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WoW Guru Answers

Answers WOW Guru CLOCK TOWER 34, write them down, draw the line and save valuable time by playing this and the next levels in this game.

WOW Guru CLOCK TOWER 34 [ Answers ]

Very fun while playing WOW Guru CLOCK TOWER 34 . The classic word game reinvented by Fugo. Swipe to connect the letters to form the correct words given by the game, sometimes there are some hidden words to discover. The game is divided into different countries, as in the words of miracles. Each section has several puzzles, each representing a different landmark or city in the country.

WOW Guru CLOCK TOWER 34 answers :

WoW Guru Answers

We solved all the levels and are proud to share the answers with you, each word with its coordinates on the network. The following image helps to understand the location of each word : It may also be a good idea to go through all the functions and answers of the game and then take a look at this topic WOW Guru answers

The size of this level grid is equal to what is considered a medium theme. This corresponds to the level

  • ZAKHAROV : Russian architect, creator of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg
  • PRESENT : Gift
  • RUDNIK : Mining enterprise
  • THERMOS : A container that keeps the contents from getting cold or hot
  • CROCUS : Southern plant with tuberous rhizome
  • SMILE: Facial expressions, lips or eyes, showing the disposition to laugh
  • INFLOW: Increase, strengthening of physical and spiritual forces
  • ANGAR: Housing for aircraft.
  • STREK : Horizontal underground mine working
  • PIPE: Wind brass mouthpiece musical instrument
  • KAFKA: Who is the author of the novels Process, Castle, Metamorphosis?
  • CAPE: A piece of land projecting at an acute angle into a sea, lake or river

This level is solved, once you are done with it you need to quickly review it again to understand what logic the developer used to build it and use this output to solve other meshes as below: WOW Guru CLOCK TOWER 35 answers.

You can repeat the same after each level. Use this simple trick regularly to find different ways to solve these puzzles. Only repetition will make you an expert at this game. So keep playing and when you get stuck you know where to go!

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