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Given with wifi radara

How Wi FI RADAR DETIMMARY works the Wi-Fi network and catches requests (Probe Request) to search for networks from all 50 meters of smartphones in a radius. The queries contain the name of the network to

How Wi FI works

The device scans the Wi-Fi network and catches requests (Probe Request) to search for networks from all smartphones located within a radius of 50 meters.
The queries contain the name of the network to which a smartphone is usually connected, the signal level by which you can determine at what distance is the smartphone from the radar and the MAC address of the smartphone.

The smartphone emits these packages regardless of whether it is connected to any Wi-Fi network or not!

By the MAC address, you can determine the manufacturer of the smartphone.

Given with wifi radara

Data from WiFi Radara

All requests are automatically unloaded to cloud servers for storage, analysis and unloading into contextual advertising systems.

The assembled audience is automatically unloaded to the Yandex Direct and MyTarget advertising systems.

On the server, in a convenient Web interface, you can view reports and graphs for customer visits for any period and unload data for further targeted advertising.

Types of WIFI radars

Wi-Fi radars are stationary (you need to connect to power and the availability of Ethernet) and mobile (work autonomously from the battery, data from the GSM network report).

Stationary wifi radar

Stationary radars of Wi Fi are usually used for installation in stores, cafes, restaurants and other places where there is wired Internet and 220 volts or USB power.
An example of a stationary WiFi radar: https://my-beacon.ru/wifi-radar-targeting/
In addition to collecting customer data, a stationary Wi-Fi radar can also be used to control employees and send push-notifications to a mobile application to passing customers.

Mobile wifi radar

The mobile WiFi Radar (or wireless/wireless) allows you to collect the MAC address at any events: at exhibitions, presentations, meetings, in shopping complexes, etc.
This type of radar has found popularity for collecting audiences at the ongoing thematic events, because They are visited by a loyally -minded audience that in the future is easy to transfer to the category of its customers by showing interesting advertising.

WiFi analytics

In the reports of the WiFi analytics system, you can see how many customers pass by the sales points of the equipped Wi-Fi radar every day, how many customers are in its area a given time (for example, in a store or cafe spend more than 20 minutes) and how many customers pass by.
The obtained statistics helps to track the attendance of customers and evaluate the effectiveness of the conducted advertising campaigns.

Customer conversion by MAC addresses

Customer conversion by MAC addresses

By installing several WiFi radar, you can determine the popular routes around the store or exhibition, the points of interest of customers and build heat cards.

Thermal map for WiFi radars

Thermal map for WiFi radars

Targeted advertising

The main purpose of the WiFi radar is the collection of smartphones MAC addresses for targeted advertising.
At the same time, geothets are carried out for advertising, i.e. Advertising ads and banners are shown only to those customers who passed the point of sales, a store or cafe, went inside, or for example at present at the exhibition/event.

Squares for wifi targeting, i.e. The platforms for showing banner and contextual advertising allow you to interact with the user (who passed the radar) showing him advertising on a huge number of Runet sites.

At the moment, the main sites that support the targeted advertising show on the smartphone Mac addresses are Yandex (Yandex Audience and Yandex Direct) and Mail.ru (MyTarget system).

In Yandex, advertising is shown when searching for specified phrases, as well as in.
The Yandex advertising network (RUS) is several thousand of the most popular Runet sites that display text and banner advertising. Among the most popular resources on which customers will see your advertising RetarGeting can be distinguished by the following: Avito.ru, Auto.ru, Rabota.ru, Mamba.ru and thousands of other sites.

The premium auditorial network Mytarget includes the following sites (data at the beginning of 2019):
vkontakte.ru Odnoklassniki.ru am.ru Banki.ru 100km.ru Youla.ru [email protected]@mail.ru 7ya @Mail.ru lady@mail.@[email protected] news@[email protected] [email protected] mail@[email protected] [email protected] Adme.ru Aif.ru avtovzglyad.ru cosmo.ru disgustingmen .com dni.ru drive2.ru eadaily.com eg.ru eurosport.ru gismeteo.ru glavbukh.ru goodhouse.ru gaziamagazine.ru HILLO.ru [email protected] Inopressa.ru Inosmi.ru Irr. ru ixbt.com iz.ru kakprosto.ru Lifehacker.ru m24.ru Matchtv.ru mk.ru Newsru.com Novayagazeta.ru ntv.ru ohotniki.ru rg.ru ria.ru ryan.rt.com sibnet. ru sovsport.ru spbvoditel.ru spletnik.ru sport-express.ru Starhit.ru svpressa.ru teleprogramma.pro travelata.ru vokruug.tv woman.ru znak.com zr zr zr zr zr zr

The list of advertising sites is constantly increasing.

Advantages of targeted advertising

Among the advantages of targeted advertising at the MAC addresses, the following can be distinguished:

  • The cost of an advertisement/click on it is 2-3 times lower than the usual contextual advertising without targeting
  • Advertising is shown only the audience that was at the exhibition/event/visited the store/cafe/restaurant/passes by
  • It is convenient to evaluate the effectiveness of any advertising campaign by the number of repeated visits that the WiFi radar determines
  • There is an opportunity to interact with the audience of competitors by installing a mobile WiFi-Radard near their location or visiting their event with a radar

Additional services that gives a WiFi-Radard

In addition to its main purpose, the Wi-Fi radar allows you to use additional services, such as personnel control and sending advertising PUSH notifications to customer smartphones.

WiFi and Bluetooth personnel control

At the request of the customer, the WiFi radar can be equipped with super -flowing Bluetooth marks (beams) with the IBEACON protocol. Having issued such marks to the store employees, you can control the time of arrival and departure of employees, lunch time, as well as build various reports on the efficiency of work and view the location of the staff in real time.

WIFI employees control

WIFI employees control

Push notifications

If the customer has a mobile application used by customers or the customer plans to develop such a mobile application, then it becomes possible to automatically withdraw push notifications when the client approaches the radar.In the Push notification, you can display text, photo and video.

Which wifi radar to buy

The most important thing in choosing a radar is that the device works steadily. After all, even in 15 minutes of unstable operation of the equipment you can skip 100 potential customers.
After all, while the user passes by your radar, his smartphone emits packages, in which there is a poppy address every 1-10 second.
T.K. Wi Fi Radar is made on the basis of a router with a special firmware. The model needs to be chosen mainly based on the reliability of the manufacturer.
We recommend TP-LINK radars, because They are produced by a stable well -known company, tested by time and work without problems for the entire service life.

The legality of WiFi Analytics

Wi Fi Radars receive only public data that transartphones to identify wifi networks stored in memory. All data obtained are depersonalized.
So targeting customers by poppy addresses is absolutely legitimate.

Difficulties in collecting MAC addresses

In some modern smartphones for confidentiality, the MAC address is replaced with a random one at each request to search for networks.
The substitution occurs only if the smartphone is currently not connected to any WiFi network.

Our experts tested a large number of iOS and Android smartphones and revealed the following features:
1. An excess MAC address can be detected and filtered with special algorithms on the device with 100% probability
2. In addition to a random poppy address, smartphones periodically send the correct poppy address, which the radar receives
3. The share of smartphones that replace their MAC address no more than 30% in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and are several times lower in other regions of the Russian Federation.

As a result, our developers created an author’s algorithm for identifying and automatic filtering of excess MAC addresses by analyzing the manufacturer, visible networks and patterns in the period of sending requests.
This algorithm is used for all our customers and the results are very good.

WiFi analytics

According to the sample among our customers in Moscow and St. Petersburg (real estate area), the following data were received in 24 hours:
Correct MAC addresses: 71%
Random MAC addresses: 29% (substitution MAC addresses)
Of the correct MAC addresses, Yandex found 67% of the coincidences with its customer database.
Similarity of users: above average. Those. According to this audience, you can find a similar audience in Yandex.
Gathered for a day 11407 potential customers for MAC addresses.

Targeted advertising configuration at MAC addresses

To automatically unload the collected MAC addresses into the Yandex.UDITIONA contextual advertising system from the personal account of the My Beacon WiFi system, no more than a minute will take.

You need to go to the Mac unloading section, select devices and period and press the unload button

After successful uploading the file to Yandex, an audience will appear a new segment, which will be processed for about 2 hours.

Unloading MAC addresses from radar

Unloading MAC addresses from radar

After processing Yandex, you can see detailed information on the segment, as well as rename the segment.

The segment is ready. Now you can configure a targeted advertising campaign.

To do this, in the settings of the advertising campaign, press retargeting and the selection of the audience and add your audience collected by MAC addresses.

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