St. Petersburg | The newspaper Vesti publishes an article on the Day of Knowledge on September 1 at the university: “Forge of the new intelligentsia” – non -format

Saint Petersburg. St. Petersburg.

The newspaper Vesti publishes an article on the Day of Knowledge on September 1 at the university: The forge of the new intelligentsia

The newspaper Vesti publishes an article on the Day of Knowledge on September 1 at the university: “Forge of the new intelligentsia” -

The Petersburger was engaged in an unusual project for two years. / IslandWorks, members of the commission flew to the gastronomic nirvana, who took up the assessment of the ideal recipe for dumplings.
IA Neva News

The weather in St. Petersburg for May 9 became known | Photo by Alexander Drozdov - St. Petersburg Vedomosti

The preliminary forecast was given by the main weather forecaster of the Northern capital. Photo by Alexander Drozdov, the chief weather forecaster of St. Petersburg spoke about the weather in the city on Victory Day.
St. Petersburg Vedomosti

The Institute for the Development of the Internet conducts pilot grant support in the framework of the Smart Cinema project.

The court announced the verdict of the gang of jewelry robbers - the GTRK St. Petersburg

The city court of St. Petersburg announced a sentence to the gang, which robbed jewelry stores.
GTRK St. Petersburg

The garbage truck knocked over the tank to a passenger car on Malaya Mitrofanievskaya - Ia Nevsky News

The owner of the car left the car on time. / accident and emergency | St. Petersburg | Peter online | St. Petersburg ”at the road from Malaya Mitrofanievskaya Street on the Mitrofanevskoye highway, an accident occurred with the participation of a garbage truck and passenger car.
IA Neva News

A foreign car knocked the cyclist in the Leningrad region - IA Nevsky News

The project Russian Atlantis in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra-Holy Trinity Alexander-Nevskaya Lavra

On the initiative of the Commission on the Culture of the St. Petersburg Regional Branch of the International Public Organization World Russian People's Cathedral and the blessing of the bishop of Kronstadt Nazaria,
Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra

The daily covid -conjugation in St. Petersburg is falling, but the city is again the first in Russia - my district

At the same time, the number of hospitalizations with Covid-19 increased per day. Photo: Oleg Gold / MR7 in St. Petersburg, according to the operational headquarters, over the past day, 328 new cases of Covid-19 have recorded.
My region

In St. Petersburg, the incidence of COVID-19 increased per day | Photo by Pixabay - St. Petersburg Vedomosti

A certain rise is also noted in the capital of Russia. Pixabay photo in St. Petersburg has slightly increased incidence of Covid over the past day.
St. Petersburg Vedomosti

The Rosgvardists congratulated the blockade on the upcoming Victory Day - GTRK St. Petersburg

Personal parade. In St. Petersburg, the Rosgvardists congratulated the inhabitants of the besieged Leningrad on the upcoming Victory Day.
GTRK St. Petersburg

News of St. Petersburg: Results of the day - TC St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg TV channel talks about the main events of Thursday. 4 days before the main holiday of the country in St. Petersburg, the second rehearsal of the Victory Parade took place.
TC St. Petersburg

Four federal routes will be blocked on Victory Day in the Leningrad region - Fontanka

The processions of the festive columns and the “Immortal Regiment” on May 9 will block traffic on four federal routes in the Tosnensky, Vsevolozhsk, Volkhov and Priozersky districts of the Leningrad region.

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