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The unconditional victory of Novosibirsk schoolchildren in the final of the All -Russian competitions on the project Sambo to School

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The unconditional victory of Novosibirsk schoolchildren in the final of the All -Russian competitions on the project Sambo to School

On November 30 and December 1, 2019, the Moscow Center for Martial Arts hosted the final of all -Russian competitions among schoolchildren on the Sambo to School project.

The competition was attended by students of thirteen educational organizations from the Chechen Republic, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk Perm Kraev, Kursk, Murmansk, Smolensk, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk regions, cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The team of the Novosibirsk region was represented by students of MBOU secondary school No. 1999. The team was headed by the director of the School of Vorotnikov Alexander Aleksandrovich, the physical education teacher of Reshetova, Ekaterina Sergeevna, and Sambo coach Fedoseev Maxim Nikolaevich. In the morning part of the first competitive day, our sambastes measured their strength in the demonstration sambo, gaining 34 points, the guys took fifth place. In the evening, in the competitions in the TRP, Novosibirsk became third (242 points), missing the team of school No. 1 of the city of Orekhovo-Zuevo (2nd place) and Kurganinsky Cossack Cadet Corps (1st place).

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On the second competitive day, there was no equal to the Novosibirsk team: the first place was taken by Biyman Turdumamatov (V/K 35 kg), Erbol Bektashov (V/K 46 kg), Artem Zharov (V/K 54 kg). The second place is at Symyk Tourduev (V/K 65 kg). In third place, Sergey Lagutkin (V/K 38 kg), Danil Shipitsyn (V/K 42 kg), Ivan Arkhipov (V/K 50 kg), Vlvdislav Skiba (V/K 59 kg), Daniil Verkin (V/K from above 71 kg).

According to the results of the competitions in the TRP, Demo Sambo, Sports Sambo in the team event team MBOU secondary school No. 199 of the city of Novosibirsk in the first place!



1 Kurgansky Cossack Cadet Corps (245)

2 MOU secondary school No. 1 Orekhovo-Zuevo, club Patriot (242)

3 school No. 1999, Novosibirsk Region (242)

Demo Sambo:

1 Kurgansky Cossack Cadet Corps (37.8)

2 MOU secondary school No. 1 Orekhovo-Zuevo, club Patriot (37.05)

3 School No. 16 Edelweiss, Krasnodar Territory (36.25)

Sports Sambo:

1 school No. 1999, Novosibirsk Region (42)

2 school No. 72, Ulyanovsk (30)

3 Ashkovskaya main school of the Smolensk region (25)

3 Odintsovo linguistic gymnasium (25)

General creative:

  1. School No. 1999, Novosibirsk Region
  2. Kurgansky Cossack Cadet Corps
  3. School No. 6, Perm Territory


In Novosibirsk, the Sambo tournament among the security forces Defender of the Fatherland was held in Novosibirsk

Defenders of the Fatherland: In Novosibirsk, they played the Embassy Cup for Sambo

Defenders of the Fatherland: In Novosibirsk, they played the Embassy Cup for Sambo

28.11.2019 12

In Novosibirsk, representatives of law enforcement agencies – future and acting – fought for the Cup of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District for Sambo. On November 28, defenders of the Fatherland gathered in the HAU HAU HAU HAU HAU. Participants enthusiastically found out who is stronger and more skillful in the honest wrestling. What is important, the competition covered different age groups. When young guys and already experienced sambo masters fight on neighboring carpets, this always motivates the first.

28.11.2019 2

Debut to glory

The Tournament Defender of the Fatherland in sambo among power structures and cadets for the Envoy Cup is held in Novosibirsk for the first time. The first wrestlers and spectators were welcomed on behalf of the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District Sergey Chanyilo Chief Federal Inspector for the Novosibirsk Region Yuri Semenov.

28.11.2019 3

“The rank of tournament is quite high and allows you to reveal the best sports qualities of participants, – turned to the audience Yuri Vladimirovich. – I really hope that these competitions will become for someone and a ticket to a big sports life. For this, in Novosibirsk there is everything: the Modern Academy of Sambo, excellent halls, qualified specialists and championship traditions. Sambo in our country is supported by President Vladimir Putin. There is a corresponding federal target program. We are talking about the development of this sport as national and its integration into the system of physical education and education. ”

28.11.2019 13

The debut was definitely a success. The fights took place on three carpets. Representatives of six regions argued behind the trophy: the Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Irkutsk regions, the Altai Republic, the Altai and Krasnoyarsk regions.

28.11.2019 4

The Cup was played separately among nine cadet teams and twelve teams of power structures. “Initially, we planned to hold competitions only among the cadet corps, but due to a larger number of people wishing to participate, we expanded the scope of the event– shared the chief judge of the tournament Sergey Karpov. – The security forces also got the opportunity to go out onto the carpet and show their courage. Next year, we plan to increase the scale and, possibly, make a mass of sambo festival. ”

28.11.2019 5

The leadership of various law enforcement agencies came to the general opinion that the tournament should develop, and plans to support its employees, who, in addition to serving, are engaged in a useful and healthy business.

“There are many masters of sports among participants, there are also masters of sports of international class– notes Sergey Karpov. – A strong team from Gorno-Altaysk arrived, in which five out of six people are masters of sports-these people, working in the organs, continue to perform at the championships of Russia. There are already many calls from other regions. Next year, athletes from Buryatia, the Republic of Tuva, the Omsk region go to this tournament. ”

28.11.2019 6

New tradition

In the competitions of cadets, the Siberian Cadet Corps won the team standings. Among the power structures there were no equal to the Novosibirsk Military Institute named after the Army General I.K. Yakovlev troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

28.11.2019 8

The winners received commemorative awards, and all participants were charged with emotions from communication with colleagues and healthy rivalry on the carpet. Watching stubborn fights, one could make sure that the protection of our safety is in safe hands.

28.11.2019 9

“Today we saw not only competitions, but also vivid demonstrations of children at the opening of the tournament. Sambo is a sport for everyone– summarizes the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Novosibirsk Region Sergey Ahapov. – Only three months have passed since the opening of the Sambo Academy, and the hall is already thoroughly loaded. Every two to three weeks, competitions are held. These are large tournaments, such as the “defender of the Fatherland”, and small intra -school events.

28.11.2019 7

“The number of guys who are engaged in sambo today, including in elementary school, is growing before our eyes. Currently, about 3,000 schoolchildren comprehend the basics of domestic struggle in our region. In two years, this figure increased by almost seven times , – emphasizes the Minister of Education of the Novosibirsk Region Sergey Fedorchuk.

Sambistic life boils in Novosibirsk non -stop. On November 10, Stepan Kobenov won the first title of the world champion in combat sambo in the history of the city. On November 13, in the historical multimedia park “Russia is my story” the exhibition “Sambo. Time test. On November 16, in Novosibirsk, the All -Russian Sambo Day was celebrated on a grand scale.

28.11.2019 14

“Sambo today is very in demand both in our region and in Russia as a whole. It will develop both in the city and in the village, – summarizes Sergey Ahapov. – The Ministry of Sports and Education of the Novosibirsk Region pay great attention to our national martial arts. It is no coincidence that Sambo is a science to win. Everyone wants to win, so a huge number of people are engaged in it. ”

The defender of the Fatherland tournament is planned to be made traditional. And this means that in a year we are again awaiting the fights of the best representatives of power structures and cadet corps on the Novosibirsk carpet.

Team set -off

28.11.2019 10


1st place – Siberian Cadet Corps

2nd place – Berdan Cossack Cadet Corps

3rd place – Usolsky Guards Cadet Corps

28.11.2019 11

Strong structure

1st place – Novosibirsk Military Institute named after Army General I.K. Yakovlev forces of the National Guard of the Russian Federation

2nd place-19th special purpose detachment Ermak

3rd place – Office of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Altai

Personal offset (cadets)

Weight category 42 kg

1st place – Karikh Andrey (secondary school No. 25, chicken)

2nd place – Semen Podgainov (secondary school No. 25, Kudryashi)

3rd place – Tadyrov Aydys (SSHOR, R. Altai)

3rd place – Flyagin Danil (Achinsky Cadet Corps)

Weight category 46 kg

1st place – Sugatov Stepan (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Shveffel Sergey (Achinsky Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Osipov Konstantin (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Nikolai Reshetov (Siberian Cadet Corps)

Weight category 50 kg

1st place – Serobyan Srezh (Siberian Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Saidshrafi Saidchafara (Siberian Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Ivan Shafranovsky (Usolsky Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Kirill Yakovlev (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

Weight category 55 kg

1st place – Andrey Gayvorovsky (MBOU Cadet School, Biysk)

2nd place – Shavershyan Daniil (Siberian Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Julian Kokorin (Achinsky Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Muravyov Radion (Berdsky Cossack Corps)

Weight category 60 kg

1st place – Maxim Nedimkin (MBOU Cadet School Biysk)

2nd place – Pavel Koptev (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Panko Maxim (Siberian Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Ilya Moscow (Omsk Cadet Military Corps)

Weight category 66 kg

1st place – Sergey roads (Usolsky Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Azarov Pavel (Siberian Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Timothy Zamylin (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

3rd place-Zeynalov Zeynal-Abdin (secondary school No. 25, Kudryashi)

Weight category 72 kg

1st place – Artyukhov Nikita (Siberian Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Efimenko Vladislav (Siberian Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Pril Konstantin (Omsk Cadet Military Corps)

3rd place – Mikhail Kozlyaev (Siberian Cadet Corps)

Weight category 78 kg

1st place – Ivan Konovalov (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Dovzhenitsa Artem (Usolsky Cadet Corps)

Weight category 84 kg

1st place – Knyazev Stepan (Usolsky Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Alexander Zakharov (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Kolovite Stepan (Siberian Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Kirill Borovikov (Siberian Cadet Corps)

Weight category over 84 kg

1st place – Koshelev Daniil (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

2nd place – Igor Beach (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Verkin Daniil (Berdsky Cossack Cadet Corps)

3rd place – Oleinik Egor (secondary school 25, curls)

Strong structure

Weight category 57 kg

1st place-Sevostyanov Artem (19th special purpose detachment Ermak)

2nd place-Kudaibergen Enchinov (19th special purpose detachment Ermak)

3rd place-Abrekeeev Ahmediyar (19th special purpose squad Ermak)

3rd place – Terrible Dmitry (NVI VNS RF)

Weight category 62 kg

1st place – Sergey Masharov (NVI VNS RF)

2nd place – Matin Aram (UFS VNS RF in the Republic of Altai)

3rd place – Seysecene Baurzhan (UFS of the NWS of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Altai)

3rd place – Ilya Vasiliev (OMON, BIISK)

Weight category 68 kg

1st place – Erier Yenchinov (UFS of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Altai)

2nd place-Giyasov Abdurakhmon (19th special purpose squad Ermak)

3rd place – Malygin Alexander (NVI VNS RF)

3rd place – Almadakov Arzhan (UFS VNS RF in the Republic of Altai)

Weight category 74 kg

1st place-Aliyev Ruslan (19th special purpose detachment Ermak)

2nd place – Dmitry Karpenko (NVI VNS RF)

3rd place – Kordoev Twinter (UFS NVS of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Altai)

3rd place – Dobranykiy Dmitry (NVI VNS RF)

Weight category 82 kg

1st place – Popov Vladislav (military unit No. 55115)

2nd place – Dmitry Korchughanov (OMON, BIISK)

3rd place – Aliyev Timur (GU Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for NSO)

3rd place – Nelido Egor (NVI VNS RF)

Weight category 90 kg

1st place – Aitpyshev Adam (NVI VNS RF)

2nd place – Tsubenko Roman (NVI VNS RF)

3rd place – Nikita Malakhov (NVI NVI RF)

3rd place – Yatsenko Roman (military unit No. 55115)

Weight category over 90 kg

1st place – Samoilov Roman (NVI VNS RF)

2nd place – Iksanov Ildar (military unit No. 55115)

3rd place – Osadchenko Igor (military unit No. 2058)

3rd place – Zinchenko Artem (Gufsin of the Russian Federation for NSO)

For the first time in Novosibirsk, a sambo tournament was held among power structures for the Cuberae Cup of the Pol -Chamber

Novosibirsk Regional Sambo Federation: Anyone here can study the basics of self -defense

Novosibirsk Regional Sambo Federation: Anyone here can study the basics of self -defense

Novosibirsk region is one of the leaders in the development of sambo. Additional educational programs specialist Novosibirsk Regional Federation Sambo Roman Gushch told the arguments of the week how they improve their qualifications teachers physical education and what needs to be done to open the martial arts center in its region.

– What are you doing for the development of sambo in Novosibirsk?

– In 2016, the forum “on Siberian land” was held, in which representatives of the authorities and business participated. They determined how the region will develop, what projects should be included. They launched Sambo to School. Local authorities introduced the foundations of self -defense into a physical education program at once in five educational institutions. Today there are 14 schools in the project. Another 6 applications came from areas that want to connect.

In addition, the government and the city hall supported our idea: when they build new educational institutions, specialized halls will be designed in advance. That is, theoretically, schools are ready to accept the project, as there are places for classes.

Sambo to school also operates in old institutions. True, there is no extra room. However, we have the experience of “transformations” of study rooms for gyms. In addition, we invite children to study at the Siberian Academy of Sambo with modern halls and equipment.

Children have become more disciplined, sports, active, controlled. They are happy to go to physical education lessons, to the struggle section. They participate in various events, in creative numbers, in the opening of the competition. Thanks to our schoolchildren, they themselves learned a lot of new things about sambo. Personally, I am many poems and songs about our sport.

Our Federation is involved in the public life of the Novosibirsk region. Every year, on the teacher's councils tells teachers, directors of schools, how much sambo has great potential. We have a project “Sambo – Defender of the Fatherland”, where cadets study the basics of self -defense. There is a more in -depth program. In our opinion, every future defender and the patriot of the Motherland should know the techniques of self -defense.

Recently launched a historical project with the Sambo Ministry of Culture. Time test ”, where they made a multimedia exhibition of the history of sambo. All residents of the Novosibirsk region can get acquainted with our national sport.

We have a student sambo league.Competitions, Spartakiad, Universiade are held among student teams. She, of course, is not at such a large -scale level as we would like, but we are working on it. In the near future we will allocate a basic university where we create a center, attract a student union, activists in the spread of domestic sport, students and teachers.

Championships of the Novosibirsk region for sambo among veterans are also held. There are even world champions! We are proud of them, talk about them. They participate in our work, communicate with schoolchildren.

Let's get back to the Sambo to School project. Tell me, who finances the equipment, buys a uniform?

– The All -Russian Federation of Sambo (VFS) provides carpets for classes. Novosibirsk – equipping sports halls. Sports for the development of sports allocated from the regional budget, grants, the schools themselves, which have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment, help us.

By the way, we have developed a typical template of the gym. On the territory of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region, the premises for classes will look the same.

– And how do teachers' qualifications improve? This is also a costly business.

– The first retraining of teachers was held when they won the presidential grant. Two -week courses took place 25 teachers.

We began to receive applications from schools. They turned to Sergey Vladimirovich Fedorchuk, the Minister of Education of the Novosibirsk Region for help. As a result, they found a way out. At the expense of the ministry, they organized courses for the training and retraining of personnel. Now we are provided with specialists who teach teachers.

“You mentioned that the city has the Siberian Academy of Sambo.” How long has she appeared?

– In September 2019. We went to this for three years. All competitions are held at the Academy. There is everything here: modern halls and equipment, a recovery center, shower, sauna, comfortable locker rooms, rest rooms. In addition, advanced training of teachers is carried out. The best coaches are engaged there, athletes of the national team of Novosibirsk gather.

At first we developed plans, collected documentation, searched for a premises and specialists. They proved the Ministry of Sports that such an academy was needed, and it appeared.

There is a fitness sambo. Anyone, regardless of age, can come and sign up for a group, study the basics of self -defense. This is a good physical training with sambo elements. An individual program is being developed for each, taking into account its physical training.


-What would you advise other federations that develop sambo, but for some reason they can’t open their struggle school, implement the project?

-Firstly, never give up. Secondly, to achieve through the VFS so that forums such as “Sambo Days” are passed in the region. To invite representatives of the authorities there, to explain to them, to show that sambo is not only a sport, but a comprehensive system of educating youth.

Participate in the public projects of the region, submit applications for grants and subsidies. In each region there are public organizations that train specialists, how to attract money on sponsorship sites.

– Do media, social networks help in the popularization of sambo?

– Certainly. We realized that sambo should become recognizable. They signed an agreement with the city for social advertising. Our banners and shields calling for a healthy lifestyle through sambo classes were hung on the streets of Novosibirsk.

The regional project “Heroes from our court” also helped. He also popularizes sport. His posters depict our young champions with parents. Such an advertisement also spurred our modern youth to engage in sambo.

We actively use social networks: VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook. We constantly update the information, talk about events. The federation website has its own feedback site: we always answer.

We try to talk about our sport everywhere. Now we are working with the Ministry of Education. We have many ideas with the Ministry of Culture, what events to hold on the day of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. This is work with veterans, cadet institutions.

It is important to convey to people that sambo is an effective tool for educating modern youth. We do not stop, and we want the domestic sport to be everywhere.

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