Sports officials revised the result of the battle at the boxing tournament in Voronezh. The last fresh news of Voronezh and the region – RIA Voronezh

The Professional Boxing Federation took the side of Moscow promoters. Details on the website of RIA Voronezh.

Sports officials revised the result of the battle at the boxing tournament in Voronezh

Sports officials revised the result of the battle at the boxing tournament in Voronezh

The Russian Professional Boxing Federation (FPBR) reasoned the conflict between Voronezh promoters of Victory Team and the Moscow company Caesar Promotion on Wednesday, September 22. Muscovites disputed the results of the two battles of the Tournament “Unpredictable Finale” in Voronezh – between the Muscovite of the Snezhanna Tsarikaeva and Voronezh athlete Elena Kuzicheva, as well as between Voronezh, Sergei Sharapov and the Uzbek athlete Kobilzhon Bobozhov, who plays for Caesar Promotion. The winners in the fights were the hosts of the ring.

The Professional Boxing Federation will judge the dispute because of the tournament in Voronezh

The FPBR revised the results of the Kuzicheva and Tsarikaeva fight: sports officials took the side of Caesar Promotion, giving Tsarikaeva the victory. The result of the Sharaps fight – the FPBR bobogonov left it unchanged.

Moscow promoters do not intend to dispute the decision of the FPBR, the manager of Caesar Promotion Aza Savlaeva, in an interview with RIA Voronezh, noted.

“We just have nowhere to go above the professional boxing Federation,” Savlaeva explained.

According to her, the further Relations of Caesar Promotion with Voronezh colleagues from Victory Team look rather foggy.

“We are not going to tear business relations with Muscovites,” said the founder of Victory Team Andrei Khalijan. – Although, of course, as they say, the sediment remained.

Moscow promoters, after the tournament in Voronezh, which was held on September 10, remained unhappy with refereeing. Representatives of Caesar Promotion insisted that the judges unreasonably gave victory in two battles by Voronezh athletes. In addition, the metropolitan company abandoned the intention to sign the Tambov boxer Sergei Osipov, whose interests were Victory Team. Before the tournament, the unpredictable final, Caesar Promotion intended to hold a boxer's transfer.

According to Andrei Khalaijan, at the end of February 2017, the next rating tournament of professional boxers is planned in Voronezh. According to preliminary data, the Voronezh athlete Tatyana Porazhevskaya, Tambov, Sergey Osipov and other famous fighters will enter the ring.

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