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Sportsmaster of the ears ate a sportsmaster, delivery, jamb, long -poest

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Sportmaster the ears ate ⁠ ⁠

I ordered 2 pancakes on the bar, issued a delivery to June 2 from 9-18. And all. silence. They didn’t call back, they didn’t even send a fuck (I wouldn’t wait at least), they just didn’t bring anything. I called them at a common number 8-800, etc. I was sent to the deliveryers with the invoice number, which they did not recognize. What to do? Is there a cm for Pikaba? @SPortMaster is you?

Sportsmaster of the ears ate a sportsmaster, delivery, jamb, long -poest

P. S. My order, threw me with the delivery of me, my tag.

Update: They brought the next day, there was a spouse at home, so it was not possible to express.

Suddenly ⁠ ⁠

I will buy a pickup and cancel a smart tape, no matter what it means.

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Waiting and reality⁠ ⁠

Waiting and reality

Dylda ⁠

While studying at school, at that time to the third grade, they transferred the girl Natasha, her parents came to permanent residence in our city. The girl stood out with growth, she was a cut above all the guys in our class. She was very beautiful, curly brown hair, a very beautiful face, almond -shaped eyes. Naturally, all the guys fell in love with her, including me. The girls from our class, of course, tried to start poisoning her, called Dylda, but Natasha, in addition to the beauty, turned out to be a real Megor and brawl, she pulled the class leader and her friend by her hair, and took the queen's place. At that time, and throughout all school years I was a botan, I sat on the first desk, I was interested in studying. Of course, I also had to fight and even worked out, so I had no problems with school hooligans. Before the appearance of Natasha-Dildes. When she first went to our class and presented her, I could not take her eyes off her, after she immediately headed for my most not popular desk opposite the teacher’s table and sat next to her. I was afraid to breathe without believing in what was happening. Is it necessary to explain that the girls of our class have never been friends with me by a botanist. And here is just a real angel (no) herself sat next to me. I was happy exactly until the first big change on which we went to the dining room, where she poured me soup in the briefcase. After lunch, there was a physical education lesson where we played bouncers, she played in the opposite team and each time the ball was in her hands, he flew in my direction, and with all his strength. The next day, she beat me in the locker room, and I just closed my hands, because it was unthinkable to hit the girl. I have never met such aggression from the girls of peers and had no idea how to avoid this aggression. A quarter later, I began to hide from her in the toilet for boys, for a long time it did not stop her. It seemed to me that she just liked me to torment me and mock me. The rest of the class guys for her, as it were, did not exist, she simply avoided communicating with them.By the fifth grade, she stopped hitting me and began to make attempts to humiliate me in front of classmates who began to intercede for me because I could not give her change. I did not know at that time the rules that if the girl hit you a second time, then she becomes sparring a partner. So the humiliations were different, on her birthday she tried to treat me to a poop candy. Yes, yes, in the candy wrapper from chocolate sweets, she was not too lazy to wrap the poop and, after treating all classmates, handed it to me. The plan did not work, because I was not initially going to take her sweets. Natasha was my personal school nightmare, I stopped going to the school library instead of free lessons, because first of all she was looking for me in her. After school, I stopped hanging out with classmates, because Natasha went there, just to find and beat or in the next way to humiliate me after school.

This continued until the seventh grade, until Natasha’s parents decided to transfer it to the gymnasium and my nightmare was to end. On the last day in our school, Natasha once again pulled me out of the toilet for the boys dragged me under the stairs, I already reconciled that they would beat me again, she pressed me against the wall and kissed me on the lips, then burst into tears and ran away from school.

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