St. Petersburg | Petersburg football will have a new president – non -format

The President will be elected to the President, who will replace Anatoly Turchak, who led the organization, will be elected to the FFF Football Federation (FFSPB). Saint Petersburg. St. Petersburg.

Petersburg football will have a new president

Petersburg football will have a new president -

The President will be elected to the President, who will replace Anatoly Turchak, who led the organization, will be elected to the FFF Football Federation (FFSPB). Elections will be held on an alternative basis photo: FC Zenith»

The permanent president of the city federation Anatoly Turchak, who also headed one of the leading enterprises of the defense industry – the Leninets holding, on October 9, resigned for health reasons.

Four applicants

The duties of the president are temporarily fulfilled by the first Vice President of the FFFB Pavel Ozhgikhin, who said, commenting on the resignation of Turchak: “Anatoly Alexandrovich was represented in the highest bodies of football power in Russia. He had direct contact with Alexander Valerievich Dyukov, President of the RFU. Anatoly Turchak was part of the Executive Committee of the RFU, where he reported on the situation in football in St. Petersburg. Now this connection will be temporarily interrupted, but of course there will be no vacuum. Otherwise, the work of the football federation is fully debugged. ”

We emphasize that the President of the FFFB is a public position. At a meeting of the FFSPB Executive Committee on November 11, candidates for the presidency in the elections that will be held at an extraordinary conference of the Federation on December 11, 2020 were approved. They were Pavel Ozhgikhin, adviser to the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Russian Agricultural Bank JSC, General Director of Dynamo Sports Structures LLC, and. about. President of the Football Federation of St. Petersburg; Evgeny Evlanov, founder and development director of Ole Promo Group LLC, organizer of tournaments for Football Varieties 6 to 6, 7 to 7, Elena Ilyukhina, Deputy General Director for Legal and Corporate issues of Gazprom Neft PJSC, Chairman Board of Directors of JSC FC Zenit; Dmitry Schneider, Deputy General Director of ANO Local organizational structure of UEFA Euro 2020, Member of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of St. Petersburg.

By the way, Anatoly Turchak also headed the MRO (Interregional Association) North-West of the Football Federation of the regions included in the North-West Federal District. Here, the presidential elections are scheduled for December 5, and they will be held on a non -alternative basis, one candidate – Elena Ilyukhina is registered.

There are serious problems

The Football Federation holds all competitions in St. Petersburg (championship, Cup, Winter Championship of the city, Theater League, Military Cup) of male (in two leagues), female, youth (in two leagues), student, children and leagues (in four leagues ) in football, as well as on mini-football, beach football and other varieties of playing a foot ball (6 to 6, 7 to 7, 8 to 8).Hundreds of teams, thousands of athletes participate in them.

This season, due to the pandemic, the championship and the championship of St. Petersburg were in a truncated format. The federations were difficult to organize football competitions, but it is good that they managed to hold them at all. The championships among boys and youth are completed, the men's championship will be finished to the end, and a mini-football competition is being held. The Federation coped with problems,-believes Leonid Genusov, telecumentist and coach of the youth team Vyborzhanin-Gorod .

There were many problems in St. Petersburg football. “It’s time to put things in order in children and youth competitions: to end the Academies, which have become too many. There is only one academy in the city Zenith, Who received this status from the RFU, and they call themselves academies those who do not even have the right to be called sports schools,-is convinced by Dmitry Korelov, member of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of St. Petersburg, Chairman of the Certification Committee, Chairman of the MPO Development CommitteeNorthwest».

Also, according to him, it is time to conduct licensing of children and youth groups and share sports schools from different private clubs that do not have a material base, nor qualified coaches, but exhibit children and youth teams in tournaments.

«Unfortunately, in mini-football, we are observing a decrease in participants from 48 in the 19/20 season to the estimated 21 participant this season. In St. Petersburg, male football 11×11 almost died, only 12 teams participated. Almost all clubs with great traditions that existed at large enterprises have disappeared. In those teams that are playing in the city championship, mercenaries are playing, they wander from the club to the club, and these clubs are one -day, their owners, when they are bored with playing football tycoon, easily close teams, and do not even pay players and coaches. by salary. It is necessary to streamline mass amateur football, mass tournaments in which they play without medical admission to competitions and service, with incomprehensible judges. The new president of the Football Federation of St. Petersburg will need to solve these problems, Says Dmitry Korelov.

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