The miscalculation of Mirasty. Observer of "Soviet Sport" about the Tafghai KHL – in the world of sports

Mirasti miscalculation. observer of Soviet sports about tough guys KHL

The miscalculation of Mirasty. The observer of the Soviet Sports about the KHL Tafghai The most popular autumn theme of the KHL – Chekhovsky Rag – is the Yablonski and Brennana closed after the long Ridge? No matter how!

The miscalculation of Mirasty. observer of Soviet sports about the Tafghai KHL

Mirasti miscalculation. observer of Soviet sports about tough guys KHL

The most popular Autumn theme of the KHL – Chekhovsky walk -in – is the apple and Brennana closed after long runs? No matter how!

Yesterday we saw a prototype of hockey of the future. This is when in every league club it appears along Tafgay, and they will understand each other.

Former Vityaz, and now the Barys Joshua Graton was on the ice for 51 seconds. The Chekhovets John Mirasta skated for the match as much as 83 seconds.

Nevertheless, both worked out their contract one hundred percent. Gratton, having entered the hand -to -handmade in the first shift from Mirasty, led him out of the game for five minutes. Having served a fine at a greater fine, the fighters came together in Klint again.

The Kazakhstani, although he flooded the whole sweater with blood, resisted. At the cost of three fingal on his already pretty battered face, he removed the formidable John in the locker room, where he proceeded himself.

Well, Mirasty won another victory in Russia – albeit by points, not a knockout.

After that, real hockey began. By the end of the third period, it turned out that there were no other arguments, except for kulaks, hockey players near Moscow. The guests, realizing that there was no one to fear them, dared, climbed onto a patch and shot Dalton from slaughter positions three times.

The conclusion can be made. Miraste fought early.

Gratton, exchanging with him already in the 13th minute, obviously outwitted a fellow fellow.

After the Saturday Sich, who became the latter for apple -playing, the young leader of the “tractor” Evgeny Kuznetsov thoughtfully said: “Probably, each KHL team must have a tafgai.” Fans of the Dynamo Minsk, after the beating of Denisov and Irgla, also require buying slaves.

It seems that everything goes to this. Natives of Chekhov have already “strengthened” CSKA and “Barys”. If the league, indeed, will limit the number of cool guys to the club, there will probably be an unspensive job for other “knights”.

The limit on the North Americans in the number of games they held in the NHL will not save. In the same Britain, full of local roots with Canadian roots.

The product is cheap-the queue in the KHL from failed kik-boxers will be quickly lined up. Do not doubt.

There is only one question: what will our championship turn into? If Tafgay pay money for dentists, he is obliged to work it out.

Therefore, bloody skirmishes are guaranteed in every match. Do we need it? This is the show that the fans dream of? Which will allow the KHL to recruit whists in Europe and Asia?

Which will attract new clubs from near and far abroad to the league? For me, questions are rhetorical.

If you have a different opinion, there is such a proposal. Let's streamline Tafgayev.

So that they do not inadvertently attack the stars, do not cripple one of the young, let them always thrash each other exclusively. Let's do three rounds, say, for a minute or two: before the starting face-off, as well as before the second and third periods.

We determine the winner by points. Then we summarize everything and identify the winner of the Gagarin Cup among tough guys.

Mirasty fought twice with Gratton [VIDEO]

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