The rating of the most expensive sports in the world

Rating of the most expensive sports

Modern professional sport – fun for the rich

Rating of the most expensive sports

Rating of the most expensive sports

Modern professional sport is fun for the rich. For some species, only high -quality shape and shoes are enough, but for others, in addition, a specific equipment will be required, the cost of which can be calculated by hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. If you look at the rating of the most expensive sports, it becomes clear that it is impossible to engage in them without the presence of rich sponsors or state support.

1. Formula 1

Even a person who was far from motorsport should only look at the Formula 1 car race (at least to replace all 4 wheels in 2 seconds), and he will immediately understand what money is invested in all this. But to become a Formula 1 pilot, you need to go a very long way. Start, for example, with a picture where the cost of the machine is “total” 3000 euros. But there will be many more tires (at least 200 euros per set) and spare engines. Riding 6 seasons on the map on European autrods is to lose the amount of 100,000 – 200,000 euros. Having passed training on the map, riders switch to more powerful cars from the formula class, where minimal expenses already amount to 130,000 euros. Then there are even more expensive Formula BMW and Formula Renault, in which expenses increase to 230,000 – 250,000 euros per season. To participate in the races of the middle team per season, you need to lay out over 600,000 euros. And getting into Formula 1 without powerful sponsors is generally unthinkable.

Every year, authoritative financial publications offer their lists of the largest corporations, taking on the basis of the current total exchange value.

2. Sailing

Beginning sail sport is attractive to the opportunity after undergoing a certain preparation of participation in these world championships. For different classes of sailing ships, the competitions of yachtsmen are arranged. The most inexpensive “vessel” will cost about 600,000 rubles, and premium yachts have a completely different price level-from 2,000,000 euros. In the year, the ship’s team needs to be spent almost the same-1.5-2 million euros. And all this applies only to amateur regatta, and to participate in the prestigious Cup of America and “Volvo Ocean Race”, millions will be required.
A similar level of prices for sailing ships is due to the cost of the materials from which they are made. In some cases, components developed for use in space technology are used there. Yes, and the design and assembly of modern yachts takes a lot of time and resources, drawings should be as accurate as possible. If a minimum miscalculation is allowed, then this will immediately affect the speed of the vessel, deprive him of even theoretical chances of the victorious result. And the fees of professional yachtsmen are calculated by millions.

3. Horse sport

Horse sport has now become elite and terribly expensive, and the times of D`Artagnan have passed hopelessly.A purebred horse costs many millions of dollars. The cown champion was the Sharif Danser, who was sold at auction in 1983 for $ 40 million. This only confirms that in our time an elite stallion is more expensive than any sports hypercar. But it is not enough to have a thoroughbred horse, you need to properly serve and hide it, which is also worth a lot of money, in addition, you need to rent an arena and a track with obstacles for training, and even just give a horse to the venue of the competition.

4. Aircraft

Airport has always been expensive, and is never available for a simple layman. There are 9 varieties of aircraft on which athletes are currently competing. Most of the expenses here go to the purchase of the aircraft itself, but there is also a lot of the state of the mechanics serving it. Do not forget that not only the sports results of the aviator depend on their work, but also his own life.
Aviation designers constantly improve their offspring, add the most modern equipment that costs a lot of money to them. Before taking part in aviation competitions, experts will carefully study the plane, and if they find at least some device or part that do not meet the standards, they will never allow it to the competition.

5. Football

Everyone's favorite football has long ceased to be a clean sport, turning in pursuit of money, glory and prestige. The determining factor was the possibility of buying players, especially those who can increase the club’s income. In the structure of income of the most successful football leagues, there are not only the amounts from the sale of tickets for stadiums, but also articles such as advertising contracts, sponsorship support, and broadcasting revenues.
Among the most profitable brands of the football world in recent years, clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. The income of these clubs is calculated by hundreds of millions of dollars, approaching a billion. The players of these clubs receive the most astronomical salaries (not counting advertising contracts).
Ahead of the salary Vedomosti is the Catalan “Barcelona” and the greatest footballer of the planet – Lionel Messi, who receives the most players in the world. Coaches are not very far behind the players. At one time, Munich Bavaria was able to persuade the magnificent coach Josep Guardiola, who ascended Barcelona to the top of world football, to lead his team for almost 15 million euros per season. And now he is already destroying everyone already in Manchester City in the English championship.

Fashion designers of the whole world compete in creating wedding dresses that differ not only in incredible beauty, but also by an even more impressive cost. Not.

6. Golf

Tiger Woods and Phil Mikelson put golf to a number of the most expensive sports, since their annual income exceeded $ 50 million.Of course, their income is made up not only of victories in tournaments, but also of sponsorship and advertising contracts.
Golf is considered an elite sport, show business stars, businessmen, politicians, that is, all those who are able to pay huge sums for membership fees in golf clubs, as well as the purchase of very expensive golf equipment, love to play it in between times. To join the Donald Trump club, an applicant must deposit a $350,000 entry fee into his account. In just one year, $9 billion worth of golf balls, clubs, and other paraphernalia has been purchased across the planet. The chic golf courses have become tourist attractions, and players collectively pay about two billion dollars a year to play on them.

7. Boxing

Boxing participates in this rating due to huge prize money. Heavyweight fights have always been very expensive, like the $400 million fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in 2015. People were always ready to fork out for a big spectacle. Ticket prices for this fight went up to an insane $150,000. The boxers themselves received 100 and 150 million dollars respectively, after which Forbes magazine recognized Mayweather as the richest athlete in the world.

8. Tennis

This sport, which is slightly inferior to football in popularity, also boasts millions of tennis players' fees for victories in major tournaments. But before claiming these fabulous prize money, an athlete needs to spend a lot on equipment and trainers, massage therapists, etc.
Professional racquets for beginners cost more than $1,000, and renting a court costs just as much. As for the coach, the cost of his services will grow along with the skill and results of the tennis player, because coaches have to be changed quite often in order to make progress. Tennis players travel around the world all year round, where numerous tournaments are held, and all these trips with the team are very expensive. In order for an athlete to be noticed, he must be on the tour for many years, during which time huge money will be spent.
In fact, tennis becomes profitable only for top athletes who collect the lion's share of prize money and sponsorships. So, Serena Williams wins more titles and, accordingly, prize money, while Maria Sharapova, inferior to her in results, takes her toll through advertising and, in general, bypasses the American in annual income. The greatest tennis player in history, Roger Federer, is so popular all over the world that he receives at least $60 million annually from advertising. The prize funds of the tennis majors held in Melbourne, Paris, London and New York are also growing together.

For several centuries, watches have been an important accessory not only for men, but also for women. As mechanics improved, watches got smaller and smaller.

9. Basketball

Basketball, beloved by Americans, is also an expensive sport. According to Forbes magazine, at least 10 NBA basketball players have earned more than $27 million a year. So LeBron James from California earns about 70 million in net profit, and there is still income from advertising sportswear and equipment. Nike, Coca-Cola, Tissot and other business sharks are investing in NBA teams. For several years now, the most valuable team has been the Los Angeles Lakers, which has a capitalization of $3 billion. In recent years, several dozen teams have become worth more than one billion dollars, although in 2013 there were only 3 of them.

10. Hockey

Hockey has also become an expensive sport, despite always being considered the people's game. Since millions of people love to watch hockey battles and are willing to pay for it, it means that the leading hockey clubs will be “in chocolate”. Historically, two leaders have emerged in this game – Canada and the USSR (Russia), so their hockey players earn the most. Five Canadians have earned more than the 10 million mark in recent years from playing hockey. They were joined by Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin, who also play in the NHL. As for the most expensive hockey club, it is the New York Rangers, which costs $1,200,000.

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