TOP 5 drift games for Android: the best free ones on your phone

Rating of the best drift games for Android. Free drift games that all fans of the genre should try.

5 best drift games on Android of all time

Drift games on the phone are very popular because this genre is great for relieving stress and spending free time. There are plenty of them in the vastness of Google Play, and sometimes frankly stupid projects come across. Therefore, we have selected the best drift games for Android that you should try in 2022. If cars are your passion, then literally every item on the list will interest you.

Arabic drift (oses)

The creators of this toy approached their brainchild with humor, therefore, not the coolest graphics with more than compensated by the ability to experience the fullness of Tresh and the fucker of the unique Arab drift, the purpose of which is to impress others with their madness.

Traditional gameplay – drift, tuning the cars and buying new ones, from chips – you can create your own character and get out of the car. The editor of the tracks is also available, and the opportunity to invite friends to them. The game gives the maximum fun of drift at high speed, and you can drive here not only along the road, but also on jeeps right along the desert.

 Assoluto Racing

If free drift games for Android usually try to stand out against the backdrop of competitors with some unique chip or wealth of content, then a small team of developers of this indie game rely on a balance in every little thing. The choice of cars and the capabilities of tuning here are not the widest, the graphics are better, physics is among the leaders of the genre, but also not unique.

But having gathered all the details of the puzzle, the creators made a truly high-quality drift symbol, in which there are simply no weaknesses, and excellent optimization allows you to cut in Assoluto Racing without pain even on budget smartphones.

Torque Drift

If the competitive element is in the first place for you, then Torque Drift is what you need. The game is built on paired online races that allow you to improve and get high from the destruction of opponents.

A variety of chips like a giant fleet, tuning capabilities, game contracts with sponsors for success in races – the sea, but the heart of this little masterpiece is a thoughtful pumping system. To earn money and gradually improve your car in order to defeat the cooler players in the multiplayer is really interesting.

FR Legends

For some reason, cool drift games on the phone believe that experiments are for other genres, but the creators of FR Legends took a chance and did not lose-cartoon graphics and the presence of the plot did not scare away gamers, but on the contrary created a serious fanbase around the game.Simplicity has become her hallmark – everyone can start drifting and having fun, and not struggling with control.

There is a detailed car tuning and styling system, destructibility, a wide range of locations for training, and a full-fledged online mode. Fun and requiring no fancy hardware, FR Legends is perfect for passing the time.

CarX Drift Racing 2

The top drift games on the phone are headed by the second part of the cult CarX Drift Racing franchise. Its numbers speak for themselves – in the first month of its existence, the game broke the mark of 10 million installations. Here, undoubtedly, the best graphics in the genre and the most realistic skidding physics, there is nothing like the competitors.

CarX features more than 65 legendary car models and a wide scope for customizing them. There is any tuning: vinyls, body kits, painting, performance settings. A variety of game modes will not let you get bored, and convenient controls allow you to cope with the high sensitivity of cars to skids, as it should be in life.

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