Winx application for smart TV

In September 2018, Rostelecom provided its users with a completely new innovative product developed on OTT – Wink service platform

Winx application for smart TV

In September 2018, Rostelecom provided its users with a completely new innovative product, developed on OTT – Wink service platform. The resource includes a web service, applications for mobile devices, programs for smart – TV. All the best television programs, TV shows and cinema now you can watch where you want, simply by making a subscription for the service.

Description and capabilities – Wink from Rostelecom

The WINK application from Rostelecom is an interactive TV operating on various electronic devices under one account. You can connect up to 5 platforms included in the list of supported:

TV set

The application is available for downloading on Smart TV Samsung, Android TV and Apple TV. For installation, you need to find Wink TV in an application store.

Smartphone or tablet PC

The program works on phones and tablets with the Android and iOS operating system. You can download it from the official Google Play Market or App Store stores, respectively.

A computer

In order to get on the online – the resource is enough in the field of searching for any browser to introduce the link.

The capabilities of the WINK service are similar in terms of their functions with the previous Rostelecom service interactive TV 2.0. The list includes:

  • Hundreds of popular Russian and foreign channels;
  • thousands of films and TV shows from around the world;
  • collections of subscriptions;
  • discounts and bonuses;
  • View management (pause, rewinding, recording);
  • downloading programs for viewing without the Internet;
  • Parental control to protect children from adult content.

To pay for the service, you can choose any option: pay a monthly subscription, rent a movie or buy a series you like forever.

How to register and enter Rostelecom Wink

If the user wants to pay a monthly subscription and watch television on other devices under one account, he needs to register in the system. This follows:

  1. Go to the main page of Wink Rostelecom at
  2. Select the Entrance button in the upper right corner of the site.
  3. Enter the address of personal email or mobile phone number.
  4. Press the command Register.
  5. Write a short code received in an email or SMS.
  6. Click on the Enter button.

After authorization in the system, the user will open a personal section. In which you can activate the promotional code for a discount, turn on parental control, arrange a subscription, configure reminders and much more.

For the subsequent entrance to WINK, a phone number or email address indicated during registration will be used.

You can also register in the system from a mobile phone or TV after installing the program on the device.The registration process will be similar to what is described above.

Wink app of Rostelecom

Programs Wink – TV, Films, TV shows and Wink – Interactive TV Available for downloading by links:

are the official mobile version of the WINK service. The possibilities of the application are in no way inferior to the web resource. The user also has access to a hundred television channels and many cinema, series and cartoons.

  1. Image and sound in excellent quality.
  2. Added television programs.
  3. View management service.
  4. View on any smartphone or tablet.
  5. Ease of installation and registration.

You can download and install the application absolutely free. It does not matter which mobile operator the user uses.

Connection cost

As mentioned earlier, Wink from Rostelecom can both design a monthly subscription, and simply take films for rent or buy. On average, the cost of one purchase will be about 400 rubles. Therefore, it will still be much more profitable to issue one of the proposed subscriptions. The following proposals are currently in force:

The name of the package Description Monthly cost (rub.)
The magical world of Disney Collection of the best animated films Disney 250
Children's club Children's programs and TV shows 180
Women's World Films and programs for women 150
Made in Russia Only Russian cinema 250
AmediaTeka The best series 599
ABS The most famous series 250
Picture Box Hollywood films 180
Film Film Domestic and foreign masterpieces 299
Your optimal A set of popular television channels 420
Your starting Basic set of television channels 320
Your advanced The best set of television channels 620
Your perfect TV channels in HD format 299
VIP Provides access to the library with the best films 299
VIP Play It is provided as part of the VIP package. Contains television channels in better quality, and provides access to the library 299

For viewing on mobile devices, a special package of Your Mobile has been developed. It contains the main etheric, information, sports, children's, musical and cognitive channels. The cost of servicing the package is 99 rubles per month.

The WINK service from Rostelecom is one of the best similar products presented in the Russian market. It contains many television channels, and also makes it possible to connect additional services.

For any issues related to the operation of the service, you should contact the hotline number with customers 8 800 100 08 00. The call in Russia is free.

Rostelecom is a telecommunications company that provides home Internet services, mobile communications, as well as digital and interactive television. Currently, for lovers of television viewing, providers provide more and more functions for maximum comfort. You can use the Rostelecom application for Smart TV Samsung and LG, which the company has released for the greatest convenience of viewing TV shows and cinema.Consider the possibilities of this program for Samsung TVs.

Application Features

Any application is created to make the use of Internet resources more convenient. The concept of interactive television (IPTV) came into use relatively recently and is only gaining momentum among the user audience. This type of TV viewing assumes the ability to control the playback of available resources. That is, you can pause, scroll or even record the video content you are watching.

To connect Interactive TV, Rostelecom needs a special set-top box, and for greater convenience, a program can be installed. Viewing on Smart TV without a set-top box is not possible. Previously, the program was called Zabava, like the portal of the same name for viewing IPTV. Later, the application became known as Interactive TV. Everything about this service can be found on the website

There is another service from Rostelecom, which appeared in 2018 and is now just beginning to be implemented for widespread use. Subscribers are offered all sorts of promotions and bonuses for switching to it. Wink is an updated interactive TV service with more features. More detailed information can be found on the portal

Now, if you decide to download ZABAVA, you need to enter Wink in the search. If you want to reinstall or update an existing old application, you also need to consider that there will no longer be a new version of Interactive TV. And to replace it, he will have to install Wink. The Rostelecom widget on smart TV provides access to all site functionality. And for Samsung TVs, this means:

  • the presence of more than 200 channels of any subject;
  • the ability to download new, recently released films at an affordable price;
  • excellent content quality;
  • choice of any films, series, etc.;
  • video content management: rewind, archive, pause;
  • TV shows online and recorded;
  • multiscreen – the ability to view on different screens. This saves where playback was stopped. For example, you started watching on TV at home, or you can continue watching on your tablet while traveling. That is, one account can be used on 5 different devices. It is possible to install interactive TV on a smartphone and any other device.

Interactive TV support ended in October 2018. Now in Google Play or AppStore you need to enter in the search: Wink or Wink. You can also follow the links on Wink's website.

Compatible with Samsung TV models

The application from Rostelecom is available for TVs from 2012 release. Samsung TVs are equipped with the Tizen or Orsay operating system. The list of supported models is quite extensive, although there are models, especially on the Orsay platform from 2012 to 2014, that were not included in the list of supported models, for example TB750/550, BD-F8900/F8909/F8500/F8509/F6900, UH6500/6510/6600 /6700/7000 and others. As for the Wink application, it was developed for Samsung smart TV on Tizen OS from 2013 to 2018.

Installation and setup

To watch IPTV, you need to download the Interactive TV application. After that, you need to do the following:

  • set up (if not configured) an Internet connection on the TV;
  • go to Samsung Apps;
  • find and download Interactive TV (currently only the Wink widget is available);
  • after installation, the program will be on the desktop, to use it, just run it.

To set up Rostelecom on Smart TV, after downloading the application, you will need to register. All you need is an email and a password. You can also log in through the social network account Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or MailRu. After confirming registration, you will need to specify your region. Additional settings are not required, everything is very simple and affordable.

In any case, if you have any questions or difficulties, it is better to contact the support service at the hotline number 8 800 100 08 00. But sometimes the following problems may occur with the application:

  • The program does not start or crashes. The hardware resources of the TV may not be enough. In this case, you need to close other open widgets. You can try to update the firmware version of the TV;
  • channels are not shown. Maybe it's the time zone; you need to check the appropriate time and date setting;
  • Error opening some channels. Perhaps the problem is in the timezone. Also make sure that you have paid for the service package.

If problems occur frequently, it is recommended to reinstall the application. Resetting the TV to factory settings can also help. Also check the quality of your internet connection.

Attachment to work with the application

After concluding an agreement with Rostelecom, you will receive a special set-top box for receiving IPTV services in a set of additional equipment. Now let's look at how to install Rostelecom Interactive TV and how to connect the Rostelecom receiver to the TV. Depending on the receiver model, you need to connect it to the Internet. This can be done directly or through a router, as well as wired or wirelessly. After that, the set-top box is connected to the TV.

Most often this is done through HDMI ports (the best option), but other connections are possible if other connectors are available. Next, it is important to select the “AV” mode on the TV and the signal source, that is, the port through which the connection to the set-top box is made. After connecting, the Rostelecom splash screen should appear on the TV screen. This process may take some time. The system will then ask for a username and password to log in. Usually these data are specified in the user agreement. After identification is completed, it will be possible to use interactive TV.

Now you can download the Interactive TV application. It is curious that the application itself can work without a prefix. However, without this device, you will not get access to IPTV.

After you managed to set up the application, the receiver can simply be turned off, since viewing will be possible without it.

As for the set-top box itself, the company offers several models, so you should choose according to your preferences and the capabilities of the TV.

Thus, the application from Rostelecom for watching interactive television gives many advantages to its users: managing video content, watching all kinds of movies, TV shows, TV shows in excellent quality without ads, as well as viewing anywhere and at any time thanks to the Multiscreen function. Applications are available for any device for free. The widget is suitable for Samsung TV models from 2012 release.

Wink is a special application developed by Rostelecom, which is designed to view Interactive TV on any device. Until November 30, there is a promotion: a free annual subscription to a package of 150 top TV channels “Your Optimal”. Activate the promotional code in your Personal Account and forget about top-ups for a whole year.

Description and features

The familiar functions of interactive TV are combined in the new product Vink. Logged in under 1 account, connect up to 5 devices at the same time. The territory of action is limited to the Russian Federation.

  • Stop, rewind, record your favorite TV shows;
  • order and buy your favorite series;
  • choose thematic collections of channels and movies.

The Parental Control function will protect the child from inappropriate content.

The service is used to view the selected package of channels and series through:

  • TV application;
  • application for mobile phones;
  • specially created website Wink.

When the company gave the masses information about the launch of a new product, representatives of Rostelecom indicated that Vink is focused on three main operating systems. So far, the operating systems that are most popular among RT customers have been taken as a basis: Tizen (Smart TV), IOS, Android.

TV set

The service is available for use on TV models that support Smart TV from Samsung, Android TV, Apple TV. For LG, this feature is not yet available. “Wink” requires an application to be installed, which must be found and downloaded from the app store. Sign up and start watching.

Smartphone or tablet

Rostelecom's Wink mobile application has all the functions of the full version, only when viewing the screen is much smaller than when using other equipment. To start using the new product, install the program for mobile devices, log in and select the desired TV channel packages to watch.

Wink or Interactive TV Rostelecom on a computer

The upgrade of interactive television from Rostelecom will affect stationary PCs and laptops. The developers took care of computer users by creating a separate resource on the Internet, after authorization in which it becomes possible to manage all the functions.

By clicking on the link, the client gets to the start page of the service. For residents of the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, this moment is problematic, at least because Rostelecom did not come here. Therefore, although from a technical point of view, the inhabitants of the peninsula are in Russia, there is no possibility to connect the service. It also gives an error to other users – you will see such a screen in case of problems with access.

In the case of an initialization error, the provider offers to contact technical support for help in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Tariffs wink from Rostelecom

For users of the “Interactive TV” service, the tariffs for the brand new Wink will not come as a surprise: almost similar packages. The subscription fee is paid monthly. Traffic to Interactive TV from the home Internet limit is not consumed.

Selection of proposals for cinema and serials in the table. – registration and login

To watch favorite series or TV shows from a PC in interactive TV mode, the user must register on the portal.

  1. Follow the link to the main page of the service.
  2. In the upper right corner, find the Login button and click.
  3. Accept the user agreement.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number or email address (an account will be linked to it) and confirm registration.
  5. Activate your account. You will receive a short code in a letter or SMS, which is necessary to complete the procedure. Enter it in a separate form.

When the page is refreshed, you will see a Personal Account where you can select and disable packages and subscriptions, set up notifications, restrict viewing of certain channels for children, etc.

The registration process in the wink application from Rostelecom is almost no different from the previous instructions.

How to use wink from Rostelecom

When the application has been downloaded on, you have logged in, no further actions are required – you can immediately watch the selected channels, movies or series.

Download application wink Rostelecom

The official application is available for download in the AppStore and Play Market – choose the appropriate one depending on the operating system. The program will run on smartphones and tablets running on Android and IOS.

The cost of wink from Rostelecom

Tariffs for Wink Rostelecom vary from 99 to 620 rubles per month. We remind you that until November 30, as part of the promotion, you can get an annual subscription to “Your Optimal (under normal conditions 420 rubles / month) for free. It remains to enter a personal promo code.

Rostelecom promo code for wink

To get a promo code, go to the settings of the set-top box. Select the wink as a gift section and automatically receive a personal code that is entered on any device.

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