Why you need to play sports (composition)

Free exchange of school works 5-11 grade

It is sad to recognize the fact that people want to be healthy in the future not at the expense of their own forces, but at the expense of drugs and biotechnologies. But the state of health of people depends on their lifestyle. This is a scientifically recognized fact.

A person is obliged to master the art of a healthy life, learn to strengthen his health. Many, unfortunately, do not want to admit that sports can be preserved and supported not only by physical, but also for many years.

They do not understand why they need to play sports. And this is easy to prove.

Firstly, any physical exercises have a healing and preventive effect. This must be remembered, because modern people move little, have minimal physical activity.

For example, a student spends his own in a sitting position all day (lessons at school, homework, time at a computer, TV).As a result of such a lifestyle, the muscles atrophy, do not work in full force.

Secondly, sport strengthens health, gives a healthy heart, lungs, controls pressure and helps to avoid the formation of blood clots. Of course, we are talking about classes without unreasonable overloads.Remember that physical activity always maintain the tone of the body.

Thirdly, sports can strengthen the spirit of a person. People become purposeful and responsible, learn to go to a certain purpose, organize themselves and their time correctly. In addition, they correctly evaluate their strength and capabilities, prioritize. As a result, their self -esteem increases.

Thanks to sports, concentration is improving, a person is able not only to learn a lot of material, but also to skillfully apply it in life. He knows what it means to work in the full return of strength. Even L.N.

Fifth, sport is a way of self-expression, gaining self-confidence. Not everyone can be excellent students and shine before the class of original problems of problems.

Success in sports will help to acquire in some cases the desired recognition.

Moreover, sports classes develop different chemicals, for example, endorphin (“hormone of joy”) or adrenaline (“hormone stress”), giving a person full -fledged feelings of happiness and joy.

Sixth, an important role has how you look. A pleasant sports bonus is a beautiful body. If you play sports, you will be slender, without excess weight, which “spoils a lot of blood” in school years.

Thus, you need to play sports in order to become healthy, dexterous and strong, to educate in yourself endurance and endurance, learn to overcome difficulties and set new tasks. People love sports because they love life. Go in for sports, and your life will change for the better!

How to write a sport composition

Many people have a lot of problems with the presentation of their thoughts in writing. Before writing, read the basic principles. We offer to disassemble the work about sports.

In order for the work to sound beautiful and concise, you must adhere to several rules:

  • The composition must contain the entry, the main part and the conclusion;
  • The beginning and end should occupy no more than a third of the entire work;
  • It is necessary to write strictly according to the plan developed in advance in the draft;
  • The composition should disclose the main problem;
  • This should not be a retelling;
  • give comparisons from famous works and life;
  • Divide the text into paragraphs for easier perception.


To write an essay about sports and not only, take a draft and think very well. You cannot deviate when writing from it. How to make a plan:

  • Transform the topic of essays into a question;
  • When composing the main part of the work, answer it;
  • Break the main point into several subparagraphs that will concisely move from one to another, thereby smoothly approaching the answer to the question of the essay;
  • Answering questions, you prove your point of view, this is the point of writing such works.

Introduction and conclusion are the most difficult stages of work. Now we will give a few examples of introduction if a sport is written. To begin with, we list the varieties:

  • historical fact;
  • analytical introduction;
  • biographical;
  • comparative;
  • lyrical.

Main part

No less easy to write the main part. It is very important not to go deep into your thoughts, to strictly adhere to the plan. A sport essay should be devoted to athletes and a healthy lifestyle, there should be nothing outsider.

Make paragraphs, each of which should end with a mini-output and a small entry. Reinforce your point of view by quotes of famous people or examples from works.


The composition of the sport should be finished properly. If you wrote about the famous athlete, then the ending about the surrounding nature will not work. Strictly follow your thoughts. Conclusion is a summary, you have proven your point of view. The end should not be steep, unfinished. The transition from the main part to the conclusion should be smooth, not evident.

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