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In the Australian Brisbene, the athlete held the best tournament in her career.

Pressball: Alexandra Sasnovich has already won her big helmet

In the Australian Brisbene, the athlete held the best tournament in her career.

Having got out of three circles of hell (in tennis it is called qualifications), Alexandra Sasnovich reached the final, where she lost her way Elina Svitolina – 2: 6, 1: 6. However, even this unsuccessful game gave a lot of reasons for optimism in the starting season, writes

When, in the matches of the Cup of the Federation, Alexander Sasnovich quite confidently beat the representatives of the TOP-20, such as Timea Bachinsky Or Kiki BertensMany in the world of tennis were at a loss. How to perceive it? Why does the player from the backyards of the first hundred look so competitive? A good form of the Belarusian tennis player, underestimation from rivals or support for the stands gives such an effect?

What if Sasha is really in no way inferior, at least, inhabitants of the twenties? This timid assumption was drowned under the load of severe reality. As in a fed advertising: if he knows how, why doesn’t he play at the same level in individual tournaments?! Well, I really want Brisbane and become an answer to this question. So that Sasha believes herself: her level is not qualifications, but finals!

As for the decisive match in Brisben, the first pancake turned out to be the same as it should. Sasnovich lost the sweatshirt with a bang – 2: 6, 1: 6. But this match is very difficult to analyze for a simple reason: for Alexandra, the fight has become the eighth in 9 days! To win the Big Slam tournament, you need to win 7 meetings in two weeks. And then 8 battles in 9 days! Feel the difference! In fact, Sasnovich has already won her “big helmet” … In the sense that she proved to everyone and, above all, to himself, that she could achieve the result and replay the rivals of the level of Mladenovich, Korne, Contain, Sevastova more than once a year with a favorable conjuncture, and during one week and away from the homeland.

A huge plus from such a performance – Sasha will rise significantly in the ranking. And now she will have to participate in exhausting qualifications less often. Thanks to the hits in the main grid, you can earn even more rating glasses. There will be more time to think about the game itself in all its aspects – technical, functional, psychological. Sasha is 23 years old – and this is a little for female tennis. It can be seen that she worked well in the preseason and added especially in terms of confidence. The good service was played by Fed Cup, as well as competition from Arina Sobolenko for the title of the first racket of the country. On the example of the impudent partner, Sasnovich saw that everything was possible. And in talent it is no worse. At 23, its potential is far from exhausted.And not only the first twenty, but also the rivals of the highest level – Halep and the same Svitolin do not at all look so unattainable horizon.

In the Brisbensky finale, someone saw the hopeless point of the Bai. But I would not agree. Sometimes aesthetic pleasure was aesthetic, as in a number of draws, Sasnovich drove Svitolin, like a spent beast. Only the Ukrainian is not a gift – she has teeth, and she bites even in difficult positions. Therefore, Sasnovich lost so devastating. There was a corny lack of speed and freshness – this is easily explained by a tense schedule of matches. Sasnovich lacked both the final chord and the first. That the presentation, that the reception did not go well. However! Sasha was not inferior in the structure of the game, and at some points even exceeded the opponent! And this is a good sign.

If Sasha had a little more strength, more faith and accuracy at the right time, even such an unsuccessful duel could be broken. You need to work on these slightly. And then Svitolina and the company will become one headache more.

The path of Alexandra Sasnovich to the final of the Brisbensky tournament

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Julia Boserap (135 VTA, USA) – 6: 1, 6: 4

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Isabelle Walllas (253 VTA, Australia) – 6: 3, 6: 1

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 in the Belarus) – Polina Monova (178 in the Russia, Russia) – 3: 6, 7: 5, 6: 2

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Kristina Midenovich (11 VTA, France) – 1: 6, 6: 3, 7: 5

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Anett Container (34 VTA, Estonia) – 1: 6, 7: 6 (2), 6: 3

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Alice Korn (38 VTA, France) – 3: 6, 6: 2, 6: 3

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Anastasia Sevastova (16 VTA, Latvia) – 7: 6 (7: 3), 6: 4

Alexandra Sasnovich (88 VTA, Belarus) – Elina Svitolina (6 VTA, Ukraine) – 2: 6, 1: 6

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