The psychiatrist spoke about the benefits of the game balls in the subway – Moscow 24, 09/27/2020

The game allows you to relax to all parts of the brain

The psychiatrist spoke about the benefits of the game Balls in the subway

Candidate of medical sciences, specialist in game addictions, Natalya Shemchuk, said that unpretentious games in the smartphone can be beneficial. For example, balls allow you to relax all parts of the brain.

“Our brain itself chooses ways to relax. Someone listens to classical music for this, and another person will say: how can you relax for this?”, The psychiatrist explained.

According to her, in such games there is nothing wrong if they help a person get rid of emotional, mental, physical tension and lasts two to three hours a day in their free time.

The specialist noted that it is impossible to confuse just relaxing games with game addiction. Shemchuk also explained how to determine from what moment harmless games begin to develop into a game addiction.

“If a person was driving in the subway, played, left the metro – plays, came home – continued again, or plays instead of work – this is addiction,” Shemchuk added in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Balls is a computer puzzle developed by a Russian programmer from Kemerovo Evgeny Alemzhin in 1994. Based on the game, the genre three in a row was formed.

Its goal is to collect three or more balls of the same color in vertical or horizontal lines, after which the balls disappear and new ones appear in their place.

A psychotherapist of the highest category Alexander Fedorovich previously indicated that people have a genetic predisposition regarding the probability of forming dependence on computer games.

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