The creators of Brawl Stars and other Supercell mobile games have banned access to their projects for Russia and Belarus

Users will not be able to download new games and lose access to the next update already loaded

The creators of Brawl Stars and other Supercell mobile games have banned access to their projects for Russia and Belarus

The Finnish company Supercell, the creators of the Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans and many other mobile games, announced the removal of their projects from applications stores in Russia and Belarus. New downloads are suspended, and user access to already loaded games will be blocked with the upcoming update.

A similar decision was made in connection with the military operation of Russia in Ukraine. Comments under the publication of Supercell on Twitter clearly demonstrate the reaction of ordinary inhabitants to this decision of the company.

Players from the CIS countries and Ukraine received a free month of the World of Warcraft, and users from Russia and Belarus did not

I'm waiting for the cries from a couple that we need such sanctions.

How bright reaction to Twitter is problematic to look, because Twitter is also blocked

Yes, I worked on my cell phone last night, although I use all sorts of VPN expansion. Before that, with such extensions, it was not available

Everything works on the phone, vegetable

Balin, all the screamers “do not take the purchased” have very little time left before they begin to take it away. Shout louder.

The crest is fantasy! Run soon in the forest and dig a dugout!

Are you broadcasting from the basement?

Soon there will be nothing to take away

There, a whole appstor and googlepley is clogged with this, you can take away a few more millennia

There will be nothing to take away soon

What?! Who are these?! I finally do not taste. : D used to work out not distinct from somewhere. You can not report on such, but in Neums that I don’t even know anything about?! Like most. Although. Droaches are probably known for sure and will whine.

Well, you see this in a tank (in a figurative sense I hope)

In the tank on the system under the Windows is not licensed. : D

H is not a fan of these jerking off, but I will surprise you with more money than that of the poor gasprom. For you nousems and for the world of pipets richest firms

No, not a fan of such jerking doneters! 🙂 And they are shy or not, this is a controversial question. We must proceed from taxes, salaries and bonuses and employees, advertising, support for capacities and service. And in the end it will turn out that no, they are not rich. Yes, perhaps the turnover is large, let's say in the Miliards a month, and what is the result of net profit?! Xs! And if they are also a joint -stock company, then finally about nothing, since it should be given to the investor for each action to the income. And what is Gazprom that you mentioned. This is a huge corporation. Involved – prey, transportation, processing, study, research, investments and other hidden garbage from outsiders. Plus, they are a joint -stock company and pays for each share the percentage of profit from the turnover. IIII. Something is somehow not heard that Gazprom declared bankruptcy. But they are not only engaged in gas. 🙂

Another beautiful news.Nothing, Nicaragua is with you)

You wanted to write Venezuela and Cuba.

what is the meaning of all this Russophobia, can anyone explain? yes, fuck off with your bans, ban anything, only economically the entire Western world in five years will be in an even bigger ass than the Russian Federation

Well, how would this be an adequate reaction of the whole world to our invasion of Ukraine, purely the whole world sent us to three letters. It remains to dry off and cry.

that is, cancel – prohibit is an adequate reaction? yes, this is bullshit, so they will be in the ass, simple solutions do not solve complex issues

This is bullshit, not an adequate response. In Europe, because of their economic asshole, in two or three years, in the same way, everyone will invade each other with wars, that there will also be some kind of sanctions against each other or what? there is no adequate response at all.

NATO countries and their vassals are not the whole world

Yes, there is one USA and Great Britain from NATO, there are too many countries for two participants, given that one is a colony of the other in which the monarchy is still;)

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