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Verkhnevolzhskaya Truth, Selizharovo

July 27 10.00-12.00-a children's program with the participation of animators, growth dolls. (Tver) 10.00 – chess 10.30 – Football. Lake Cup (veterans of Selizharovo-Ostashkov-FC Big Kosh)

July 27

10.00-12.00-Children's program with the participation of animators, growth dolls. (G. Tver)
10.00 – chess
10.30 – Football. Lake Cup (veterans of Selizharovo-Ostashkov-FC Big Kosh)
12.30 – beach volleyball

Would you like to see Selizhirovo from a bird’s height? Only from 10.00 to 12.00 is a unique opportunity to climb the sky on a large balloon!

11.30 – Festive procession of baby strollers The future of the Selizharovsky Territory
11.45 – Relief races

12.00 – ceremony of the grand opening of the holiday with the participation:
– Sparkle Show of drummers
– pop group of the city of Velikiye Luke, laureates of all -Russian competitions Youth Quartet Terminal, group Rainbow and the owner of the Grand Prix at the All -Russian contests of the soloist Yuri Mikhailov

14.00-16.00-Football. Troika (Selizhirovo) – Dvina (Western Dvina), boys, adults
18.00 – power species (bench press, Armport)

RDK site

14.00-15.00-Fair-Sales products of folk crafts City of masters

District House of Culture

16.00 – concert Moscow pop stars, comedian Gennady Vetrov. Entrance by tickets

Selizharovsky Museum

From 10.00 to 17.00 – Exhibition of Applied Creativity club Needlewoman (Ostashkov). Exhibition of painting World through the eyes of young Selizharov artists

Komsomolsky park

18.00 – program Zavalinka with the participation of the harmonists of Alexander Ganichev, Alexei Mazurov, the young virtuoso Mikhail Kuzmin (Moscow) and the folk dance ensemble Ladanka (Rzhev)

RDK site

20.00 – performance of the group Selizharovsky Posad and vocal ensemble NIC Air Defense (Tver)

central Stadium

20.00 – Speech by diploma and winners of international festivals and competitions Pop Folk of the Aquamarin group (G. Veliky Novgorod).
21.30-concert of Moscow stars in the style of disco 80s, 90s: The Kilet group and performers Zhenya Bars and Ilya Gost
23.30-02.00- Youth Dance program of Tver (vocalists, dance team, Go-Go, MC, DJ)
00.00 – festive fireworks

Summer, wedding summer …

Verkhnevolzhskaya Truth, Selizharovo

Once, under the ringing of Valdai bells and bells, wedding triples rushed, and today, as a rule, on Fridays, the residents of the Selizharovites look with interest at automobile motorcades approaching the registry office. And the guests meet see how young couples, accompanied by witnesses, climb the steps to the solemn ceremony to the sounds of car crasons.

This year, Elena Vasilievna Starosta spent her 35 times. Last week, July 19, at exactly 12 o’clock she greeted the newlyweds Artem Pleshkova and Anna Tsimbalyuk, their relatives and friends and wished a happy family life. There were four of them on this day, and there were four of them on this day, she presented not only a certificate of marriage, but also a congratulation of the head of the district, Alexei Titov.To the sounds of music, young people are spinning in a waltz, take heart congratulations. For a responsible decision – the creation of a family – newlyweds took four years.

The champagne in glasses sparkles, flower petals are spinning in the air, and the motorcade goes on a wedding walk on the desert nilov. According to the basis of the native Selizhirovo, the bride is traditionally transferred to one of the bridges and snap the castle for happiness.

Vyacheslav Smirnov.
Photo by the author.

Posad Selizharovo: Management History

The starting point of the local self-government of the Selizharovo of the Ostashkovsky district of the Tver province must be considered on May 14, 1862, when Emperor Alexander II approved the opinion of the State Council “On Renaming to the Selizharovsky Posad of the villages of the Great and Malaya Selizharovsky Slobod and the Village of the Horse Yard, with the High Slobodka located with it with it Bobyli and the Voskresensky graveyard, turn to Posad. ” The population as of 1854 is known: the Bolshaya Selizharovskaya Sloboda is 217 people, Malaya Selizharovskaya Sloboda – 120. The state peasants who lived in all these villages became bourgeois. Read more…

Under the patronage of a stork

Verkhnevolzhskaya Truth, Selizharovo

Recently in front of the Hammer's House in the village. A large Larionovo appeared an unusual composition. The father of the family, Alexei Anatolyevich, took and built a stork nesting on the old sawed bird cherry, looking for a wheel from a cart under the base and bought a plastic bird in a store. To the question of the fellow villagers, why, only laughed. But he probably knows why. In many countries, stork is the personification of a new life: according to ancient beliefs, he brings babies, and a family, at the house of which storks settled, expects family well -being. Read more…

With God in the soul, with the Motherland in the heart

Verkhnevolzhskaya Truth, Selizharovo

Verkhnevolzhskaya Truth, Selizharovo

Living and being able to work in their native land, in their small homeland, regardless of which area, is really happiness. The Orthodox youth of the village found the application of their knowledge and skills in workshops at the Peter and Paul Church. The efforts of his abbot, Archpriest Sergius Chivikov, the artist and icon painter, created a wonderful field of activity where you can prove yourself. Read more…

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