Without keyword Started a new season. It will bring us a lot of joy, interesting events, as well as many new people. Today we will learn about how the “5’ tishka squad” team got a new

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The new season has started. It will bring us a lot of joy, interesting events, as well as many new people. Today we will learn about how the “5’ tishka squad” team has a new inspiration in the person of Victoria Evseeva.

About how Victoria came to the team:
– In August, I met one of the players of this team – Mikhail Kozhevnikov, and he invited me to the first game at. Since I understand how important support is, I decided to come to every match. The guys play well, they try to cling to every ball, but there are times when they don't feel like a partner. The team has not been able to win the last games, but this is not a reason to be upset, because you need to believe and always go to the end. I think that they will succeed and will be sick in any situation.

You are in the League recently : Tell me, how do you like the expectation/reality?
– It seems to me that such tournaments bring people together. It's nice to see that the games are attended not only by the players themselves, but also by the fans, even despite the weather conditions. The atmosphere is generally friendly. Maybe there are some conflicts, but this is only because of emotions – you can’t do without them. The organization of the championship is also at a good level compared to others.

Let's learn a little more about our heroin e:
– My name is Victoria Evseeva, I am 16 years old and I am from St. Petersburg. Now I am doing Tomiki Aikido and football, and I was also fond of swimming, dancing, figure skating, drawing and finished music school. I like snowboarding and rollerblading. Now I am also interested in reading books. I have been practicing aikido for eight years, I have two dans (a master's degree in the aikido ranking system – ed.) and I am the silver medalist of the world championship in Switzerland, the champion of Russia. I started playing football two years ago and so far everything has been successful. My team took second place in the WFL winter futsal championship.

– Wow! Does this mean that the Pyatishk and now there is a security guard? What motivated you to do all these activities? Self interest or parents drove in the section? And tell us more about your achievements.
– Thirst for self-development! (Laughs). But dad gave it to fight. I'll tell you about her. It doesn’t seem to me that everything in life is obtained the hard way, since you have to invest a lot of effort. Maybe it was easier in childhood, although even then I devoted a lot of time to training. As a result, now I have many awards, and every year their number increases, and all thanks to diligence and the desire to be the best. I had a period when I didn’t get anything, I lost everything I could, but the main thing is that I didn’t give up, like many, and told myself to move on. Naturally, the faith in him of his parents, and not just the coach, is of great importance for every athlete.After all, parental support is the most important. My parents came to all the competitions and if something didn’t work out for me, they didn’t feel sorry for me, but said: “If something didn’t work out, then you need to put more time and work into it.” I live with these words every day. Many envied my achievements, but I did not pay attention to them. By the way, in everyday life, the people with whom I communicate may not know about my victories and titles, because I don’t really like to brag.

– What books do you read? What do you think the players Fives read a lot?
– Now more classics. From favorite works: The Old Man and the Sea, Poor People, Eugene Onegin, When the Gods Laugh, Love of Life. I can only say for sure about one person – Misha reads a lot.

Let's talk about SFL now. Tell , what do you think Pyatishka » ?
– The team, of course, is friendly, but it happens that there is no teamwork, but in general it is pleasant to watch their game. I remember there was a game when Pyatishka's squad was incomplete, they played and fought to the end, which speaks of their resilience. It seems to me that such a struggle should be an example for others.

– What does it mean to you to cheer for the team?
– Experience victories and defeats, stand on the edge and suggest during the game how best to play, where to pass the ball.

– Would you like to play with them? Are women's and men's football very different?
– It would be interesting for me to play with the guys, I even have some playing experience in the men's team. I think it's different. Girls play hard enough. I had a case – a girl in my team had her leg broken. In addition, it is more difficult for women to understand the scheme, and frequent quarrels in teams affect the quality of the game.

– Would you like so that the guys from the team come look at your games and support you?
To be honest, I'm a little shy about them. Therefore, we have never been close and did not communicate, but I think I would make friends with them. I would be very pleased to see them at my games, because everyone knows that when they look at a person, he tries to show himself better (smiles).

– Tell us, what are your plans for the sporting future? How long will you go to football? Soon it will be cold.
The weather doesn't stop me! For now, I choose universities, because my parents are against me entering Lesgaft. But, to be honest, I plan to go there, because I live in sports and I cannot live without it. You could say I breathe it. If it's cold, I'll dress warmer and carry a seagull with me. Now I myself have a championship, and I spend my weekends on the field. I won’t be able to come to the next match of Pyatishki, since my game takes place at about the same time on the other side of the city. And this is very sad.

Time you can come, wish them something for the upcoming match.
– I know that for them, of course, victory is not the main thing, but I always punish Misha so that they win, and I believe in them to the end.I think this time they will succeed. Just good luck, patience and good mood!

Mikhail Kozhevnikov:
Vika well done, goes to many matches Pyatoshki. In any case, this is nice, because when players feel supporting outside the field, dedication in matches becomes completely different. From the old “Inter” guard we had a few more fans: Daria Kartochka and Galya Ivlieva, who come to support us in any weather, in any league, at any stadium. Great women! (Smiles ).

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