Russian invasion – NATO and Russia – Czech Republic gave Ukraine weapons, more than 4,000 ammunition is being transported | Ukrainian truth

The Czech Republic has decided to provide Ukraine with free weapons amid a possible Russian offensive. The amount of assistance is estimated at more than one and a half million dollars.

Czech Republic approves decision to donate 4,000 artillery ammunition to Ukraine

The Czech government on Wednesday decided to donate 4,000 artillery shells to Ukraine worth about 37 million crowns ($1.7 million).

This decision was announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, writes European Truth.

The Czech Republic will send 4,006 pieces of 152-millimeter artillery ammunition to Ukraine in the amount of 36.6 million kroons under a donation agreement. Donated ammunition is used by the Czech Army for DANA self-propelled gun howitzers.

We have been developing cooperation with Ukraine for a long time and support its path to democracy. We have a relatively wide range of options at our disposal, from political and diplomatic support to concrete manifestations, such as donating ammunition, which I consider an important gesture of solidarity, the Czech Defense Minister commented. Yana Chernokhova.

The purpose of the gift is to strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine, which has asked for help in response to Russia's concentration of significant military potential near the Ukrainian borders, the Czech Defense Ministry said.

The Czech army has enough 152 mm ammunition, which is also incompatible with the recently acquired NATO 155 mm guns, so this is not a promising material for the Czech armed forces, the department added.

On Wednesday, January 26, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba thanked the countries, who provided additional defense support to Ukraine.

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