks them. At this time, Spartak and Hannik burst into the gate with a battle and manage to open them.

The army of the rebels, led by the crice, bursts into the city and arranges a massacre there. Spartak kills Edil when he tries to set fire to the storage of grain. Thraquitz orders not to kill the surviving civilians, which causes discontent among his people.
At the military assembly, Mark Crassus is not appointed by Caesar, but Tiberia and orders him to follow the movement of Spartak troops, but not to join them. This leads Caesar as a rage, but Mark reassures him, assuring that with his financial support, Julius will soon be appointed a military rostrum.

Closed captive Romans are kept on the street. Agron insists that we must get rid of them, since the supply of provisions for their maintenance is too small, but Spartak is adamant. Nemet provokes a skirmish between two prisoners for a piece of bread. Cricks, despite the ban on Spartak, forces them to enter into a mortal battle and thereby determine who will get bread as a reward. Ulpian, a former baker, wins in a duel. As soon as he reaches for the “reward”, Nevia beats him with his sword on the arm, accusing the baker of trying to attack. Outraged by such an appeal with the captives, Attius roughly offends Nevia, as a result of which he almost gets involved in a fight with a crice, which already applies to the blacksmith with extreme distrust.

The Tiberius detachment is reunited with the remainder of the Mummia troops. A surviving guard from Sineuessa comes to the camp and reports the capture of the city. Caesar kills him for flight from the battlefield. An angry with the arbitrariness of Julia, Tiberius orders him to return to Mark Crassus. The legate himself with the soldiers goes to the Sinoes. Kilican pirates come to the city. Their leader Hercleo wants to get the seal of Edil to trade in looted goods. Having learned from Laeta, where she is, Spartak offers pirates to exchange all their provisions from ships for printing and money. They agree to make a deal on the neutral territory off the coast, outside the walls of the city.Spartak removes the shackles from the horn and allows her to freely move around the city. The former slave of Sibille constantly follows Gannik. In his face, she sees the liberator, since it was he who killed her master, and dreams of thanking him. However, Gannik rejects her, even when, his lover Saxi offers him to “have fun” with Sibilla. Tiberius, performing reconnaissance sortie with his people, discovers the Kilicians and a group of rebels led by Spartak, going to proceed with the deal. Despite the ban on his father to join the battle, the young legate decides to attack them and orders the mummy to prepare people.

In the city of Sax, it reports the disappearance of Ulpian and other prisoners. Nevia goes to the forge of Attia and, accusing the Roman of involvement in the escape, attacks him. In battle, she hardly prevails and brutally kills the blacksmith with his own hammer. Spartak negotiations with the Kilicians are at a dead end. They are interrupted by a sudden attack by Tiberius. Pirates and rebels are forced to join the battle with the Romans. Approaching reinforcements dooms Spartak and his people to certain death. But suddenly Herclio gives a signal, and the pirates remaining on the ships begin to shell the Romans with burning shells from the catapults. The shelling destroys almost all reinforcements, and mummies die. Such an unexpected turn of events demoralizes the Romans. Contrary to the order of the bravely fighting Tiberius, the soldiers retreat. Tiberius himself is injured, and his friend Sabin makes a legate from the battlefield. After the battle, Spartak allows Hercleo to moor on the city. Nevia claims that Attius attacked her when she accused him of facilitating the escape of the captives, as a result of which she was forced to kill him. Gannik is saddened by the death of his friend. Meanwhile, Larata secretly carries food to the shelter under the stable, where the escaped captives are hiding.

Gai Julius Caesar is being introduced into the Sinussus under the guise of a slave. He manages to convince Spartak and his people that he is a runaway slave named Litsisk. Seeing Nemeth's discontent to Spartak, Caesar tries to arrange him to him. Mark Crassus forgives his son Tiberius defeat, but orders his people to prepare for decimation for retreat from the battlefield. Sibille accidentally discovers food for hiding fugitives, which Gannik immediately reports. Meanwhile, Nemet takes Caesar to a secret place, where he holds the captive Roman Fabia for carnal pleasures. He demands that Licis take possession of her and inflict her wound with a knife, thereby proved that he is not for the Romans. Left with the captive in private, Caesar reveals to her and promises a quick liberation. But the exhausted Roman is no longer able to suffer: she asks Guy to kill her. Caesar compressed fulfills the request.

In the Crassus camp, decimation begins. Mark unexpectedly changes his decision and forces Tiberius to take part in mortal lots along with the whole detachment.By the will of the lot, Sabin is among the doomed to death. Tiberius is forced to kill his faithful friend with his own hands. Surviving soldiers with shame are sent to an auxiliary camp. Caesar declares Nemeet that he killed the Roman, because all the captives must die. Nemet supports this idea. They begin to incite cries, Nevia and the crowd to the execution of prisoners. Meanwhile, Gannik and Saxes with the help of Sibille track the Laita and find hiding fugitives. Upon learning of Attia’s non -involvement in the escape, the angry gannik enters with Nevia in a violent conflict, as a result of which it is bred into a fight with a crice.

Taking advantage of this, one of the captives, the brother of Fabia, is trying to strangle Nemeth, deciding that he had killed his sister. Nemeta saves Caesar. Nevia stops the fight, having deprived the gannik consciousness with a blow of stone on the head. Finally succumbing to the provocations of Caesar and Nevia, crices violates the ban on Spartak and orders to kill all prisoners. The inveteen crowd makes a massacre continuing until Spartak intervenes. Between the leaders of the uprising there is a discord. Spartak loses confidence in his comrade -in -arms, and Crings, dissatisfied with his actions, begins to think about his own path. The true goal of Caesar is close to the implementation: Army of the rebels on the verge of a split.

A tense atmosphere reigns in the city. Many support the actions of the crice and believe that Spartak is mistaken. Spartak himself suddenly leaves the city on the ship with Gannik and Killiki, without informing anyone. This worsens the already shaken relationship between crice and Spartak. Senator Metell arrives at Crassus camp. He expresses his dissatisfaction with the inaction of the emperor and conducted by decimation, and also reports the imminent arrival of Pompey, who won in Spain. Mark assures him that everything is going according to plan. It turns out that Spartak went to Sicily to rob Crass Caravan. Along the way, he is enlisted by the support of Hannik. Disappointed in the crice, the Thrachitz asks Gannik to assume leading if he himself falls. The robbery of the caravan is successful, Spartak and its people intercept Roman provisions.

Observing from the city wall, Nevia and Cricks find a small detachment of Crassus near the city. Cricks gives the order to attack the people of Crassus. He is stopped by the returning Spartak on time. He threatens to expel anyone who will again try to open the gate without his permission. In addition, the Thrachitz gives the order to release the remaining captives, which leads the crice to rage. Freeing Laeta, Spartak informs her that she wants to go to Sicily with the people devoted to him from people who will remain in the city. Spartak later admits to the crice that he specially released the captives so that Larata transmitted deliberately false information to the Romans.He himself is developing a plan for attacking the army of Crassus from both sides. According to the plan, crices with his people should quietly leave the city through the gorge, and Kilician pirates transport the army of Spartak by sea.

And so it happens: the liberated captives are found by Roman soldiers, and Larata conveys to Mark Crasses everything that she heard from Spartak. However, Crassus does not lend itself to the trick of the leader of the rebels. Having received intelligence data, he reports that he is ready to start implementing the plan. Tiberius is sad about the death of his friend. At the request of Crassus, the slave looks after him and tries to console the desperate young man. Tiberius, wanting to take revenge on his father, rape Mark's mistress. The rebellious army is preparing to disperse according to the Spartak plan. To create the visibility of the presence of the people in the city, the dressed bodies of the fallen Romans are strengthened on the walls. Caesar kills Nemeth, and then goes to the berth, where Spartak and Gannik are expecting the arrival of pirates. Hercleo betrays Spartak and brings with him on a ship of Roman soldiers who immediately attack. Caesar suddenly attacks the Thracian and wounds him with a knife in the back. The wounded Spartak and Hannik bravely fight enemies, but the number of those is too large. Caesar, without waiting for the end of the battle, takes several soldiers with him and is taking the storm of the gate. Doomed to death Spartak and Hannik saves cricis, who approached in time with his people to help. The rebels, having dealt with the Romans and pirates, notice the Roman fleet approaching the city. Spartak orders everyone to retreat to the gorge. Meanwhile, Caesar attacks the main gate that guard Agron, Sax and Donar. They manage to kill Caesar’s assistants and prevent the opening of the gate, but Guy manages to set them on fire. Agron is going to finish off the neutralized Caesar, but at that moment the gates begin to break through under the blows of Taran: Crassus begins the assault on the city.

The army of Crassus bursts into the city. Spartak gives the order to retreat to the gorge through the northern gates. Gannik decides to distract the people of Crassus by a suicide venture, thereby winning the time to retreat, and Donar is called to help him. They set fire to the storage and find there a Sibilla hiding from the Romans, which they take with them. On the way back, Donar is injured in battle and loses consciousness. Gannik and Sibille, deciding that he died, leave him and hide in the shelter under the stable.

Gannik's plan does not work, Crassus ignores the fire and directs his people to the northern gate, through which the rebels are already retreating with might and main. Also, on the way, they capture the Kilican Casta, who remained in the city, claiming that he is not involved in betrayal. Spartak himself at the last moment manages to leave. Mark orders not to arrange a chase and allows them to run.
Tiberius blackmail the bark, threatening to slander her in the eyes of her father, if she tells Mark about what happened between them.Crassus provides an opportunity for his son to take part in the ceremony of the prisoners torture and rehabilitate in front of the Legion. Kilican pirates, led by the surviving Herceleo, come to Crassus for the promised reward. It turns out that in addition to money, Larata included in their deal. Mark gives her. Thus, he assigns to himself the captured city, leaving it without leadership. The pirates take the Roman and burn a slave stigma on it. At this moment, Hannik attacks the robbers and interrupts them. Laeta kills Heracles. She has no choice but to go with Gannik and Sibilla.

At this time, the prisoners are tortured. Among them is Donar. The Romans, with the support of Crassus, glorify Caesar for his triumph. Tiberius adjusts Donar’s attack on Caesar, wanting to humiliate his opponent. Julius orders the guard not to intervene and enters with him in a duel on swords, in which he hardly overcome the wounded gladiator. Gannik puts on the identification medallion of the Crassus, removed from the corpse of Hercleo, and, throwing his cloak, goes to the exit from the city, leading a barley and Sibille as captives. On the way, they stumble upon Caesar, who exposes them. Nevertheless, with the help of horses that are nearby, the rebels manage to flee. During the escape, Larata is injured. The fugitives successfully reach Spartak people who have settled in the snow gorge. The rebels find a wall and a moat built by people, overlapping the exit from the gorge. Spartak with bitterness realizes that Crassus initially planned to drive them into a trap.

The Roman army approaches the gorge, but is in no hurry to attack: the soldiers are waiting for Mark Crassus, who is still in the SineueSa. The emperor orders to put his praetorius closer to the battlefield. Crassus restores Tiberia the title of Legat and promises to prescribe the Sinusses managers after the suppression of the uprising. He also says that the bark will remain with him, which Tiberius does not miss the opportunity to tell a slave.
Seeing that the Praetory is located close, Spartak decides to get there and kill Crassus, thereby weakening his army. With the onset of the night, the Spartak group secretly makes his way to the camp and, having interrupted all the guard, bursts into the praetorius. However, this time it turns out to be only a capture of Crassus. The rebels find themselves in the west. In battle, Nevia is injured and almost dies. Spartak saves her. The rebels are forced to retreat to their camp.

Crassus goes to the camp and orders Caesar and Tiberia to linger in the city and gather the army that remained in the Sinoes. Caesar is again unhappy that Tiberius commands them. The bark tells Julia that he knows how to get rid of the young legate and persuades her to lead her to the military camp to Crassus. Meanwhile, a strong snow storm begins in the gorge. The Romans decide to wait for her. Another quarrel arises between Spartak and Crix. Gall is dissatisfied with Spartak's reluctance to go into an open battle.He declares his intention to independently gather people and lead them into battle. As a result, a fight occurs between them. Gannik finds the losing consciousness to Sibille, continuing the prayer ceremony during the storm. They find shelter and subsequently make love there. Agron, at the request of Nazir, releases Casta.

The bark, never daring to tell Mark what Tiberius did with her, decides to leave him. She runs out of the camp and moves to the rebels. Thousands of rebels die from the storm, who have not found their refuge. Spartak with his people crawls on the wall and interrupts the entire garrison located there. Behind the wall there are some Roman soldiers, the rebels can easily overcome them. Spartak orders to break through the gap in the wall. The next morning, the Romans find that the rebels escaped. Crassus, accompanied by Tiberius, Caesar and a small group of soldiers, goes to inspect the moat and discovers there a bridge folded from the bodies of rebels who died from storm. Suddenly, a detachment of Spartak appears on the walls, which begins to throw a group of spears. This time, Crassus is forced to flee.

Crassus pursues the army of Spartak. Thraquets with his people is forced to engage in battle with Roman soldiers, overtaking them several times. Metell arrives in the camp of Mark again and expresses his dissatisfaction with his last failure. When he mentions the bark, Crassus brutally beats the senator and threatens reprisals. Caesar fears for the crash, losing control of himself due to the longing from the escape of the mistress. He is trying to persuade Tiberius to influence him, but the legate refuses. In the Spartak camp, one of the pregnant women begins to fight. Cora successfully accepts childbirth. Spartak notices the stigma of Crassus on her, and, suspecting spying, begins to interrogate her. Laeta persuades the Thracian to accept the slave.

Spartak tells about his plan to cross the Alps and then dissolve people, since it will be difficult to find them even Crassus. Crix does not like this idea, he intends to gather people and move to the capital of the republic. Spartak does not support him, but promises not to stand in his way. The rebels find a small village on the valley and plunder it. Feelings arise between Spartak and Lage. They make love. The next morning the army is divided. Gannik remains with Spartak, and Agron decides to go with Crix and Nevia, while he asks Nazir to follow the Thrace, fearing the life of his lover. The leaders say goodbye and diverge. When the Romans find out about the division of the army, Tiberius invites his father to act further against Spartak, and Caesar insists on a performance against the crice, since Rome is at risk. Caesar finds out what happened between the bark and Tiberius, and, having come to him alone, tries to blackmail the latter, demanding that he affect his father.However, Julia grabs the guard on the orders of the legate, holding it tightly, and Tiberius himself raises him.

The army of Cricks wins the victory, approaching Rome. When they reach the capital, the last Legion remaining in the city under the leadership of the Arria's Praetor is advanced to meet them. The rebels successfully smash him, the praetor personally kills crices. The rebels are already starting to rejoice, as the army of Crassus suddenly arrives. They bravely enter the battle with the arriving army, but lose many times exceeding their number forces. Agroni fights Tiberius with a blow from the back. Caesar enters into a fight with a cry. The gladiator prevails, but the same Tiberius does not allow Gall to finish off the defeated opponent, piercing the crice with a spear in the back. Crassus orders to chop off his dying leader, which will serve as an awesome message of Spartak. Before the eyes of the captured Nevia, Tiberius executes the order.

Upon learning that the people of another Roman military leader are trying to find out information about his detachment, Spartak soon receives more depressing news when Nevia arrives at the camp at the same time from her lover. Taking advantage of the first news, the Thraquiller begins to embody the venction plan, for which Tiberius captivates with deception, however, when Mark offers the rebels a deal, the bark tells Spartak a more profitable way to resolve the situation in his favor. Nevertheless, what happened with the crice radically changes the plans of the leader of the resistance, setting him to the open confrontation of the Crassus.

Spartak and the warriors standing under his leadership make the last attempt to gain freedom, opposing Crassus. Using a trick to distract the enemy leader and win the time, the Thracian provides a safe withdrawal for women, children and wounded, while he himself agrees to meet his opponent for a private conversation before the battle, from which Mark learns the truth about what happened to his son. At dawn of the next day, both sides enter a hot duel, where one of the leaders receives what he is striving for, and the second is in the arms of the death.

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