Suunto 7-smart hours with many sports functions

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Suunto 7 is a smart watch with many sports functions and GPS. They work for OS by Google and are created to help you get everything from life and your favorite sport.

Suunto 7

Sometimes it is difficult to combine a rich life with daily sports. Sports smart hours can help you solve this problem that can keep up with your active life. Suunto 7 watches offer the best combination of everyday and sports functions. They will help you use the time as rationally as possible. These are our first hours that support various sports functions of Suunto, hints of sleep and health, free offline maps of the area with navigation and beneficial functions of smart hours from Wear OS by Google ™.

Suunto 7 watches are compatible with Android ™ and iOS phones.

Suunto 7 collection

New functions for Suunto 7

Look at your 3D routes

Planning routes in the Suunto application in 3D helps to fully evaluate the upcoming route, and viewing adventures in 3D are excellent memories!

Music that is always with you

Download music to your Suunto 7 watch, connect the headphones and listen to your favorite tracks without spending expensive traffic.

Sleep tracking

Wearing a Suunto 7 watch before going to bed and turning on the function of tracking sleep, you can understand how much time you sleep and how much sleep helps to restore strength. As a result, you can adhere to a healthy sleep schedule. Set up the goal of sleep and a reminder of going to bed to develop more useful habits associated with sleep. Over time, you can find out how the patterns of your sleep affect your body and what is your personal recipe for relaxation and recovery.

Body resources

Suunto 7 hours measure your activity, load level and recovery during the day, showing the influence of sleep and training on your body and helping to maintain the right balance. A good dream plays an important role in maintaining body resources at the right level. Every morning, Suunto 7 watches show how many resources you have accumulated per night and how much bodily resources you have at the time of awakening.

Pulse frequency per day

The function of tracking the pulse frequency per day allows you to quickly check your current pulse. It shows a schedule for changing the pulse frequency during activity and rest.

Step -by -step navigation

Step -by -step navigation notifications will help not to go astray. Plan the route in the Komoot computer or mobile application and synchronize it with Suunto 7 to start moving. Approaching each turn, you will receive notifications. You can admire the landscape without being distracted by the watch. More about Komoot.

Energy -saving GPS mode

If the accuracy of determining the location of the “good” is selected, then the clock will work longer from the battery during the activity in the open air. This mode is useful with prolonged activity and will help the clock last longer with a low battery charge.When running or cycling, use FusedTrack™ to improve tracking. Learn more about FusedTrack™

Always active sports display with low power consumption

The watch display is always on during activity, but consumes minimal power. You can view all your workout data without raising your hand to activate the display.

Route navigation

Create your own routes, use tracks from other services or choose popular routes in Suunto app. Synchronize the route with your watch and go! Navigation along the route on the watch will help you not to get lost.

Popular routes

Tired of running on the same trails, but don't know where there are new ones? We've made finding new routes easier by adding popular routes to the Suunto app. These routes are based on training done by the Suunto community.

Popular starting points

When heading to a new location or route, it is often difficult to know where to start. View popular starting points in Suunto app to find the best start for your next adventure. Popular starting points are also shown on Suunto 7 heat maps.

My tracks

View your heatmap for the day, month, or current year. Compare your tracks with the most popular routes in your sport.

MyRadar application

MyRadar will show you what kind of weather awaits you on the way. This app with real-time weather and animated weather maps will help you plan your adventures. See for details.

These new features are available in the latest system update.

Introducing Suunto 7


All the sports features of Suunto 7 are available at the touch of a button. With over 70 sports modes, GPS and a wrist heart rate monitor, you can accurately track your workouts. Quickly check your daily steps and calories burned. Easily share your results on Suunto app and major sports services like Strava, Adidas Running and Under Armor Mapmyrun.


Suunto 7's battery lasts all day using your smartwatch, and you still have enough charge in the evening for your daily workout. Power efficient GPS mode extends battery life when exercising outdoors. If you use your watch extensively, we recommend that you charge your Suunto 7 daily.*

* Actual battery life may vary significantly based on sport, settings, applications, and many other factors.


Designed and tested in Finland, Suunto 7 is the epitome of Suunto's renowned quality. Shock, water and dust resistance ensures that the watch will work even if the surroundings are mud, rain or snow. The watch's physical buttons can be pressed while wearing gloves, and the exceptionally bright, high-resolution touchscreen is protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla® Glass.


If you are constantly engaged, you want convenient smart hours from the brand you trust. Suunto 7 watches work on Wear OS by Google, and this is the smartest sports hours today. Get notifications from your favorite applications, look at reminders of business meetings and lists of affairs, check calls and incoming messages using the clock. Now faster and faster payments through Google Pay ™, smart assistance to Google Assistant and thousands of applications in Google Play.

Access to Google Pay and Google Assistant depends on your language and country.

And inspire you for adventure.

Meet the world around with free offline cards with information about the terrain, routes and contour lines. You can easily look at the card at any time, with any exercise it is always there: it is enough to spend on the screen once. Built -in thermal cards for 15 types of classes, including running, swimming and riding a bicycle will show you the most popular routes so that you can train in the same place as others, or stay away from the beaten paths. Local offline maps and heat cards are downloaded automatically when ’is Wi-Fi and during charging. You can also manually select the right card that must be downloaded. With offline cards, you will always find the way and learn about the best training routes, even if you leave the phone at home or you will not have a network.

Good sleep for high achievements

Fans of an active and sports lifestyle should control their habits associated with sleep, since it is important for their well -being and restoration. The function of tracking sleep in Suunto 7 allows you to find out how much you sleep every night and how effectively the dream restores your strength. Set up the goal of sleep and a reminder of going to bed to follow a regular sleep schedule. Over time, you can find out how the patterns of your sleep affect the resources of your body and what is your personal recipe for relaxation and recovery.

The clock is better every day

Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, software updates are automatically performed: your watch is always relevant, and they have all the latest functions. Expand the functionality of the watch with your favorite applications from Google Play and change their appearance with different dials and replaced straps.

Listen to music without phone

Take your favorite tracks with you to train even more vigorously. Download music to your Suunto 7 watch, connect the headphones and listen to your favorite tracks without spending expensive traffic.

Use the benefits of our partner network

Connect the Suunto 7 watch to your favorite applications to analyze your activity, find new routes, receive coaching recommendations, create 3D videos about your adventures and share them with your favorite communities. Together with the Suunto 7 hours, you will receive a Value Pack set containing advantages and gifts worth more than 500 euros, pounds or US dollars from our partners.It will help you train even more efficiently, go on adventures with confidence, and achieve your goals with confidence.

Suunto 7

Suunto 7

Matte Black Titanium

Smart watch with many sports features

Suunto 7

Stone Gray Titanium

Smart watch with many sports features

Suunto 7

Graphite Limited Edition

Smart watch with various functions for sports, with 2 straps. Supplied in a premium gift box.

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