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In the Tambov region, 291 high -rise buildings will be overhaul

Residents of the village of Tambov Leskhoz intend to protect the forest with a living chain

Workworm workers require wages indexation

Residents st. Kuibysheva, 25: Our life was turned into a permanent nightmare

Former vice-governor Vladimir Gromov was transferred under house arrest

Due to the communal accident, an ambulance cannot pass to the houses

The head of the Yurotzer in the medical institution is suspected of receiving a bribe

The government will create a government in the Tambov region

Another vice-governor resigns

In the Tambov region, mortality exceeds the birth rate by 3.6 times

In the Tambov region, a mask regime was canceled

In Michurinsk, a banner was placed with the image of a gentleman of the Order of Courage

Deputies transferred the Spartak stadium free of charge

Today, at a meeting of the Tambov City Duma, the deputies decided to transfer the Spartak stadium out of the property of the city to the ownership of the Tambov region. The purpose of the transfer was announced to bring the stadium to the normative state and further financing of all expenses related

A city tournament among the internationalist warriors was held in Michurinsk

The Michurinsky local branch of the All-Russian Public Organization of the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan held the city tournament in billiards among internationalist warriors last weekend. The initiator of the tournament was the chairman of the board of MMO LLC RSVA Igor Ivanovich Volkov,

They plan to revive football in the Tambov region

On the eve of the head of the region, Maxim Egorov held a selector meeting on the development of football of the Tambov region. He spoke about the start of the regional program “Renaissance of Tambov Football”. Maxim Egorov instructed the heads of cities and districts to ensure participation in the updated championship of the region at least

Derzhavinskaya skiing was held in Tambov

Yesterday, Derzhavinskaya skiing was held in the Friendship Park dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the formation of the Tambov region. Schoolchildren, students, teachers, graduates, as well as professional athletes from the Tambov, Moscow, Voronezh, Tula and other areas gathered at the Friendship Stadium.

The region intends to pick up the city stadium Spartak

The acting head of the regional administration Maxim Egorov told reporters that the region plans to create a football team for performances in the football national league, as well as pick up the city stadium Spartak.

In 2022, three TRP sites will be built in the Tambov region

Within the framework of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”, three sites will be built in Tokarevsky, Mordovsky and Muchkapsky districts, designed to prepare and fulfill the standards of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” (TRP).

A run of promises took place in Tambov

On January 1, in Tambov on the Embankment, the first Promises race took place. 480 adults and children came to the start in our city. Students, pensioners, entrepreneurs, officials, and, of course, athletes took part in the race.

On January 1, a race of promises will be held in Tambov

The Governor opened a street sports and recreation complex

Yesterday, Acting Head of the Administration of the Tambov Region Maxim Egorov opened an outdoor sports and recreation complex in the city of Tambov on the territory of the children's and youth sports school No. 1.

Hockey fans allowed to attend home games

For hockey fans from Tambov, they were given indulgence, they were allowed to attend the home matches of the local club.

About ten new sports federations have been created in the Tambov region

In recent years, about ten new sports federations have been created in the Tambov region, this was discussed at a meeting of the heads of the department for physical culture and sports with amateur sports associations.

The authorities said that it is not advisable to complete the reconstruction of Spartak

Yesterday a regular meeting of the Tambov City Duma took place. Deputy head of the city administration Antonina Kolodina made a report on the implementation of the program for the integrated development of social infrastructure for 2020 in the regional center.

A famous native of Tambov completed his performances at Euro 2020

Russian footballer Yuri Zhirkov, who was born and took his first steps in football in the city of Tambov, was forced to stop playing for the national team at the European Championship.

Bankruptcy of FC Tambov continues

As part of the bankruptcy procedure for FC Tambov, until June 14, the club's employees must choose their representative, who will participate in the process.

FC Tambov – became the history of football

New Lieutenant Governor Demonstrates Physical Fitness

The deputy head of the administration of the Tambov region, Alexander Korobko, played football at one of the stadiums, demonstrating, according to the Online Tambov news agency, his excellent physical fitness.

FC Tambov lost another match

Yesterday, during an away match at the Rostov Arena stadium, our football club was defeated in a game with Rostov.

The chances of Tambov to score points at the end of the RPL season are estimated

FC Tambov cost the budget almost two billion rubles

Football club Tambov, apparently, will soon cease to exist in the court is considering the bankruptcy of the club, which occupies the last place in the standings.

The court accepted the application for bankruptcy of FC Tambov

The Arbitration Court of the Tambov Region accepted for proceedings the application of FC Tambov to declare the club bankrupt. The preliminary meeting is scheduled for April 14, 2021.

Artificial respiration: Tambov predict the inevitable farewell to the RPL

Football club Tambov has become one of the main newsmakers of the outgoing winter, but the reason for talking about him was far from the most pleasant.

Rosselkhozbank simplifies doing business in the agro-industrial complex using an interactive map of agricultural enterprises

RSHB retail business shows accelerated growth

Rosselkhozbank increased the issuance of cards of the UnionPay payment system in the Tambov region by 20%

Rosselkhozbank launched a credit holiday program

Rosselkhozbank will continue preferential lending for seasonal work at a rate of up to 5%

How to prepare a practice report in a preschool educational institution

A1Capitals – fundamental factors for a technical trader

What to do first when buying real estate in the secondary market

Checking the property before buying will help to avoid trouble

How to check the property for legal purity

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