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Quotes About Winning Sports

Your dissatisfaction with the fact that you have to train hard while others in your opinion enjoy life, replaces terrible pride in yourself. Everyone

Sports jokes: a selection of 19 funny jokes

If we do not build our future, we will have to endure it.

Develop, not destroy. Lee Heine

A person cannot find new oceans if he has no courage to lose sight of the coast. Andre! D

Physical exercises can replace many drugs, but not a single medicine in the world can replace physical exercises. Angelo Mossso

If the force connects with justice, then what could be stronger than this union? Easy to teach the unfortunate easily. Aeschylus

The only thing I know about Feyenoord is from the same country where Ajax plays. Fabio Capello.

If I listen to others, then I will cease to be myself. Roy Jones

Success accompanies the one who is engaged in what he wants. There is no other way to success. Malcolm S. Forbes

Great people develop love in themselves, and only a small soul cherishes the spirit of hatred. Booker Taglifarro Washington

Strength is never funny. Napoleon I Bonaparte

Volleyball my life, volleyball my game, with volleyball we are together, with volleyball forever

If we had a fight with Patrick Viyira, he would have killed me. Roy Kin.

Not only brains, but also muscles are flowing from the country, if they have brains. Mikhail Zhvanetsky

In the head only: training, competitions and victories.

We must always go beyond. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you can dream of this, you can do it. Walt Disney

Who does not smoke and does not drink – breathes evenly, hits a lot!

Each drawback may be an advantage. Johan Kruuff.

Happiness as health: when it is obvious, you do not notice it. Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov

Yesterday you said that you will do it tomorrow … do it today!

Already at an early age, I enjoyed sports and my goal was to become a great athlete.

Football match: fight of a judge whistle with a whistle of stands. Slavomir Vrublevsky.

If you feel that you are giving up, remember what you were holding before.

Fight and fight, fall, but not give up!

I do not eat for the sake of taste, but for the sake of good. Jay Katler

Yesterday you said that you will do it tomorrow … do it today!

Why buy Ferrari if you drive it like a fiat? Zlatan Ibragimovich.

Basketball is a game without stopping, it is a knock of a ball, it is a creak of sneakers, it is power and speed.

If your goal is a minimum of movements, then let me laziness take the reins of government into your own hands. Henry Ford

No, I'm definitely not going to become a coach. I just have no ability to be a coach, in addition, I am too kind. Francesco Totti

True – definitely bitter drinking, unpleasant in taste, but restoring health. Honore de Balzac

You are not a losing until you give up! Michael Jordan

Victory begins on the day when only one opinion remains – its own.

From mediocre athletes who are struggling to succeed, excellent coaches are obtained. Mark Ripetto

Life is when you fight in a hopeless situation. Everything else is just existence. – Aphorisms about sports are funny.

The good goal can only tell the value of such means that are sufficient and really lead to the goal. David Yum

The strength of nature is a lot. Human strength is the unity of nature: personality. These are the two stones on which the philosophy of nature and man stands. Mikhail Mikhailovich Prishvin

Cool statuses about sports

Your dissatisfaction with the fact that you have to train hard while others in your opinion enjoy life, replaces terrible pride in yourself.

Everyone decides for himself, which is more important to him. For me, only sport, not imaginary pleasures, in the form of alcohol and cigarettes!

Chess is unbearable is also a sport, because they train the invisible brain muscles.

Cricopicists, if you dream of turning your body into a work of arts, first develop a sense of taste and a sense of proportion.

The best status: than to go anywhere and what it got to do, it is better to choose sports for yourself, no matter what.

I am the only one? I go to bed with my thoughts that from the next day I will sit on a diet, and in the morning I forget about it.

Do not put off for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, for a year the idea of ​​signing up for the gym. Go right now and you will have a real reason to be proud of yourself!

Here you have a sport. The boy fully equipped in Adidas, could not escape from the dog. Not clothes make an athlete!

Sport, where doping is practically inevitable, is a fishing.

Feelings for sports were stronger than our love!

And you say sport. The boy completely dressed in Adidas could not escape from Rottweiler.

Boxing teaches a man on passeno, become a man in life!

In our country, everything is through the ass. PS: My status is not about biathlon

Breathe Russian sport … breathe)

To defeat a strong enemy, make him believe that he is weaker than you.

There are periods in the life of men when they are absolutely indifferent to women. These are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods of hockey)

If you want to be a captain, then prove on the site that you are the best, and do not dissolve Nyuni!

If the boxer wants something to give him, otherwise he will take it himself.

Bowling is the only place where you can drink beer and think that you are playing sports

Russian biathlon is when in the morning they run for beer and firing cigarettes on the road …

When I come to training before everyone else, and I leave later than everyone, I understand that the day was not in vain

If you are asked what a person should devote most of his life, answer – training!

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Remember: it doesn’t matter if you will win or lose; It is only important whether I will win or lose.

The basketball court is the place where I forget about all my problems.

It doesn't matter how much you will be able to win the battles – ten, twenty … The main thing is to constantly progress

We are for sports!

Being stronger and faster – everyone strives. But not everyone is given. Statuses about training that emphasize why cookies are tastier on our side.

  1. The only person who can say that I am a weakling is a coach.
  2. Do not wait for the maximum if you do at least.
  3. Weeks and years will pass, but I will never leave the sport.
  4. You can’t just take and skip training like that.
  5. Train so that you can deliver a thousand blows. Beat so that one thing is enough!
  6. The athlete cannot work with money in pockets. He must work with hope in his heart and with a dream in his head.
  7. I train not to break everyone, but to prevent myself from breaking myself.
  8. My first love is sport.
  9. One hour of training takes less than 5% of your day. No excuses!
  10. I do not train for show -offs, but for myself my beloved.
  11. We will not train! Sting, click and we will squeeze!
  12. Do not be lazy, train!
  13. It doesn't matter if you or a roll. The main thing is not to Drishch!
  14. Turn away from the computer and squeeze 30 times!
  15. The hall is a place in which time flies unnoticed.
  16. Smart girls watch themselves, not men.
  17. Life is like a sport … In order to achieve something, everything should be done on a schedule and with an increase in load.
  18. Each athlete is his athlete.
  19. Training is the best place to put thoughts in order.
  20. Bad weather has its advantages – you can come to the hall and it will be empty.
  21. Training makes us kinder.
  22. Babs are bustled, which are shown by drunkenness and smoking. You would have started sports and be proud of it!
  23. Sport should be a way of life, not a reason to show off.
  24. What is training? Training is a struggle with yourself, with your laziness … All training should be a joy to you, but at the same time you should just exhaust yourself.
  25. We are for sports! Are you with us?
  26. Every day I plan to start practicing with a barbell, but my wife with home cutlets spoils everything …
  27. Eat. Tryn. Learn. Love. Sleep.
  28. Get together. Feel every repetition. Consider each approach. You are here for business!
  29. The best place to learn something new is a sports hall. There is no time for glamor and pathos, but there is only a desire to work on yourself and becoming better.
  30. We must not dream of victories, but to achieve and train.

Quotes about motivation for sports for girls

15 minutes and five exercises for different parts of the body are enough, and you will be a beauty. Excessions, squats, lunges, bar, press, push -ups for triceps from a chair three times a week work miracles. Anita Lutsenko

A fit woman always achieves what a woman in a dressing gown cannot achieve. Evelina Khromchenko

In society, the standard of determination and strength is considered to be men. At least this is expected from them. However, there are girls who, according to these parameters, will give a head of the strongest half of humanity.

Only in the process you will love sport, only in the gym you get a taste.Start squatting and on the last approach you will feel satisfaction. Anita Lutsenko

Sports girls always attract attention.

Quotes About Winning Sports

Quotes About Winning Sports

Victory does not give strength. Fight gives strength. If you fight and don't give up, that's strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The five components of the path to victory are stamina, speed, strength, skill and will. And the will is the most important thing! Ken Doherty

The coach always told me: “You have to beat everyone, you are able to do it, but what happens when you get beaten, can you handle it?”. And I know that I can. Mike Tyson

Anyone who wants to achieve convincing victories must try to jump above his head. Lev Yashin

The harder it is to win, the happier you are that you got it. Pele

One missed day of training can be worth the victory!

To defeat others, you have to fight with yourself.

The winner is not the one who is stronger, but the one who is ready to go to the end. Fedor Emelianenko.

Quotes about defeat, losing in sports

It's hard to lose when you know you didn't give it your all.

The reason for my failure is obvious: I didn’t practice enough. And besides, I didn't exercise much. Also, I didn't exercise much. If so, in a nutshell. Haruki Murakami

If you are not ready to work, then you are ready to lose. Mark Spitz

Never think that you have lost the competition if you still have the last exercise left. Larisa Latynina

I can accept defeat, but I can't accept not trying. Michael Jordan

It is better to lose with your own than to win with others. Niccolo Machiavelli

To move, to live in motion, to love your body, to be a part of it is the duty of every person, and not just dancers, children and athletes. Only movement can turn a gloomy Monday into an amazing start to a new week, turn Tuesday into a day of discovery, Wednesday into a big adventure, Thursday into a triumph, Friday into a breakthrough. Cameron Diaz

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