Work sneakers EURO-CH-X-SPORT with protection. Lightweight sports work shoes.

EURO-CH-X-SPORT men's work shoes in black with mesh. Thanks to the breathable material, your foot will feel fresh. The stylish version of EURO-CH-X-SPORT sports work shoes will provide you with comfort and safety.

Work shoes running shoes EURO-CH-X-SPORT

Work shoes running shoes EURO-CH-X-SPORT description

The outer part of the material of EURO-CH-X-SPORT sports work shoes is made of dense high-quality textile mesh. Work sneakers are equipped with a metal toe cap, thanks to which you should not be afraid of various heavy objects that can fall on the toe.

Comfort and safety of EURO-CH-X-SPORT work shoes

The EURO-CH-X-SPORT work shoe's flexible outer material ensures maximum comfort on a variety of surfaces. You can also count on a metal toe cap, it will protect you from external factors associated with falling objects on your foot, protection category – S1.

Appearance of working sneakers EURO-CH-X-SPORT

EURO-CH-X-SPORT work sneakers look like the most common sports shoes, but they contain protection from many extreme works while maintaining comfort in movement. The EURO-CH-X-SPORT work shoes have black round laces, a flap tongue and a black sole.

Wear resistance of EURO-CH-X-SPORT work shoes

The material from which the upper part of the EURO-CH-X-SPORT safety shoes is made allows you to bend it into all the necessary positions, while the shoes will maintain their integrity. The sole of the sports footwear is very elastic, easy to bend, at the same time rough enough to protect the foot.

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