The section of the GZSh PUE. The box of the main grounding tire of the GZSH. Connection of the GSZ in the Verd on the Pillars of power lines

The section of the GZSh PUE. The box of the main grounding tire of the GZSH. Connection of the GSZ in the Verkhu -LEP Pillars The main grounding tire is an important part of the elements of the grounding device,

The section of the GZSh PUE. The box of the main grounding tire of the GZSH. Connection of the GSZ in the Verd on the Pillars of power lines

The main grounding tire is an important part of the elements of the grounding device designed for power supply systems with a capacity of up to 1 kV, which performs the connecting function of several conductors and serves to organize the operation of the grounding system, as well as equalizing potentials. Using the main tire, the separation of the conductor that provides protection is realized and the elements that have the ability to conduct current are connected:

  • communication systems made of metal (water and cold water, gas pipes, metal elements of the heating system, sewer wells and eyeliners to them);
  • metal components of the frames of houses and technical buildings;
  • elements of ventilation systems and system air conditioning systems;
  • devices that cause protection against voltage drops during thunderstorms;
  • parts of the main grounding conductor.

The main material for the manufacture of the main grounding tire is considered copper, but there are steel analogues. Aluminum cannot be used as a material. In its section, the GZSh should not exceed the cross -section of the protective conductor, as well as a zero working supply line. Structurally, it should be located so that the service personnel have unhindered access for connecting or disconnecting protective conductors. Depending on the circuit of electrical circuits in the building, the main bus should have at least 5 accessions.

In its place, the dislocation, the grounding tire can be both inside the introductory device itself and separately (but not far) from it. In the event that it is located inside, it is advisable to use a re-shine. A re-conductive should be connected to it, and by means of this tire it is connected to the main grounding. The conductivity of the conductor should be no less than the conductivity of the re-conductor of the power line.

With any arrangement of the GZSh (when installed in a water device and with a separate location), all its compounds responsible for equalizing potentials should be approached under the GOST 10434 system, in the part of contact connections of the 2nd class.

The construction of the tire should include an individual connection of the conductors to it. As one of the options, the installation of the conductor is considered using a welding machine. Their reinforcement, for the work on measuring resistance and others, should be possible only if there is a special set of tools.

It is possible to establish the main grounding tire in a special cabinet. It is a box made of bent steel profiles, which contains gzsh. On the facade side of this metal structure, there is access to the bus through a special door, and a passport plate is placed on its surface. To increase the safety of others, such cabinets are equipped with locking devices that are closed with a key.

If access to the tire is allowed by a limited number of people (service personnel), and the penetration of it is excluded by strangers, then it can be established in an open way. This option is possible during the construction of individual houses or small commercial real estate.

In the event that electrical circuits in the building have more than two power outlets isolated, then the grounding tire should be part of each circuit from the available introductory devices. If there are several built -in transformers, then the GZS should be final to each of them, that is, to be installed near each substation. The connector of these tires is a conductor designed to equalize potentials. Its cross section cannot be less than the cross section of the re-conductors that move away from the substation, from the lowest voltage shields. In this case, a conductor with a maximum cross section is selected, and relative to it, a cross section of the grounding tire is selected.

If it is necessary to connect several main grounding tires to each other, other (third -party) conductive parts can be used, if they satisfy the requirement of the continuity of the chain and electrical conductivity.

In the modern market there are GZSh for any number of connections. The most popular option is GZSh 10, designed for 10 compounds. All these products have certain operating conditions under which safe and uninterrupted work is ensured:

  • Designed for operation at temperature mode from -45 degrees to + 50;
  • Air humidity should be no more than 80%, at a concomitant temperature of +20 degrees;
  • maximum height – no more than 2000 meters above sea level;
  • Safe environment, excluding the possibility of ignition;
  • There is no dust that can conduct electric current at the location;
  • Removing from vapors and gases, which is aggressive and capable of destroying metal structures and insulation.

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The main grounding tire (GZSh) is an element of the electrical installation, with a voltage of up to 1000 V, designed for connection:

  • zero protective or zero combined conductors of supply lines;
  • conclusions from the grounding circuit;
  • grounding conductors;
  • Conductors of potential equalization.

In principle, for the same purpose, grounding tires available in any modern distribution shield are used. They are indicated by re, grounding conductors of departing cables and power cable join them. For the same purposes, the PEN tire is also used, combining the functions of the connector of both zero protective and zero working conductors. Why is the bus or PEN shine suddenly changes the name to the main tire?

The main grounding tire is installed at the entrance to the electrical installation or building. And only to it is the conclusion from the grounding circuit (or the re -ground circuit) is connected to it. This is its significant difference from the tires of a similar purpose in all other shields, no matter how many of them are in this building.

GZSh design

The main grounding tire or GZSh can be located both in the introductory shield and located separately. In the second case, the requirement to protect unqualified persons from access to it is the same as in any part of the electrical installation that is energized. It should be locked in a closet or located in a room where access is possible only to electrical personnel.

On the tire, next to it or on the cabinet case, where it is one single -handed, the grounding icon must be applied. If the main grounding tire is part of the introductory cabinet, shield or ahead, then its name is applied based on the functional purpose: PEN or Re.

For the manufacture of GZS, only solid conductive materials are used: copper or steel. The steel used for electrical purposes applies special requirements – a regular strip with rust spots is not suitable for this. It is better to use anodized or galvanized materials, they protect the product from corrosion. If you still use ordinary steel, the places for connecting the conductors must be prepared (cleaned from oxides) and a protective coating in the form of lubrication is applied to them. You can apply ordinary lithol-24, but it is better to use special conductive compositions, for example, “Super Contain”.

The main grounding tire cannot be aluminum. Aluminum – soft metal, compounds made with its use, weaken over time, contact is disturbed. In the case of the use of this material for the manufacture of power tires, in case of violation of the contact connection, heating, sparking occurs. This is timely notice and eliminate the defect. But in the case of GZSh, a violation of contact will be noticed only with planned measurements of the integrity of the grounding circuits. In the interval between measurements, the quality of contacts cannot be controlled.

The conductors to the GZS are connected in ways in which their disconnection is possible only with the help of the tool. These are bolted or screw joints. Rifle are used in household shields, where the tire is installed on the DIN rail.Such tires are used not only to connect grounding, but also for zero working conductors, their conductive part is made of brass. On Dean Reiki they are fixed by the holder of ground tires made of insulating materials.

But for the grounding tire, the use of insulators for installation is not required. On the contrary: it must necessarily be mounted on a metal base of the shield. If this is not the case, then the case is connected to the GZS with an additional conductor.

The tires can be made both manually, in relation to a specific model of the cabinet (shield) or for electrical installation as a whole, and is purchased ready. For example, for floor cabinets, the grounding tire of 19 inch copper is used. Holes with configuration with fixing elements are already made on it.

The requirement for the cross section of the GZSh – it should be no less than the cross section of the veins of PEN or the pine line. The use of copper tires is preferable than steel.

The appointment of GZSh

The task of the GZSh is to ensure zero protective potential regarding the Earth at the entry into the building or electrical installation. To do this, the ground circuit is connected to it. With the GZSh, ultimately through the cables of the outgoing lines or the electrical equipment houses and third -party conductive parts are directly connected, which may be under dangerous potential during operation. This happens in case of insulation violations inside the conductive shells of shields, control stations, electric motors, lamps. All household electrical appliances with a metal case can also be energized with internal damage.

How it works? The dangerous potential on the electrical appliance case through the grounding system (re) the conductors is forcibly connected to the ground. Due to the fact that the resistance of the grounding conductor is small, the current is guaranteed to go only along it, and not through the body of the person relating to the case. Of course, part of the current will nevertheless go through the body, but very small, not exceeding life-threatening values.

Electric contact of a person with constructions that have been energized due to insulation disorders are called indirect touch. There is still a direct touch when a person directly concerns the live parts under voltage.

In electrical installations with the grounding system, the TNs will additionally also take place. The current leaving the ground will be of value that is sufficient for the operation of the circuit breaker of the supply line. If the current exceeds the installation of the cut -out operation, then it will work; If it is not enough, then the machine will turn off from the overload. This process is called a protective shutdown.

In the grounding systems of TT, in order for a protective shutdown to occur, the current may not be enough, since grounding devices of the substation supplying object and its own ZU are not connected with each other electrically.Communication is carried out only through the surface of the Earth. But at the same time, a dangerous potential for life will still be reduced. The difference is only in the method of protective shutdown – for this purpose you will need an RCD that reacts not to a short circuit current, but to differential current.

Potential equalization

Another GZSh function is to connect potential equalization systems to it.

All conductive parts that can be dangerous as a result of the appearance of electrical potential on them are divided into open conductive parts (underwear) and third -party conductive parts (HRCs). Open are called conductive parts, which are part of electrical equipment, electrical equipment or constructively participate in power communications. For example, cables are laid on them.

Third -ended parts are called metal structures that do not participate in the process of communication of electric current. These are, for example, metal doors, gratings, containers.

To ensure electrical safety, all the heading is electrically connected to the GZSh, forming the main system of equalization of potentials. For this, individual conductors are used, not the veins of the cable lines. So the reliability of protection against indirect touch increases.

The section of the conductor of the potential equalization system should be at least half of the cross -section of the thick grounding conductor. The maximum value is 25 mm 2, it is usually not required more. Minimum values: copper – 6 mm 2, aluminum – 16 mm 2, steel – 50 mm 2.

The main system of equalization of potentials is added:

  • communications pipes;
  • grounding device;
  • the vein of re or PENs for the power line (if the system is TN);
  • metal frame of the building;
  • shells of telecommunication cables;
  • air ducts of ventilation systems.

An additional potential equalization system serves to connect all metal structures among themselves, available for the simultaneous touch of them by one person. That is, they are located close to each other, and the appearance of potential on one of the HRCs (OPC) relative to a number of located can lead to electric shock.


The main grounding tire can be made inside the introductory device of the electrical installation with a voltage of up to 1 kV or separately from it.

Inside the introductory device as the main grounding tire, the tire should be used PE .

During a separate installation, the main grounding tire should be located in an accessible, convenient place for maintenance near the introductory device.

The section of a separately installed main grounding tire should be at least a section PE (Pen )-conductor of the supply line.

The main grounding tire should be, as a rule, copper. It is allowed to use the main grounding tire made of steel. The use of aluminum tires is not allowed.

The design of the tire should provide for the possibility of individual disconnection of the conductors attached to it.Disconnecting should only be possible using the tool.

In places available only to qualified personnel (for example, shield premises of residential buildings), the main grounding tire should be installed openly. In places available to unauthorized persons (for example, entrances or basements of houses), it should have a protective shell – a closet or a box with a door locking a key. A sign should be applied on the door or on the wall above the tire.


If the building has several separate inputs, the main grounding tire should be made for each introductory device. In the presence of built -in transformer substations, the main grounding tire should be installed near each of them. These tires must be connected by a potential equalization conductor, the cross section of which should be at least half of the section PE (Pen )-the guide of that line among the low-voltage shields of substations that are extending from the low-voltage shields, which has the largest section. To connect several main grounding tires, third -party conductive parts can be used if they meet the requirements of 1.7.122 to the continuity and conductivity of the electric circuit.

The most important requirement in the electric power industry is human safety. For these purposes, thousands of engineers and designers around the world come up with ways to protect a person from electric shock – create new types of RCD and Diff. automatons, voltage relay, overstrain limiters, produce new types of electrical insulating materials, etc.

But all this does not matter if you do not properly ground all the electrical installations in the building, including the metal pipes of sewers and heating, lightning protection systems, metal cases, air ducts of ventilation systems. For these purposes are used.

What is HZSh?

The main grounding tire (GZSh) is part of the grounding device of the electrical installation of up to 1 kV, designed to join several conductors in order to ground and equalize potentials in grounding systems TN-C-S and TN-S. The GZSh tire can be installed in the input electrical panel (,) or in a separate gzsh cabinet. The section of the GZSh tire should not be less than the cross -section of the zero working or protective conductor of the introductory supply line.

The main task of the GZSh is to ensure zero protective potential regarding the Earth at the entry into the building or electrical installation. The presence of gzsh is one of the key.

GZSh boxes design

For the manufacture of GZSh drawers, copper or steel tires are used to which the corresponding conductors come from all over the building. The fastening of wires to the tire is carried out using bolt or screw joints. The grounding bus itself is mounted in the IP31/IP54 metal box. The conclusion from the grounding circuit is connected to the GZSh box

Depending on the requirements of the project, the cupboards can have a different tire thickness, and a different number of holes for the connection of conductors.The most popular GZS shield options are presented below.

The main typos of the cupboards of the GZSh *

Name Cu tire section, mm Number of accessions Nominal current, and
3×25 10 accessions 340A
4×30 10 accessions 475A
4×40 10 accessions 625A
3×30 10 accessions 340A
3×40 10 accessions 475A
4×40 10 accessions 625A
5×50 10 accessions 860A/870A
50×10 10 accessions 1475A/1525A
3×30 20 accessions 340A
3×40 20 accessions 475A
4×40 20 accessions 625A
5×50 20 accessions 860A/870A
50×10 20 accessions 1475A/1525A

*At the request of the customer, the number of attachments and the thickness of the tire can be changed.

GZSh price

The price of GZSh directly depends on the type of metal from which the ground tire is made. As a rule, a budget option is steel. But it is worth remembering that the conductivity of steel is 8 times worse than copper. We produce gzsh shields only with copper bus, which guarantees the reliability of the product. In any case, we will be able to offer you the most competitive prices for all GZSh modifications.

GZSh photo

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Often, the GZSh boxes are ordered by installation organizations that pass this or that object, even more often they forget that in the power supply scheme, GZSh drawers are often “hidden”. In our company you can quickly order and buy gzsh shields complete with others. The term of manufacture of the gzsh shield is up to 5 business days.

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