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Capper verifiers? Verification of rates and forecasts of marques is… Portals and sites verifiers: BlogaBet ✅ Forecast ✅ betonsuccess ✅ Betzone ✅ Kush in Sport and others..

What are verifiers for cappers and what are they for?

Bettors who work with the sports betting industry and other “betting” products have heard of the term “capper verifier”. The latter include such well-known services in the space of bettors. However, not every user knows what it is and why marque verification is needed at all.

With the commercialization of the sports analytics market and the growing demand for the services of forecasters, the industry is suffering from an influx of scammers who promise paid sports predictions for free.

They fraudulently create a reputation for themselves as experienced handicappers, organizing criminal schemes to embezzle money from gullible clients.

To counter the destructive influence of scammers on the market, which denigrates the work of honest forecasters, specialized verifier websites for cappers are created.

A capper verifier is a portal, a separate web service, or another Internet platform that provides tools for checking the professionalism and monitoring statistics of sports analysts.

The purpose of verification of forecasts is to answer the question about the qualifications and integrity of the capper, as well as to confirm the validity of his information:

  • average growth to the bank in separate days, weeks, months and years;
  • percentage ratio of winning to losing bets;
  • played quotes and sports events in the bookmaker;
  • ROI — analyst profitability ratio;
  • fixed drawdowns of the deposit, etc.

The resource where cappers are verified (website) is a platform on which registered users voluntarily monitor personal statistics.

Therefore, for cappers, forecast verification is one of the ways to confirm their own guarantees and reliability in the role of forecasters.

Next, we will take a closer look at what forecast verification is, an example of capper check sites, the pros and cons of such services, as well as forecast verification methods that exist outside of specialized platforms.

Why do we need capper verifiers?

Everything is detailed in graphic or text formats. It can also be said that the capper verification portal (capper verifier) ​​is a portfolio or dossier of an analyst that allows you to judge his level of professionalism.

This “dossier” enters the data not only about the patency of bets, but also the size of the coefficients, predicted sports, subsidence and other variable success in betting.

The most important thing is that the portal of the verification of kapers opens access to detailed statistics of the latter, which is available for viewing to each visitor to the site.

Mostly the top of the kapers on the verifier form the top of the rating, which is conducted in the form of a common table or list:

In general cases, the portal of the verification of capers is equivalent to both the suppliers of forecasts for sports and their consumers – BC players.

Therefore, the purpose of verification of forecasts is to perform three tasks, depending on the motives of the user:

  1. Protect yourself from scammers when looking for an analyst for cooperation. On the market, each capper imagines himself an extraclass gurus in sports betting, guaranteeing a 90 percent cross-country cross-precision. At the same time, only a few confirm such bold statements on the verifier. The rest, as our experience of checks of betting projects shows, are mostly included in the rabble of amateurs and scraps. Verification of forecasts does not abolish, but minimizes the risk of faced with such short -profiles.
  2. Verification of capers as an indicator of professionalism and a responsible approach to the organization of the case. The verification of the forecast is characterized for an analyst as evidence of honesty by conducting open and reliable statistics. This has users, increasing their trust.
  3. Capper testing itself. Verification and adjustment of forecasts is an alternative to a demo account, which is limited in some bookmakers. In addition, using the Verifier of the Cappers of Russia, you can not only test strategies without the risk of cash losses, honing analytical skills, but also monitor the general progress of statistics.

Sites Verifers for Capers provide users with detailed reporting on prisoners. This includes information about the average rate of bets, profitability, subsidence, monetary circulation, pr.

Verification of forecasts, an example is proposed below, allows you to independently reveal and develop the potential of the analyst, and demonstrate skills to others in order to attract customers.

Of course, the Verifier of Kappers in the case of scammers among them spoils the reputation very much. Since the destiny is a deception, not an honest work based on proven facts of professionalism. T

herefore, for swindlers, the verification of the forecast is equivalent to self -disclosure with the verdict. Smacks in all possible ways avoid the methods of verification of forecasts, focusing on fake winnings, drawn statistics and luxurious life, manipulating customers.

In order not to become a victim of scammers, read the tops of the capers on our website.

We have listed the obvious advantages of capper verifiers, but these services also have disadvantages. If you do not know what threats are hidden by almost every privateer verification portal, undesirable consequences, such as monetary losses, cannot be avoided.

Cons of bet verifiers

Sports betting without verification of forecasts is many times more risky than cooperation with trusted cappers. But it also has its downsides.

Despite the shortcomings of capper verifiers, it is better to have confidence in those forecasters who use them. Those that keep open statistics.

If privateers offer bets on eSports and other sports without verification, if they are not verified by a reliable resource, then it is better to refuse their services in favor of a verified analyst. Capper verifier is not a guarantee of honesty, but one of its possible components.

Popular bet and forecast verifiers

In order to delve into the topic of capper verification in more detail, our editors analyzed the capper verifiers, which are the most popular among bettors.

We evaluated the forecast verification methods used, briefly described each privateer verification portal, considering the functionality, capabilities, ease of use and resource offerings.

For each registered user who shares personal predictions, the Blogabet capper verifier automatically keeps statistics, where winnings, losses, sports, increase in the pot over a distance, etc. are entered.

Briefly about our site

Our site is also a kind of verifier of cappers, with the difference that we personally check the statistics of the forecaster, additionally studying his reputation on the network, the degree of professionalism, possible precedents for participation in fraudulent schemes and other attributes of reliability.

After our independent verification, which lasts at least a week, the best cappers get into the TOP rating on the site and are recommended to users as reliable. Investing in the forecasts of TOP cappers on our site brings a positive result at a distance.

All those who are in the lower positions of our rating of honest cappers are either those privateers whose forecasts do not bring the bank into plus, or in general scammers, which are deservedly blacklisted cappers.

Kapper-Ratings does not host cash games. The information is for informational purposes only. Full or partial copying of site materials is allowed only with the obligatory indication of a direct hyperlink to the site.

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