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Monopoly game rules (old version)

From the world-famous economic game, Monopoly has also become a collector's item: many collect metal chips from Monopoly and look for rare releases. This is that very moment. In a standard Monopoly box with the streets of Moscow, there was a cute cat and seven other pieces: a dog, a car, a hat, a thimble, a motorcycle sidecar, a steamboat and a boot.

And the rules are classic

You and your rivals start playing real estate. You buy it, and then rent it out, get rent, sell it, put it up for auction, make other transactions. When you roll a die, you take steps on the map. If you hit an empty cell, you can build a house or a hotel there (it is clear that the hotel brings more income). And if the cell is not empty, then you pay the owner of the property built in this cell the rent for being there.

Of course, you can also buy household services, get paid, get into trouble because of real estate transactions, open cards of random events – they happen to us all the time in life. That fire, then winning the lottery. Some difficulties can be bought off if you have money, and some are difficult to get out of.

Who will win?

The one who stays afloat and doesn't go bankrupt. Those who lose all their money and can't earn any more, leave the game and root for someone in the battle of the remaining tycoons.

Game Composition

  • Playing field with different points in Moscow,
  • 8 figures for each player,
  • 28 cards for ownership,
  • 16 Chance cards,
  • 16 cards Public treasury,
  • A whole bunch of banknotes of different values,
  • 32 green houses,
  • 12 red hotels,
  • 3 six-sided dice – two normal and one speed,
  • Rules of the game.

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Purpose of the game

Stay in the game after all other players go bankrupt.

How to do it

  • Buy property and collect rent from other players when they enter the corresponding fields;
  • Collect property kits to increase your rent, then build houses and hotels on top of them to multiply your income.

Who goes first

Each player rolls two white dice. The one with the most points goes first.

When your move came up

  • Roll two white dice.
  • Move your token forward on the board, going clockwise, a number of spaces equal to the sum of the points rolled.
  • Depending on the field you landed on, you must take appropriate action.

About the board game Monopoly

An economic game based on the market model of large financial structures. Players need to properly allocate resources, foresee possible actions of opponents and force majeure.

The authors

Charles Darrow,

George S. Parker

First released in 1933.


  • Trade
  • Negotiation
  • Bids and auctions
  • Dice
  • Compiling a set

What other sets are there?

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  • Monopoly FIFA 2018
  • Monopoly Game of Thrones
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  • Monopoly Empire
  • Monopoly Masha and the Bear
  • Monopoly Russia
  • My first monopoly
  • Monopoly Millionaire
  • Monopoly Here and Now
  • Monopoly FC Barcelona
  • Monopoly compact road
  • Hasbro: My Monopoly
  • Monopoly for kids


USA, Europe, Russia – Hasbro

  • Sweden – Åhlén Åkerlund
  • Sweden – Alga (Brio)
  • Pakistan – Altap
  • Germany – ASS (Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken)
  • United States – Barnes Noble
  • Spain – Borras Plana S.A.
  • Germany – Brohm-Parker-Spiele
  • Switzerland – Carlit
  • USA – Clipper
  • Poland – deSka
  • Scandinavia – Drechsler
  • Italy – Editrice Giochi
  • Brazil – Estrela
  • Germany — Franz Schmidt
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  • Korea – Korea Boardgames
  • Thailand – Leaping Dog
  • Portugal – Majora
  • France – Miro Company
  • United States – Parker Brothers
  • Germany – Parker Spiele
  • Germany – Schmidt Spiele
  • Iceland
  • Sweden – Scanditoy
  • The Netherlands – Smeets Schippers
  • France – Tilsit
  • Australia – Toltoys
  • United States – Voyager Entertainment
  • USA – Waddingtons Games
  • Europe – Winning Moves
  • USA – Zontik Games
Number of players 2 to 6 players
Age of players From 8 years old
Game time 60 to 120 minutes
The weight 0.94 kg
Manufacturer Hasbro

Hello! Tell me, if player 1 passed the field forward, forgot to take money from the bank, the next player made a move, player 1 can take money for the field ahead anyway?

Hello! Yes, of course, money from the bank can be taken.

Hello! we can’t (probably very important) rule: WARNING! The owner must ask you for rent before the next player rolls the dice. If he did not have time, you do not pay anything Please explain in detail, preferably with an example. Thanks in advance, all cookies!

When everyone is addicted to the game, some players forget to ask for rent, for example: Peter forgot to ask Vladimir for rent and Mikhail starts the move, if Peter decides to ask for rent at the start of Mikhail's turn, then it's too late and Vladimir pays nothing. Thus, if the next player has already started the move, then the owner cannot ask for rent)

who knows the detailed rules about the football monopoly?

Good afternoon! Here is a link to the full rules of Monopoly Fifa 2018 –

If you bought from a business in one area, then you need to pay the last amount of the business, or if the enemy walks and he hits your business 3 times, then he pays the last amount of the business

If you are on the field and want to buy an owner's card, you pay the amount indicated on the field to the bank.If you have collected all three cards of the same color, and the enemy has landed on one of the fields belonging to you, he pays the amount indicated on the card opposite the word Rent. The amount, which is indicated by the numbers 1,2,3 and 4, the opponent pays only if there are 1,2,3 or 4 houses on this field, respectively.

Hello, in the newly purchased monopoly, the street cards do not stand, but fall in the organizer like dominoes. Please tell me, will this pass or is it a marriage? I want to.

Hello, in this organizer they really stand with difficulty, only at a certain angle, perhaps in the reissue they changed a little the size of the cards or the stand itself: play as usual 🙂

Why do house and hotel cost the same but give more for the hotel??

They cost the same, yes. But in order to build a hotel, you need to build houses first, which means that you need to be on the same cell three or even four times. The difficulty of building real estate for you is balanced by the high rent for the one who got on your cell.

Hello. Are there any other bugs in the defective playground version, or can you keep playing by simply eliminating the chance card that points to the playground?

Hello! Yes, you can play the game with this card. It works like a Go to Jail card.

In addition to the previous question. What are the chances of an exchange of marriage if the game was bought in the Children's World and there, for sure, the whole lot is like that.

You can return the defective game to the store where you bought it (Children's World), or contact the publisher. Monopoly is published by Hasbro.

Hello, we played monopoly, I had a chance, it was written to go to the playground, but there is no such cage, the question is where?

Hello! You probably got a monopoly with a marriage, you can exchange it in the store where it was bought

Hello. We played monopoly and the card “you had to buy in a boutique” fell out. Go to Manezhnaya Square and get 2m if you passed the field forward, but Manezhnaya Square is right in front of the field forward. What to do in this situation?

Hello! You act on the card – if you passed the forward field when moving, then you take 2M. If not, just go to the specified cell

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