Ssangyong Rexton Sports 2022: Latest news

More recently, it seemed that Ssangyong solved its financial problems. In the near future, she was supposed to go under the control of Edison. After

All you need to know about the new Ssangyong Rexton Sports 2022 is the latest news

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More recently, it seemed that Ssangyong solved its financial problems. In the near future, she was supposed to go under the control of Edison. After the completion of the purchase deal, the new owner intended to immediately proceed with the modernization of the Ssangyong Rexton Sports of 2022. However, now the development of this model is in question.

This is due to the fact that Edison could not find money to buy Ssangyong. More precisely, it found only 10% of the required amount. Now the Korean company has returned to the market again in search of a potential investor. At the same time, cooperation with Edison opened up new prospects for the development of Rexton Sports.

In early March, the South Korean media reported that at that time a potential buyer intended to radically process this pickup. According to the leadership of Edison, Rexton Sports is an ideal candidate to serve the main one to create a full -fledged electric car. If this project was implemented that the REXTON Sports electric could become a full-fledged competitor for the Ford F-150 Lightning, one of the most popular cars of 2021 on the American market.

As announced, Edison considered this model as a prototype for the future electric car in many ways because the pickup provided about 50% of sales from the total sales of Ssangyong cars in the domestic market. Representatives of the potential buyers said that the future electric Rexton Sports was supposed to get different types of batteries with a capacity of 110-220 kW*h, which could make the Korean model one of the most long-range in the world: its course would vary from 550 to 1100 kilometers.

The opinion of the Edison management was recently reinforced by Ry Mobinucks. She once again confirmed the fact that Rexton Sports pickup is a successful prototype for creating cars of various configurations. Ry Mobibucks engineers took the Korean model chassis and lengthened it by 1.1 meters. Then they strengthened the design of the base of the pickupa. As a result, a car with a carrying capacity of more than one ton appeared.This was facilitated by the installation of four wheels on the rear axle (two on each side).

Such changes were made to create a full-fledged truck with a large platform that is attached directly to the frame. Its length reaches 3100 mm with a width of 1860 mm. This platform of the new Rexton Sports modification is dismantled. That is, RY Mobibucks engineers provided for the possibility of installing other structures, including campers.

The technical part of the presented truck was completely borrowed from Rexton Sports. The novelty is equipped with the same 2.2-liter turbodiesel unit, the maximum output of which reaches 202 hp. At the same time, the truck, unlike a pickup truck, comes only with all-wheel drive, when, like in the prototype, the torque is transferred to the rear axle by default.

As for the Rexton Sports, SsangYong will probably not be upgrading it in the next few months. The reason is that the pickup went through a planned restyling in January. Moreover, the Korean manufacturer redesigned Rexton Sports a year after the last upgrade. Now the pickup truck has acquired an expanded security complex, which includes 16 systems at once: automatic braking, 360-degree visibility, distance control to the vehicle in front, and others. Prices for Rexton Sports changed slightly after that: the basic version costs about 1.7 million rubles in terms of the current exchange rate. Author: Fedor Averiev

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