The words "obstacle" morphological and phonetic analysis

Analysis of the word obstacle. Transfer and division into syllables, analysis by composition, stress, synonyms, antonyms and sounds for the word obstacle.

Parsing the word obstacle: for transfer, into syllables, by composition

Explanation of the rules for dividing (breaking down) the word obstacle into syllables for transfer. online dictionary will help: phonetic and morphological parse the word letby composition, correctly divide into syllables according to the rules of the Russian language, highlight parts of the word, put stress, indicate the meaning, synonyms, antonyms and compatibility for the wordlet».


Syllables in the word obstacle division into syllables

According to the rules of the school curriculum, the word obstacle can be divided into syllables in different ways. Variability is allowed, that is, all options are correct. For example, like this:

According to the program of the institute, syllables are distinguished on the basis of ascending sonority:

The types of syllables are listed below and the division is explained taking into account the program of the institute and schools with in-depth study of the Russian language.

How to translate the word obstacle

Morphological analysis of the word obstacle

part of speech: noun;
animation: inanimate;
genus: middle;
number: singular;
case: nominative, accusative;
answers the question: (is) What?, (I see / blame) What?

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