STs knitted. Knitwortoring electric trains (suburban trains)

STs knitted. Knitwort -digging electric trains (suburban trains) on a calm Riga direction near the ring road in 1932 a knitted platform for residents was built

STs knitted. Knitwortoring electric trains (suburban trains)

In a calm Riga direction near the ring road in 1932, a knitted platform for the inhabitants of the same village was built. In 1960, it became part of Moscow, and in 2009 the platform could be shifted slightly closer to the Volokolamskaya metro station for the convenience of transplantation. But that did not happen.

1. The platform was built on the operating site between the Tushino and Pavlinsk stations (Krasnogorsk)

2. Last year, at the transition near the platform, the transition through the paths was ennobled and a traffic light was installed.

3. Compared to some other places, this is generally simple and light.

4. Both side platforms are straight. Immediately behind the platform, curves begin on both sides.

6. Most trains stop on the platform. To the west, the most distant train will take to Shakhovskaya, east – to the Riga station, or with the transition to the Kursk direction (Podolsk, Chekhov, Serpukhov)

7. Riga trains in the Riga direction are gradually replaced by new near Moscow.

8. The platform is old, with patches. Her overhaul (in fact, re -construction) could be associated with the transfer.

9. A small box office was unexpectedly discovered on the platform for Moscow. I have not used the platform for a long time, so when I appeared and why the box office, not machine guns, I don’t know.

11. The old cash desk on the platform in the region.

13. The development of the Riga direction is clearly not a priority. Krasnogorsk is located so that not everyone needs and is convenient for the railway. Nakhabino, Dedovsk and Istra – are not very great. They are very inferior to other directions. Volokolamsk has a station on the outskirts and one of the best buses, thanks to the movement along the Novorizhsk highway. If not for the traffic jam on the Moscow Ring Road, they would be even more competitive. The construction of the 3rd and 4th paths for the long term was still planned during the construction of the Moscow Ring Road. On the left between the supports, 2 more paths will calmly pass.

14. From the side of Pavlyno, an electric train arrives.

15. Ed4M-0434 as an express proceeded knitted without stopping.

17. In fact, if necessary, a transplant to Volokolamskaya can be done now. With seeming complexity, here you need to go only in a straight line along the road. There is a sidewalk, nothing needs to be crossed. And at the metro. But of course, it does not add amenities.

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The current schedule of trains at the knitted station contains only 384 electric trains (suburban trains), which connect knitted with such stations and settlements as Podolsk, Nakhabino, Moscow-Kurskaya, Lviv, Rumyantsevo. According to the schedule, the last train (suburban train) is sent at 23 hours 53 m to the destination of Nakhabino. The nearest stations and stopping points Volokolamskaya, Tushino. For all routes on the above settlements, complete information about the schedule is available – the time of departure, arrival time, routes and other useful information. When planning a trip, it is worth paying attention to the fact that most often trains at the knitted station go or arrive in the morning – 55 electric trains (suburban trains, diesel engines) of different directions, such messages as Novirusalem – Serpukhov, Moscow -Rizhskaya – Nakhabino, Rumyantsevo – Serpukhov. Regularly updated schedule of electric trains (suburban trains) at the Knitore station is displayed on this page.

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