Sports, creativity, humor. In Vladivostok, the script of the Youth Day is ready (program) – news – events – Vladivostok

Sports, creativity, humor. In Vladivostok, the script of the Youth Day is ready (program) – news – events – Vladivostok

Without Kevordo

June 23 In Vladivostok, youth Day will be celebrated. A large -scale holiday will traditionally be held on a sports promenade. Ten sites will work there throughout the day, on which everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

Youth Day in Vladivostok will begin in sports: with 8:00 before 11:00 Yoga and sound therapy will take place on the sports embankment. They will be held by a professional instructor.

With 12:00 before 20:00 Entertainment platforms will work. On the embankment, basketball competitions 3×3 “trajectory” among students of the city will be held and an interactive exhibition on the linen ropes “Photosushka” will be organized.

Fans of games will be able to play Fusbol (playing Kiker with the participation of people), and various animated performances and an Azot Crio show will be presented for young families and their children.

For lovers of puzzles, the Speudcubin zone will be organized, where everyone will be able to take part in the tournament for high -speed assembly of the Rubik cube.

A tent pavilion will also be installed on the sports embankment in which the following events will be held.

With 13:00 before 16:00 The popular intellectual game Quiz Pliz, Vladivostok! will be held. It is planned to spend several games for 20 minutes here. They will be held in the format of three rounds. The most intellectually savvy participants will be awarded with commemorative diplomas.

With 17:00 before 19:00 Beginning actors will read the play “Kolya against all” the young author Sergey Davydov.

With 19:30 before 21:30 Participants in the project “Class Class” will present a poetic show, and in the end they will read their own poems.

The main scene of the celebrations will be the amphitheater. AT 11:30 The official opening of the holiday will be held here, within the framework of which the creative groups of the city will perform, and honorary guests will turn to the audience with a welcoming word.

AT 12:00 The Black Beret group will perform on the stage of the amphitheater.

With 13:00 before 15:00 The “scientific stand -up” will be held from the LET’s SIENCE community. Its participants not only from a scientific point of view, but also in a humorous form will tell about science, scientific discoveries and their own theories.

AT 15:00 School and student teams will present their jokes as part of the KVN Summer Cup.

With 17:00 before 18:30 The stand -up show Shtodap with participants in the Comedy Battle program will be held.

The celebration of Youth Day will end in Vladivostok with a solemn award of the Laureates of the Youth Vector Award, immediately after which a concert will begin, at which the creative groups of the city will perform.

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