Today is the match Levante – Villarreal. Forecasts and rates from expert 03.04.22 P.2

Interesting facts before the match Levante – Villarreal

Our experts do not agree with the quotes that the bookmakers put up for the match of the Levante team and the Villarreal team.

Recall that now the owners of the field are extremely necessary for glasses, since in the remaining matches of the season the club still retains the chances of getting out of the basements of the standings.

But the guests have already coped with their task for this season, a few rounds before the end of the championship, the Villarreal team scored enough points, which allowed the club to comfortably settle in the middle of the standings.

According to our experts, the home fields are seriously determined to win this match, they will exhibit the main composition, but the guests are panning to use the reserve players.

That is why we do not agree with high quotes to win the home fields that bookmakers offer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the teams occupy different places in the standings, however, now everything says that it is necessary to bet on the victory of the Levante team, which we recommend that we do.

We recommend playing the general total head in the match for less, since it is unlikely that the teams can score a lot, the level of performers in both teams is not very high, therefore, we believe that the outcome of the match will be decided by one clogged ball.

But there should be many violations and warnings in the match, since the home fields and guests are football teams that do not get along with each other, so there are always a lot of rudeness in the matches between these teams.

It is also better to flirt the total corner total, since the clubs rarely use the flanks for the attack, and in this match, the game, mainly, will go in the center of the field, so many corner teams should not be submitted.

The drawing result is 3.82, the winner will become Levante – 3.82, Villarreal will become the winner – 2.024.

Forecast and rates for the match.

It is not always possible to find an interesting bet on the outcome for a high coefficient, however, in the match of the Levante team and the Villarreal team, which will meet in the nearest round, our experts managed to find an interesting bet.

So, teams that have already resolved all their issues in the championship will meet among themselves, therefore, in the remaining matches until the end of the season, clubs can frankly run out of a fool in terms of results.

Despite the fact that the home team is somewhat ahead of their rivals in the standings, such a low coefficient for the victory of the Levante team in this match is difficult to consider normal quotation.

Most likely, the bookmaker relies on insider information. However, if we look at the results of confrontations of the teams, we see that in the first match of this season between the players of the Levante team and the Villarreal team there was a draw.

And last season, the clubs parted in home victories. We conclude that no one owes anything to anyone, therefore, today you can also safely flirt a draw in this match, since the bookmakers offer a rather impressive coefficient for this event.

Those who are not used to risking a large coefficient can try to bet on the fact that the guests will not lose in this match. According to the information present, both clubs will not be in optimal compositions. Another good bet in this match is the bet that both teams will score.

It’s scary to climb into the general total, as they can play the classics – 1: 1. We also recommend not to go into statistics, since the match is muddy, and the outcome will not decide anything for any of the rivals.

Statistics and personal meetings

Choosing the match between the team of Levante and the team of Villarreal for forecasting, the experts of our portal did not act spontaneously.

It was a well-thought-out move, as now both football clubs are fighting for high places in the standings, and the matches between these teams are fundamental confrontations in which both clubs are trying to play to the limit.

The statistics that our experts turned to to make interesting predictions for the match between these football clubs allowed us to find interesting patterns, which we used when making predictions for this match.

In general, considering such confrontations as the match between the team of Levante and the team of Villarreal, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the statistics in matches between themselves and in the current season, but also to the refereeing factor.

Referees play an important role in football today. Quite a lot of scandals arise just on the basis of biased refereeing. And since the match between the Levante team and the Villarreal team is a confrontation between the leaders of the championship, the refereeing factor here will also be of great importance.

It is unlikely that the match between such teams will be held in a friendly environment, so there is a great probability of rough game, provocations and simulations.

It follows that the referee will often punish the players with yellow cards, therefore, the likelihood that someone will be removed from the field is very large.

And the coefficient for this in bookmakers is very decent. In general, everyone is a good football evening, and below you can find more forecasts for this match from our experts.

“Levante” – “Villarreal”: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?
Football Forecast

Not the most difficult match is waiting for the players of the Villarreal team. The leaders of the championship are going to visit a team that is fighting for survival, however, judging by the results of the club in recent matches, and in general, this struggle is unlikely to be successful.

The Villarreal team should be a favorite, as he heads the standings. Analyzing the full -time matches of these football clubs, our experts came to the conclusion that the victory of the guests in this match would not be crushing, so there is every reason to play a plus handicap of the home field.

We consider the general total of clogged balls, starting from the goal of the Levante team, therefore, it is likely that the clubs will overwhelm the heads declared by bookmakers.

There are also many corners in the match, the team of Levante and the Villarreal team always serve a lot of corners in matches among themselves.

We would recommend playing the general total of fouls and cards for less, because, looking at the total offered by bookmakers, we believe that it is somewhat overstated, therefore, we must use this.

In principle, it would be possible to play the head of the yellow cards of the Levante team, since the home team play this season rudely, but the handicap is exhibited correctly, perhaps the situation will change during the match, then you can use our recommendation for livestocks.

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