System 10 of 12 bets. Express systems calculator. How the system rate is calculated

System 10 of 12 bets. Express systems calculator. How the betting system is calculated by the bookmakers system provides their customers with the opportunity to make bets a system. The system is

System 10 of 12 bets. Express systems calculator. How the system rate is calculated

Bookmakers provide their customers with the opportunity to make bets a system. A system is a set of expresses consisting of a certain number of events determined by the player. For this reason, there are systems of different sizes.

The winnings on the guessed expresses are formed and make up a common win for bets. It is difficult to calculate all possible options for winning and losing combinations.

After all the games, Bettor can get different profits and losses. For automation of calculations for the system, a calculator is used. It is available to all users.

How to use a sport betting calculator?

For a simple understanding, we will consider several examples of the Paris systems. To begin with, take the system 2 of 3. The first number means the number of events in one combination that must be correctly predicted. The second number is the total number of matches.

The rate of the rate is divided by the number of system options. Suppose we put 180 units. This means that for each option there will be 60 units. Suppose that the coefficients for events were as follows: 1.85; 1.7; 1.9.

The main purpose of this calculator is that with its help you can simulate all options for the outcomes. In the windows “winnings” and “return” we put boxes for different options and get a complete set of layouts.

Suppose we wish to see a possible win, if it does not play an event with a coefficient of 1.8. We prescribe the values ​​in the calculator of sports betting for our express system, and put the corresponding box:

Net profit was 31 units. If an event with a coefficient of 1.9 had not played, then we would have a profit of 9 units. This is logical, because the larger the KEF will not play, the less profit, and vice versa.

This is the easiest system option. If we have 10 events, then only a calculator of calculating sports bets will help to quickly calculate possible combinations.

The average bettor is able to calculate the simple system “2 of 3” in bets or “3 of 4”, but it makes no sense to spend a lot of time on calculating more complex coupons.

In the digital age, manual calculations will successfully replace online assistants operating in autonomous mode. The accuracy of calculating the betting system is guaranteed by an automatic algorithm integrated into the program.

Express system calculator

The tool allows you to conduct complex calculations in a few seconds, which marks timely when working with components of a bet.

Bettors who prefer complex coupons for the conclusion of a bet, appreciated the effectiveness of the online calculator:

  1. Determination of the dimension of the coupon.
  2. Instant calculation of the amount of the bet.
  3. Visual display of unprofitable positions.
  4. The rapid variation of the players playing.
  5. A detailed winning analysis.

Combinations from expresses in bets originated in England when players gathered parlias on horseback running. The options for bookmakers use templates for compiling complex coupons of bets.

But what about those who do not understand the basic principles of the distribution of outcomes in the coupon to calculate the amount of the bet or potential win?

How does the system calculator work?

For example, a person does not always understand the combination of “2 of 3”, which is the basis for calculating complex coupons of bets. The system of “2 of 3” in the rates is clearly deciphered as three coupons of bets consisting of the outcomes of two events (the coefficients change).

The amount of the transaction is distributed in proportion to each coupon. If Bettor puts 300 conditional units, he must understand that each coupon goes 100 units.

Bowing with this or not is the personal business of each bettor. Someone is enough for the help of a specialized algorithm, someone is a thorough study of the theory of compilation of complex coupons of bets. As a result, everything comes down to an elementary understanding of the bet.

If the bettor understands how the composite bets work, then the online calculator for calculating the express system will save him a lot of time.

A specialized table will display not only the result of calculations, but also show intermediate operations in detail that the bookmakers can hide.

In addition, conducting manual calculations, the bettor is not safe from the error, in contrast to the algorithm, which works in strict formulas and insured from system failures.

On the Internet, we can often find information that in bookmakers to bet on expresses very risky and not profitable , especially for beginners. Almost all tips come down to the fact that It is better to put ordinaries .

Behind all the ordinaries and expresses, Betters forgot about the third side of this bookmaker game – oh systems in bookmakers . Systems help the player exclude one error from his bet or even several, Sacrifice to the coefficient but winning the bet in reliability.

We want to present to your attention a betting system that is found in some offices and is a very interesting addition to standard bets.This system is called – System 2/4 (2 winning options) and is most popular in Bookmaker .

Calculation of bets using system 2/4

In order to calculate such a bet, using the system 2/4, You will need to go through four stages.

To begin with, we will determine The amount of the rate which will be 120 rubles in our express. Next, we will choose 4 invented matches and, for clarity, the final results of these matches.

Thus, it turns out that the bet on the 2/4 system provides for the rate Six expresses at the same time , in each of which there are two events.

The second step In this calculation of the system is Calculation of the amount for the bet On one option. What does this mean and how to share the amount?

The third thing to do is to do Calculation of the winnings According to the first option. For this we need Look at the coefficients that were given for the first and second event. We get:

On Milan, the coefficient was 3.6, and on Manchester – 1.9.

After we received coefficients , need them Change among themselves And we get the final coefficient – 6.84 (3.6 x 1.9 = 6.84).

The fourth step provides for the final calculation at all rates. As 2 events played in our express, then winning a bet There may be only one option. In our case, we plus the winning from all 6 options and get – 136.8 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 +0 = 136.8

If we assume that in this express would play three matches, then according to the 2/4 system, there would be a calculation of 3 options. For example, the rate of Nice – the Bastia played, which means that we received 1.2 and 4 Express options winning , and conducted a calculation on them, given the coefficients of these events.

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