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Now the popular remedies of Refharm from a professional line of creams for athletes can be purchased at one of the largest stores for triathlon Trisport

Sports Series of Refharm creams in the Trisport store

Mar 22, 2018

Now the popular means of Refharm from a professional line of creams for athletes and lovers of active lifestyle can be purchased at one of the largest stores for triathlon and triathletes Trisport. Here are represented by Refharm creams based on bisphosphonates and peptides that improve metabolic processes in muscles and joints, eliminate discomfort, tension and pain, promote rapid restoration after the training and competitive process, improve sports indicators. In addition, in the Trisport store you can buy Refharm funds for skin care after the pool, as well as creams for protecting the skin during winter sports.

Sports creams Refharm Shop Trivport

About the Trisport store

Trisport is the first professional product store in Russia for triathlon lovers. The peculiarity of this trading Internet site is that the store was created by a team of people who are not indifferent to this sport, athletes who were imbued with the philosophy of the triathlon and consider it one of the most exciting and useful sports hobbies.

“Having run more than one marathon and“ half ”, taking part in numerous sprints and half -life starts, we were convinced of our own experience how interesting this sport is. And we were pretty upset when we learned that in Russia, despite the growing number of triathletes, there is still no company that could fully meet the needs of triathlonists for high -quality professional equipment, provide them with a choice of different technologies from different manufacturers and reasonably and reasonably Tell me why it is worth choosing exactly this product, and not some other. We decided to correct this injustice. So Trisport.rf entered the arena-an online store created by enthusiastic for enthusiastic. ”

The Trisport team

In the Catalog of Trisport products, you can find absolutely everything you need for the triathlon and for classes by many other sports. There are several hundred items of famous world brands from the sports industry, manufacturers of high -quality sports products. Among the realized categories of goods:

  • clothing and shoes for triathlon, cycling, running and swimming;
  • bicycles and accessories for them;
  • fitness equipment;
  • food for athletes;
  • gadgets, including cycling, pulsometers, fitness trackers, sensors, etc.;
  • medical products.

In addition, you will learn a lot of useful information on the selection of sports equipment and equipment on the website, get acquainted with various training programs and equipment lessons.The store offers favorable conditions for cooperation with both retail and wholesale customers. Among the bonuses – 365 days to return the goods from the moment of purchase, a profitable club funded discount, free waiting for the courier during fitting and much more.

Sports creams manufactured by Refharm

Body cream Triatlet, 70 gr

Available in

The price of our products in partners' stores may vary

Olympian body cream, 70 gr

Available in

The price of our products in partners' stores may vary

Cream for tired legs Restorative, 70 gr

Available in

The price of our products in partners' stores may vary

About the sports series of creams Refharm

Professional sports creams Refarm are classified as the treatment and cosmetic drugs that have proven their high effectiveness not only in clinical trials, but also in practical use. They were tested by well -known athletes, including the ultramarathon and triathlete Igor Kurtepov, as well as representatives of the Moscow Club of Salting and Winter Swimming Morge of the Capital, led by their chairman Natalia Seri. The creams of the sports series Refharm have perfectly established themselves in professional sports training, multi -kilometer ultramarathons, voyage in ice water and climbing mountain peaks.

Products of the REFARM sports line have a unique composition of natural components. The leading active substances in the list of ingredients of the creams are natural regulators of calcium metabolism in the muscles and joints – bisphosphonates and regulators of division and recovery of cells – peptides. Their effect is complemented by essential oils, extracts of medicinal plants, vitamin complexes, camphor, D-panthenol and other useful components that effectively help to cope with pain, tension, possible edema, help restore damaged cells and tissues and activate metabolic processes.

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