Top 10 Android Games 2015 – Best Smartphone Games

Top 10 Android games 2015 nfs

In our article dedicated to the Android platform, today we will talk about the Top 10 Android games of 2015 that are a pleasure to play on your phone.

Top 10 Android Games 2015

Top 10 Android games 2015 nfs

If you are the owner of an Android device with a diagonal sufficient for games and you are a gamer who likes to “hack” into something not only on a computer, then this article will definitely be of interest to you. Today we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Best Android Games of 2015.

Mortal Combat X. A novelty that has migrated to the mobile platform, albeit with slightly reduced capabilities, but still this is the very famous fighting game that has been pleasing fans with brutal fights and bloody fatalities for many decades. The game is definitely worth it.

Top 10 Android Games 2015

Lara Croft Relic Run. Without hesitation, the guys from Sqare Enix decided that it was time to expand their set of games about the tomb raider and released a runner game for mobile platforms. The bottom line is that you have to run all the time changing direction and avoiding obstacles, along the way collecting bonuses and coins that will help you gain an advantage. You can play until you crash into something or the like.

Top 10 Android games 2015 lara croft

Angry Bird Fight. Another toy in the Angry Birds universe, which is still a little away from the main concept – you have a difficult journey with battles that will be intertwined with elements of a three-in-a-row puzzle. If you are tired of just launching birds into blocks, then this is what you need.

Top 10 Android games 2015 abfight

Need For Speed ​​No Limits. Well, how to do without the famous racing simulator? Actually, this game does not need a special introduction. Get behind the wheel of the latest cars and come to the finish line first showing that you are the best. Buy cars and tune, all of this, of course, with the most excellent graphics component for a phone.

Top 10 Android games 2015 nfs

Fallout Shelter. A game that invites you to become the owner of a shelter in the middle of a radioactive wasteland and develop it to an unprecedented size and improve the living conditions for its inhabitants as much as possible. Protect, develop, build the best shelter. The game was supposed to help pass the time for fans before the release of Fallout 4 Wikigames release, which you can see on our website, but even now its popularity has not fallen.

Top 10 Android fallout games

Minecraft Story Mode. One of the games developed by famous for its interactive stories Telltale that will take you to your favorite world where everything is made of blocks and will guide you through several chapters of an interesting story. For example, it will take you up to an hour to complete only the first episode, which is pretty decent for a mobile game.

Top 10 Android games minecraft

FIFA 2016. In the best Android games of 2015, you can't do without a sports simulator. In other words, there is nothing special to tell about this game – everyone already understands that we are waiting for a football simulator made in the best possible way.

Top 10 Android fifa games

Five Nights At Freddy's 3. An indie game that has conquered all gamers and every time it scares more than ever. Can you survive a night in an amusement park under the conditions that if you don’t follow what is happening around you, you will simply be torn apart by creepy animatronics in the form of animals?

Top 10 Android fnaf games

Sonic Runners. Another bright representative of the runner genre.Run, collect rings and destroy bosses – all according to the Sonic canon. They even decided not to overestimate the graphics here and make it the way all the fans who played on the Sega console still remember.

Top 10 Android sonic games

agario. A rather unusual toy in which you, playing with a colored circle, must absorb the granules that appear in your field of vision, as well as the circles of other players, and at the same time try not to be eaten by someone else. The essence of the game is to become as big as possible, and possibly the largest among other players by eating food, splitting, and attacking different types.

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